Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Chu Mohe snorted and dark clouds covered his cute little face. “Boss was too nice to that woman.”

Lin Bai responded softly. Seeing that Chu Mohe had calmed down, he was finally able to lower the huge rock in his heart. Boss was the only one who could suppress this chap; he had really been afraid that Chu Mohe would charge forward before.

Lin Qing, on the other hand, felt that there wasn’t anything wrong. “That woman kept protecting her son just now. Boss probably recalled how Aunt Qing protected him previously, which might be why he wasn’t too harsh on her.”

Du Ruan looked worriedly at the spot where Yun Huan had left. For the first time, there wasn’t a smile on this rough man. “Boss isn’t in a good mood right now.”

Lin Qing patted Du Ruan’s back. “It’s fine, Boss will be alright in a bit.”

This was the knot in Boss’ heart, and only he could untie it. The only thing they could do as his brothers was to wait for him.

Qin Yi casually placed her hands in her pockets and had a firm gaze. “He will be fine.”

‘That’s right, Yun Huan is the future young emperor and was revered as a god by countless people. How could he be unable to get through these small obstacles?’

Also, Qin Yi believed that time was the greatest medicine, and Yun Huan would truly walk out of it someday.

Lin Qing took a casual glance at Qin Yi. Previously, he knew that this young man was very good looking and was comparable to his boss, but he didn’t take a good look at Qin Yi’s features.

This time, making direct eye contact with Qin Yi’s beautiful phoenix eyes, he felt something off.

Familiar, too familiar. Qin Yi’s eyes gave Lin Qing a very familiar feeling.

Where exactly had he seen them before?

Lin Qing had a lightbulb moment and was extremely excited. He blurted, “Xiao Xuan, it’s Xiao Xuan.”

Aiya, gosh, why did he find Qin Yi’s eyes so familiar? Qin Yi’s eyes were exactly the same as Boss’ younger brother, Xiao Xuan. They both had a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes, only Xiao Xuan’s eyes were clearer and more innocent than Qin Yi’s. It didn’t hold the same attractiveness as hers; Xiao Xuan’s eyes were just adorable.

But then again, Xiao Xuan was only three years old then.

Lin Bai chuckled and rolled his eyes at his shocked older brother. “Bro, you just realized? We noticed it the first time we met Yiyi.”

Lin Qing was slightly embarrassed; so he was the only one who was kept in the dark.

But at this moment, Lin Qing finally understood why Boss treated Qin Yi differently. He clearly saw Qin Yi as Xiao Xuan.

Lin Qing sized Qin Yi up, and a thought emerged in his head all of a sudden. Could it be that Xiao Xuan didn’t die and this Qin Yi standing before them was actually Xiao Xuan?

Both of them had the same eyes, and if Xiao Xuan were still alive, he would be about the same age as Qin Yi. Xiao Xuan was still little at that time, and he might have forgotten about Boss.

Lin Qing had a reason for having this conjecture. Previously, the kidnappers were the ones who declared Xiao Xuan dead at that time, but Boss and the police didn’t find Xiao Xuan’s corpse at all and there weren’t traces of his blood around the area either.

Boss persevered for all these years partly because he firmly believed that Xiao Xuan wasn’t dead yet and he must find his younger brother.

This was the driving force of Boss’s survival.

Qin Yi got uncomfortable with Lin Qing’s stare. She exercised her wrists and glanced plainly at Lin Qing with eyes filled with threat. “Are you courting death?”

Lin Qing trembled then smiled and tried to win Qin Yi’s favor. “That uh, Qiqi, did you know that you look like Xiao Xuan and that Xiao Xuan should be around your age by now?”

Qin Yi said coldly, “So?”

Lin Qing rubbed his hands together and smiled dumbly like Du Ruan. “Are you the biological child of your parents?”

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