Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Beating Someone Up

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Wang Ran was displeased with this group of people for a very long time already, but he had not taken any actions as he was still in Yang Haos team.

Now that someone was actually begging to be beaten up by him, he obviously wouldnt stand on ceremony. So, Wang Ran used all his strength in this punch.

Qin Yi looked calmly as Wang Ran charged over, and just as he was getting closer, she dodged swiftly and made Wang Ran punch the air.

Qin Yi looked at Wang Rans confused expression and scoffed coldly. She directly lifted her leg in the air and gave Wang Ran a kick. This kick was light but caused Wang Ran to retreat backward continuously.

Just as Wang Ran was still in a daze, Qin Yi quickly clenched her fists and threw punches directly.

Qin Yis punches landed on Wang Rans vital parts and she beat him up till he didnt have the strength to fight back and could only hug his head as he dodged.

"Who told you to instigate me for no reason, huh? Am I so easily bullied? So what if you have awakened your ability? I, your father, can still beat you to death. How dare you curse me and even interrupt my sleep? You cant be forgiven; I shall give you a good lesson today on how to conduct yourself."

Qin Yi kept beating Wang Ran up while talking endlessly, venting the built-up unhappiness inside her.

Wang Ran, who wanted to beat Qin Yi to death, could only hug his head and beg at this moment. "Stop beating, stop! Im wrong, Im wrong! Captain, Captain, please save me, quick!"

When Yang Hao heard Wang Rans cries, he couldnt help but look at Yun Huan. Wang Ran was in his team, after all, and he couldnt let Wang Ran get bullied like that as the captain.

"That, Captain Yun, that should be enough. Wang Ran is just a little blunt and speaks his mind. He doesnt think before opening his mouth. Dont bother about him."

Yang Hao tried his best to get Wang Ran vindicated. He just didnt say that Wang Ran was retarded.

Yun Huan watched that young man who was still beating Wang Ran up and even the gloomy weather couldnt cover the glow around his body.

When the young man was beating someone up, there was a ferocity in his eyes that didnt exist on usual days; he seemed like a wolf. But in Yun Huans eyes, he was adorable.

Yun Huan didnt care about what Yang Hao said. At first, Yun Huan wanted to get to know this person but right now, he could directly place his name on the blacklist. A captain who couldnt even control his own team wasnt suited to be a captain at all.

This Yang Hao was quite smart, but he was short-sighted and somewhat indecisive. He wasnt someone that Yun Huan wanted to be acquainted with.

Yun Huan didnt say anything, and this made Yang Hao somewhat embarrassed. But what could he do? If they fought, Yun Huans team could wipe them out in seconds. There was no use in pleading for leniency.

Furthermore, Wang Ran was in the wrong and he couldnt blame Yun Huans team.

Wang Ran felt pain all over his body. This fella appeared skinny and small, but he was quite strong and had a fast reaction. Most importantly, Qin Yi had found his weak spots.

Wang Ran gritted his teeth, the hatred in his eyes was almost overflowing and he yelled towards Yang Hao in a rage. "F**k, Yang Hao, what are you doing? Why arent you asking him to stop? Are you still a captain or not?"

Qin Yi sneered and continued throwing punches at Wang Ran. "You still have the strength to shout, huh? Looks like Ive been too soft."

When Yang Hao saw this, he didnt even want to save Wang Ran anymore. He finally understood that this Wang Ran had to be beaten up. If not, he wouldnt be able to see reality. He merely awakened an ability and became so lofty.

Yang Hao wanted to thank Qin Yi for beating him up. It was time that Wang Ran woke up. Otherwise, if he offended an important figure next time, their team could forget about living.

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