Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Wang Kangting’s father was one of the richest and most influential figures of S-City. As a result, she was extremely pampered at home and got anything she wanted, growing up to have a domineering temper.

On the night of the apocalypse, she was high at a bar with her friends into the early hours of the morning. Not wanting to go home, she came to this high rise apartment and fell asleep in her car. Who would have thought that the world would have changed when she woke up? She watched in a daze as the ugly monsters ate other people right in front of her, the moment of stupor almost causing her to be bitten.

Fortunately, a youngster appeared in the nick of time. However, when she saw that the youngster was leaving, she could not help but call out.

Yes, the youngster. Qin Yi found her long hair an inconvenience when killing zombies and had cut it short. Since her development was delayed due to her previous malnutrition, it was easy to mistake her as a boy at first glance.


Wang Kangting was in a state of shock while Qin Yi was focused on killing the zombies, so she did not have a good look at Qin Yi’s appearance. When Qin Yi turned to glare at her, she finally saw her appearance clearly.

‘What a pretty youngster,’ Wang Kangting thought to herself as surprise flashed in her eyes.

She noticed the monotone black top and pants the youngster was dressed in, as well as the jade-like skin hidden behind the black hair. The youngster had a delicate and beautiful face, but the pair of extremely cold eyes gave the youth a heroic vibe. The youngster did not have any hint of being a female and resembled a young noble that had appeared out of an ancient painting.


Insatiable lust appeared in Wang Kangting’s eyes, as she had a unique desire that no one knew about. She liked such young and beautiful boys. Wang Kangting had toyed with more than ten of such youths, but none of them had moved her as much as Qin Yi did. She wanted this person, now.


Wang Kangting was a beautiful lady and was well aware of it. Lifting her chin and talking down to Qin Yi like a queen, she said, “If you follow me, you will live well. Money is not a problem.”

She thought by saying so, Qin Yi would obediently follow her, like all the other boys, and give her free rein to commit all sorts of things on him. Her gaze swept across Qin Yi’s body, lust apparent in her eyes.


Killing intent flooded Qin Yi’s eyes as a dense, baleful aura emitted from her body. It was a death aura formed from her experiences and bloody past. She hated people looking at her like that the most and truly wanted to dig those ugly eyes out.

Wang Kangting was surprised by Qin Yi’s killing intent. She did not expect the youth to be so ferocious and realized that she had kicked onto an iron panel.


As Qin Yi took slow steps towards her, Wang Kangting felt fear flood all over her. Not wanting to die, she looked around herself in the hopes of seeking some help, only to discover that everyone around had already left. She looked at Qin Yi, who resembled the death god, and screamed, “You can’t kill me! My father is Wang Jiang! Youyou will go to jail!”

Qin Yi smiled, thinking, ‘Go to jail? Life is worth nothing in this apocalyptic world.’


Right as she was about to take action, the sound of a vehicle engine suddenly came into the distance. She frowned and was about to end the battle quickly but heard Wang Kangting’s cry of joy.

Qin Yi immediately felt danger; her intuition always accurate. She concealed her aura and quickly departed from the apartment.

Right when Wang Kangting had thought that she was about to die in Qin Yi’s hands, she heard the vehicle. She saw her father’s car upon looking back and immediately cried out.

Wang Jiang heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that his daughter was safe and unharmed. He was 50 and only had Kangting as his daughter; he could never allow her to come in harm’s way.

“Daddy.” Wang Kangting jumped right into Wang Jiang’s embrace happily. Upon recalling that Qin Yi wanted to kill her, she pointed behind her ferociously. “He wanted to kill me.”

Wang Jiang’s face erupted in fury when he heard her words. He turned in the direction that she pointed, only to see that it was empty. Wang Kangting discovered an empty road to her astonishment. ‘That’s impossible,’ she thought.

How was it possible for Qin Yi to disappear right under their eyes in less than a minute?

Wang Kangting thought for a moment and said, “Daddy, get Uncle Zhou and the others to look around. That brat must not have gone far.”

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