Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Brotherly Love

Chapter 79: Brotherly love
Gao Qing had a great figure, not too tall or too short. With a sizable bust and her perky behind dressed in a nurses uniform, she was extremely attractive.

What she did not know, however, was that Yun Huan and the others were no ordinary folks. They had seen countless beauties and Gao Qings friendliness was wasted on them.

No one paid any attention to her, causing Gao Qing to feel awkward and slightly irritated.

Unknowingly, she stepped closer to Qin Yi, remembering that some girls had to occasionally act like spoiled children to receive love.

Gao Qing was about to pull on Qin Yis sleeves when Yun Huan pulled Qin Yi into his embrace, preventing Gao Qing from approaching.

Chu Mohes face darkened as he stared at Gao Qing and his adorable voice became extremely gloomy as he asked, "Who are you?"

Chu Mohes outer appearance was truly a lie. Gao Qing thought he was just a young boy and replied to him in that manner, "I am Gao Qing, but you can call me older sister. Your captain saved me." She was good at observing people and had immediately realized that the group saw Yun Huan as the leader.

Chu Mohe began to laugh and tilted his head back, looking adorable while doing so.

"How disgusting! Hey, do you know how dirty you are, inside and out? Youre not allowed to go near Boss or Yiyi or I will kill you."

Chu Mohes face turned sinister as he spoke, his clear and limpid eyes transformed with a look of perverted lunacy.

Gao Qing jumped in fright and immediately dropped to the ground. He was too terrifying! The seemingly adorable youth was actually scarier than the captain.

"Mohe, she wont try anything." Yun Huan looked at Chu Mohe and spoke indifferently.

The crazy and willful youth immediately calmed down and became docile and adorable once again, just like a doll.

Gao Qing didnt know what those words meant, but Lin Qing and the others understood him very clearly. She would not be following or joining them.

Qin Yi did not expect Chu Mohe to be so sensitive, but it was her fault for not thinking it all through. She was purely focused on taking revenge on Qin Jiaojiao and had forgotten about their emotions.

She could understand Chu Mohe. If it were her, she would also be unwilling to have someone unfamiliar join their team, potentially harboring evil intentions.

Furthermore, all of them had grown up together and their brotherly affections ran deep. Today, Qin Yi had discovered that Chu Mohe was very sensitive, even more so than Lin Qing and the others.

It was to the extent of lunacy and stubbornness. The intense desire to keep his brothers to himself prevented others from joining them and breaking the team up.

Qin Yi immediately felt that it was strange for her to join the group so easily, even becoming a brother they could trust.

Qin Yi walked over to Chu Mohe and tiptoed to caress his head.

"Ill make you some good food tonight."

Qin Yis move could be considered a tested and proven method to make a foodie happy.

As expected, the instant he heard Qin Yis words, Chu Mohes eyes lit up and he nodded his head ferociously, whining, "Yiyi must not go back on her words!"

After soothing Chu Mohe, Qin Yi pondered how to handle Gao Qing. Initially, she had thought to take it step by step, but she now had Xiao Lans help. Plus, she didnt want Lin Qing and the others to be unhappy. She had to execute her plans fast.

Gao Qing noted Chu Mohes dislike for her, but Qin Yi did not even get angry, consoling him instead.

Gao Qing looked at Qin Hanmo pitifully and spoke up, "I was wrong, I shouldnt have provoked him. Hanmo, please dont be angry! I want to apologise to him."

Gao Qing clenched her teeth. She had to endure, for only by enduring this could she suppress him in the future.

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