Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Qin Yi chuckled and stopped teasing Yun Huan.

But it was quite interesting to see this person turning hostile all of a sudden.

At this moment, Yang Hao walked over and looked earnestly toward Qin Yi and the rest. “Thank you for saving us. Oh, right, my name is Yang Hao.”

Qin Yi waved. “You don’t have to thank us. We’re charging you for it so it’s only right to save all of you.”

Although that was the case, Yang Hao was still very grateful toward Qin Yi and the others. If not for these few people, all of them would probably be dead by now.

“No, no, no. We still have to thank you guys. We will send one-third of the supplies over once we’re done gathering them.”

Qin Yi nodded and agreed.

Yang Hao knew that Qin Yi and the others were very strong, so he wanted to befriend them. He smiled at Lin Qing who was the easiest to talk to. “I still haven’t gotten your names. Let’s be friends.”

Lin Qing smiled. “I’m Lin Qing. That guy is our captain, Yun Huan.”

Lin Qing could tell that Yang Hao had the intention to befriend them. Their group was quite accurate in judging people’s character and this Yang Hao had clear and bright eyes. Lin Qing could tell that he wasn’t an evil person with just one glance.

Lin Qing also knew that having friends outside was very important, so he didn’t reject him.

“Captain Yun,” Yang Hao greeted. Actually, he had already identified this person as the captain of this team earlier on.

Yun Huan seemed to be veiled in mystery. Yang Hao also remembered the ability this person had, and it was the same as him, the fire type.

Yun Huan nodded slightly as a response.

Lin Qing smiled apologetically toward Yang Hao. “Sorry, our captain has a bit of facial paralysis.”

Qin Yi raised her brows – he was indeed worthy to be the Empire’s chief of staff.

Yang Hao could sense the imposing air from those few people around Yun Huan. ‘They must be wealthy and respectable people.’

“You’re joking. It’s nothing.” Yang Hao waved.

Yang Hao didn’t mind but others minded it a lot.

Wang Ran simply didn’t like Yun Huan’s arrogant look. It was already the apocalypse and the strong were respected. So what if you were wealthy in the past? The most worthless thing now was money.

Wang Ran was a poor man and he hated those so-called rich second generations. In his opinion, these rich second generation kids were the dregs of society; they didn’t know how to do anything and only knew how to rely on their parents. They thought that they were amazing just because they had some stinking money.

Ever since Wang Ran found out that the apocalypse was happening, he wasn’t in panic or afraid like other people. Instead, he was filled with excitement as he knew that the moment for him was here.

This apocalypse was an era prepared for him. The strong were the respected ones in this era and he could become above the rest.

Wang Ran was initially unhappy about Qin Yi asking for compensation to save them. In his opinion, Qin Yi and the rest lending a hand when they met with danger was only right and proper. Why did she still ask for compensation?

Could it be that these people were paupers pretending to be wealthy? Relying on their slightly good-looking faces to cheat others?

The more Wang Ran thought about it, the more likely it was. Otherwise, why would that refined-looking youth look so frail and weak? It was obvious that he was malnourished.

Wang Ran confirmed his opinion and disliked Qin Yi and the others even more. His eyes were filled with disdain.

Compared to the rich second generation, he hated good looking guys who cheated even more. Whether or not his guess was right, he just didn’t like Qin Yi and the others.

Seeing how rudely Yun Huan was treating his captain, he exploded in anger. “What do you mean ‘nothing’, captain? These people are too arrogant. Although they saved our lives, we don’t have to bow and beg for their favor.”

With that said, Wang Ran slightly despised his own captain. ‘They are clearly pretty boys who are cheats, yet Yang Hao actually thought that they had power and wanted to get close to them.’

‘What a loss of face!’

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