Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 58

Chapter 58

Qin Yi and the group stood to the side, where she had actually unleashed her ability to mask the group’s scent to confuse the zombies into thinking that they were the same.

As expected, the zombies headed towards the mother and son pair with groans and malevolent faces.

Huang Cui only realized this after getting her fill of hurling all the abuses at them. Upon seeing the zombies, her calves trembled and she was glued in place.

Huang Cui’s son, Jiang Jing, cried in her embrace and attracted even more zombies.

Huang Cui was stunned. She did not expect Qin Yi’s group to be so emotionless and stand by while watching them die.

Only when she caught the pungent smell of the zombies did Huang Cui feel real fear. She turned to the middle-aged man in the corner, her husband, Jiang He, and shouted, “Old He, Old He, save me.”

Only silence replied to her.

Huang Cui finally felt despair. She never thought that her plan to follow the group of people and pick up their leftovers would result in her being eaten.

In truth, Huang Cui had other plans aside from just following them to pick up leftovers. After seeing their extraordinary zombie-killing martial abilities and their vehicle, an evil intention had sparked in her mind.

She figured that the group of youngsters were young and easy to dupe. Her goal was to not only follow them and pick up leftovers, but also to approach them and find their weakness before controlling them.

She never expected that she might fail or lose her life in the process.

Just as Huang Cui had resigned herself to her fate, she felt a pungent liquid spray all over her face.

When she opened her eyes, what stared straight at her with its muddled eyes was a zombie head that had juice flowing out of its holes. Huang Cui felt her pants turn wet.

Qin Yi and the group who were clearing out the zombies suddenly caught the scent of the second unpleasant smell.

They stared at the stunned Huang Cui and knew that she had peed herself.

This immediately reminded Qin Yi of Xia Cai.

At this moment, Xia Cai, who was inside a lingerie shop, suddenly sneezed. She wiped her nose and muttered to herself, ‘Who’s thinking of me? Could it be him?”

Xia Cai’s eyes suddenly rippled with the colors of spring as she recalled the boy’s peach eyes, and her heart rate suddenly increased.

She clenched her teeth and resisted the bashfulness. She quickly took the sensual lingerie from the rack and put it into her bag.

Let’s get back to the main character. After the supermarket was swept clean of all the zombies, Huang Cui had yet to regain her consciousness, most probably due to shock. The little boy had fainted as well.

Yun Huan did not even look at Huang Cui, leaving with pursed pale lips.

Qin Yi could sense that he was somewhat unhappy, as even the surrounding air had turned extremely cold.

Lin Qing smirked at the middle-aged man hiding in the corner and shouted, “Bring your wife and kids away! Don’t ever appear in front of us again.”

The man, Jiang He, came out stuttering. He grabbed his unconscious son and then said to his stunned wife, “Ah Cui, let’s go.”

Although Huang Cui was stunned, she was able to recognize her husband’s voice. She left with him in a daze.

Jiang He sighed. He knew that his wife had become dumb, but he could not blame them, nor did he even dare to.

After their departure, Lin Qing wiped away the blood on his face and sighed. “Boss sure is merciful today. Usually, people like her die or become crippled. How can she merely become dumb?”

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