Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 5

Chapter 5

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The night before the apocalypse, Qin Yi sat crossed-legged on her bed. She absorbed the ice elements in the air and sent them into the ability core in her abdomen. After close to half a month of practice, her ice ability was on the verge of breaking into grade two. In addition, she was close to finding out more about her other ability.


It was a unique mental ability that had a type of illusion technique, capable of changing a person’s appearance, distinct features, and scent. The higher the grade of the ability, the longer the duration of the technique.


It was the night of the 14th of July, 2012, and the moon in the sky suddenly turned blood-red as heavy rain pounded the Earth for three hours. After the rain, countless people fell ill with high fevers that did not subside, and hospitals became overcrowded.


On the morning of the 15th of July, 2012, those that did not recover from the fevers all turned into strange monsters. Their bodies turned greenish-black, eyes protruding as they grew sharp fangs and claws. The monsters did not have consciousnesses, thirsting only for blood.


They pounced upon their own kin, doctors, and nurses. They bit into their flesh and broke their necks, tearing their bodies apart. Those who were captured and bitten were also turned into these monstrous beings.

Blood and anguish filled the land as life became hell on Earth.

At 8 a.m. on the 15th of July, Qin Yi slowly crawled out of bed, got dressed, and pulled open the curtains. Looking out the window, it was definitely morning, but the sky was dark and the air was laced with a suppressive feeling.

Zombies wandered below the apartments and pounced on any survivors. A frightened girl stood unmoving on the road as zombies broke her neck and bit her hands. Not much later, the girl with the broken neck stood up on wobbly legs and pounced on another person. She too had turned into a zombie.

“Fuck, what kind of monsters are they???”

“Save me!”

“Don’t come here, don’t come here!”


Qin Yi could hear weeping and cursing from outside her window. Her cool eyes had a fanatical look about them as her mouth curved into an evil smile. “Welcome to the apocalypse.”


After breakfast, Qin Yi put an icebox and her remaining food into the Origin Space. She donned a black shirt and some pants. Carrying a travel backpack with a large letter-opening knife, she walked out of the house.


Qin Yi stayed on the second floor and crept down the stairs quietly. She gathered her focus and slowly walked towards the apartment door. Right as she opened the door, a zombie suddenly shoved its head in and opened its mouth, angling towards Qin Yi’s neck.


Qin Yi reacted quickly, retreating a step and brandishing the large knife to hack into the zombie’s head. Black blood splattered on her body as she kicked the zombie away without hesitation and continued to walk out.


The ground level of the apartment was covered with blood and guts. The noise from the zombie she had just decapitated had unfortunately attracted the attention of the zombies nearby. Squinting her eyes, Qin Yi charged her way through them with the large knife. The zombies at the beginning were all weaker than the zombies that came later, both in terms of strength and speed. It could be said that as long as one killed carefully, the individual would be able to survive the beginning of the apocalypse.


Qin Yi maximized the use of her speed and chopped one whenever she saw one. The zombies and awakened users had the same fatal flaw, the head. As long as the head exploded, the rest of the being would die without a doubt. The number of zombies at the beginning of the apocalypse was significantly fewer. Very quickly, the majority of the zombies at the ground level of the apartment were killed, leaving only a few lingering in the distance.


Qin Yi looked at the zombie blood on her body in disgust and frowned. Without saying a word, she turned and left. She felt that it was important to find a car, as it would be difficult to change clothes.

A woman that was almost bitten previously immediately shouted for her when she saw Qin Yi leaving, “You can’t go, you have to protect me!”

Qin Yi turned and looked at her with a cold glare, asking, “Based on what?”


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