Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 78

Chapter 78 I Am The Older Brother

How should she put it This fella was simply too fat and didnt look like a bird at all, resembling a very fat chicken instead.

Qin Yi was afraid that if she didnt pay attention, it would be roasted and eaten by other people.

But this guy was ultimately a phoenix and had some ability to protect itself. If she kept it locked in the Origin Space, that wouldnt be conducive to its growth either.

Forget it, she would just pay more attention to it. It was a phoenix after all, how hard could it be?

"Alright, I agree to your request but now is not the right time, youll have to wait."

Xiao Lan didnt expect that Qin Yi would agree to its demand so easily. When it heard the answer it wanted, it went blank for a moment before returning to its senses.

"You must keep your promise," Xiao Lan requested, so happy that the hairs on its head stood up a little.

"I will."

Qin Yi had just finished telling Xiao Lan about her plan when the others finally returned.

She opened her eyes and saw Lin Qings lethargic face but noticed that those attractive foxy eyes were glistening.

She straightened up, pointing at Lin Qings torn clothesit was obvious that they were the work of zombies.

"What happened?"

Lin Bai and the rest also had some scratches but Chu Mohe and Du Ruan were fine.

Lin Qing was just about to show off their combat gains, not expecting Qin Yi to see the tears on his clothes immediately. He suddenly looked guilty, rubbing his nose in nervousness.

"That, uh, I accidentally got a scratch."

Lin Bai smiled but spared no effort in exposing his own older brother, "He got too excited and immediately charged into the first ward. There were several zombies in there and if Chu He hadnt pulled him back in time, we would probably be looking at his dead body now."

Qin Yi rolled her eyes secretly, knowing that this would be the case. Lin Qing was still very immature and wasnt like that old and treacherous fox in her memory.

Lin Qing glanced at his younger brother with disdain, "Indeed, my younger brother mocks me all the time, having a younger sister would have been much better. Why didnt my mother give birth to a younger sister instead, huh?"

Yun Huan glanced plainly at Lin Qing, "That is because you dont act like his older brother; sometimes, I suspect that Big Bai is the older one."

Chu Mohe chuckled, "Hehe, Boss, we share the same sentiments."

Du Ruan laughed, looking at Lin Qing and then Lin Bai, scratched his head all the while. He asked doubtfully, "Isnt Big Bai the older brother? I always thought Big Bai was older than Fox. So Fox is the older one, huh?"

Qin Yi nearly burst out laughing. This was what it meant to get hurt by honest people.

Lin Qing felt like weeping but had no tears to shed, feeling as if his body was emptied out and he had run out of love.

Lin Bai was cracking jokes, while Gao Qing felt quite lonely on the other side.

When Lin Qing and the others arrived, she realized how good looking everyone on this team was.

She never thought that nobody would notice her at all, but that wouldnt do at all. She must get into this team.

With that thought, Gao Qing walked over, smiling at Lin Qing and the rest, "Hello, I am Gao Qing."

Gao Qings facial features were very delicate but she had a beautiful pair of watery eyes. When she made eye contact with you, you felt that the pair of eyes were very seductive.

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