Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 50

Chapter 50

Of course, Yun Huan thought of this as well and nodded in agreement.

When Xia Cai and Zhao Ya heard that Qin Yi and the others would be joining them, they were extremely happy in their hearts. Zhao Ya was slightly younger so she couldn’t hide the joy in her eyes.

Qin Yi and the others followed Yang Hao to the gas station he mentioned. This gas station was really huge and very clean.

Qin Yi and the rest had not entered yet when they saw a delicate and pretty lady. She said, “Be careful. There are zombies inside. About three of them.”

Qin Yi raised her brows. ‘This is the premonition ability user. She seems quite young.’

Zhang Li was quite young indeed. She was the same age as Zhao Ya but her face was very small and she had a petite frame, so she appeared younger.

Mental ability users had extremely sensitive perception and she could sense someone looking at her.

Zhang Li turned around and was immediately immersed into a pair of beautiful phoenix eyes. There was both heat and iciness. It was contradicting yet exceedingly attractive.

When she saw that dangerously beautiful face of Qin Yi’s, Zhang Li’s little face blushed slightly, and she was adorable.

It wasn’t that Zhang Li liked Qin Yi but being stared at by such a handsome guy, anyone would blush.

But she had to admit that this youth was really attractive.

Qin Yi didn’t expect that this young lady was so sensitive. She merely glanced at her and her face turned red.

Qin Yi subtly retracted her gaze.

Zhao Ya, who was peeping at Qin Yi, caught this scene and she was hopping mad. ‘What is the meaning of this? Don’t tell me that Zhang Li likes him as well, huh? No, no, no, he belongs to me. I, Zhao Ya, will not let anyone have what I want.’

Also, she didn’t believe that Qin Yi would fancy a bean sprout like her. She, Zhao Ya, was prettier than her. Her figure was better than her too, just that she didn’t have any ability.

But she believed that she, Zhao Ya, would have an ability someday.

With that thought, Zhao Ya wanted that diamond necklace in Xia Cai’s hand even more. In her opinion, as long as she dressed up, she could definitely make Qin Yi unable to take her eyes off her.

Seeing that Zhang Li had spoken, Yang Hao introduced her to everyone. “This girl is the premonition ability user in our team, Zhang Li.”

Qin Yi and the rest greeted her, and the girl smiled bashfully.

Three zombies weren’t a feat to this group of people, and they cleared them very quickly.

Yang Hao took the initiative to split the gas station into two sections, giving half to Yun Huan’s team.

Qin Yi and the rest chose the left side as there were little beds there – they were probably for the employees to rest.

Lin Qing rubbed his belly and smiled at Qin Yi. “Qiqi, I’m so hungry.”

Chu Mohe blinked with his watery eyes and looked at Qin Yi pitifully. “Exactly, exactly. Yiyi, I’m so hungry too. I feel like I can eat a cow.”

Qin Yi turned and immediately saw a pair of glistening eyes staring straight at her. At this moment, Qin Yi felt that she didn’t find a few teammates but was keeping a few pets.

Although that was what she thought, Qin Yi still whipped up dinner very swiftly. Ability users had to eat a lot and because Yun Huan and the others overused their abilities today, they were starving by then.

Qin Yi instructed Lin Qing to bring over the big pot in the car. It was a humble place with simple equipment, but Qin Yi still made a pretty decent dinner for Yun Huan and the rest.

Piping hot shredded chicken noodles along with a plate of spareribs and braised meat – it smelled so good that everyone was salivating.

Although the gas station was spacious, the scent still wafted to Yang Hao’s section.

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