Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Even if this person was a dual-ability user, he was not to be looked down on because his space ability was invincible.

“I have a space ability too and it’s quite spacious. It even preserves food stored inside it for quite a long time. These are all goods that I’ve gathered previously.”

Hearing that Qin Yi’s space could preserve food, the group was elated, as this meant that they could finally eat some fresh food.

Lin Qing’s foxy eyes were filled with joy as he exclaimed, “Great! We can all go look for some food then.”

Even if he hadn’t gone through the apocalypse before, he knew that food was very valuable now. Eating and surviving were two of their most important tasks. The others agreed as well.

Yun Huan told Qin Yi, “Qiqi, we’ll put the food we gather in your space in the future.”

Qin Yi got goosebumps hearing Yun Huan call her Qiqi. How should she put it? She just found it strange that Yun Huan called her that.

Qin Yi nodded and agreed with Yun Huan.

After fixing the survival plan, everyone was quite relieved, knowing that this was all possible due to Qin Yi.

It was really convenient having a space ability user around.

Lin Qing looked through the fruit basket and frowned when he saw that they were all common fruits. He leaned over to Qin Yi and acted like a spoiled child. “Yiyi ah, there isn’t any meat here! I don’t like these fruits and vegetables. You know that I’m a carnivore.”

Qin Yi had quite a lot of snacks in her Origin Space and quick meals that she had prepared in advance. She didn’t want to take out the meals, but the snacks were fine.

Qin Yi was also a meat-lover, but she took out the fruits because fruits and vegetables were very valuable during the apocalypse, so she thought that they might like them. However, she forgot that it was still the beginning of the apocalypse. People had not yet realized the importance of fruits and veggies.

Eating meat all the time would cause constipation, something not even the strongest ability users were immune to.

Qin Yi waved her hand and a bucket of chicken wings and drumsticks appeared.

The rich aroma of cumin and a smoky scent wafted up the noses of the carnivores, causing them to unconsciously swallow their saliva. Even Yun Huan, who always kept a straight face, had a sparkle in his eyes.

“Eat this first, I’ll make something else in the afternoon.”

Lin Qing stared at the chicken legs and couldn’t stop salivating, his glistening eyes resembling 10,000 watts of light.

When Yun Huan heard what Qin Yi said, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “Thanks for going through all this trouble. We will help too.”

Qin Yi chuckled, “Sure.”

After the six people finished eating the drumsticks and some fruit, the day went by very well.

Qin Yi took out quite a number of clothes from the Origin Space, handing them to Yun Huan and the rest of the group. When they were done changing, Qin Yi gave each of them a travel bag so they could cover up a bit.

At noon, Qin Yi prepared another scrumptious lunch and fed them until their bellies were round.

Lin Qing laid back on the chair immediately after he was done eating and kept praising Qin Yi, “Yiyi ah, your cooking is simply amazing.”

Lin Bai was really full too, to the point of bursting, and he agreed with what his brother said- Yiyi’s cooking was spectacular.

Du Ruan gulped down the last mouthful of soup and rubbed his belly in satisfaction as he laughed, “These days are fantastic, I don’t even want to leave anymore.”

Lin Qing was really thankful. ‘That’s right, there’s food, water, and no zombies here.’

But he also knew that they couldn’t stay here, as all the food would someday run out. Furthermore, their ambition wouldn’t allow them to stay here too long.

Sure enough, not long after the meal, Yun Huan instructed everyone to pack their things and prepare to leave this little village.

Lin Qing and the others were like locusts: they ate and used up everything in their path.

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