Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Chu Mohe’s adorable little face fell at the mention of Chuchu. He was worried about his older sister, as her health wasn’t great and he didn’t know how she was doing at the moment.

Lin Bai saw Chu Mohe’s concern, so he consoled him. “Chu He, don’t worry. Chuchu will be fine. We’ll look for her after settling down.”

Seeing Chu Mohe’s long face, which was quite similar to the dumb Ice Phoenix in the Origin Space, Qin Yi consoled him too. “Your older sister will be fine,” she said.

After hearing their words, a smile reappeared on Chu Mohe’s face. ‘That’s right, there is no point in being anxious right now,’ he thought.

Calming down, Chu Mohe began to feel hungry. He rubbed his belly and turned to Qin Yi. Acting like a spoiled child, he said, “Qiqi, I’m hungry.”

The second Chu Mohe spoke, the rest of them couldn’t help but stare at Qin Yi, even blank-faced Yun Huan.

Qin Yi’s mouth twitched as she saw all those pairs of eyes on her, as bright as lightbulbs, and suddenly felt as if she had taken in many pets.

However, Qin Yi could understand. The eldest in their group was Yun Huan and he was only five years older than her. They were all at an age where their bodies were still growing and using a great deal of energy, so their food intake would naturally be high.

Qin Yi was a little hungry herself, so she could imagine the state they were in.

Also, she wasn’t going to treat herself badly. Her body still hadn’t recuperated and what she needed most was to have extra meals and increase her intake.

With that thought in mind, Qin Yi waved her hand and a basket of fruits immediately appeared on the table.

Other than Du Ruan, the rest of them didn’t have even a tinge of shock in their eyes.

Qin Yi wasn’t surprised by their reactions, as she had already made it clear when she took out the dumplings this morning.

With these people’s observation skills and intelligence, they would be able to perceive what she had done.

Qin Yi did it all on purpose, not planning on hiding her Origin Space from Yun Huan and the rest of the group. Of course, she wouldn’t tell them everything about the Origin Space either.

She had decided long ago that she would call this her space ability and it would be able to store fresh foods.

Qin Yi wouldn’t tell anyone about the Origin Space being able to automatically produce food. If word got out, there would be many who would attempt to get rid of her and steal the space.

Fortunately, there were many space ability users during the apocalypse, plenty of those who were able to preserve food in their space, so she didn’t have to worry in that regard.

Du Ruan was dumbstruck, his fingertips trembling slightly in awe. “Benefactor Qiqi, you actually know magic!”

Lin Qing held his forehead, thinking, ‘What a blockhead.’

Chu Mohe smiled and shook his head as he explained to Du Ruan, “Coconut, you’ve got it wrong. This isn’t magic, this is an ability. If I’m not wrong, this should be the space ability.”

Qin Yi looked at Chu Mohe in admiration.

Receiving Qin Yi’s praise, Chu Mohe’s face flushed pink. ‘Ah, I’m so happy! Qiqi actually praised me.’

Du Ruan scratched his head innocently and his eyes widened as if he had finally seen the light. “I see, but I still think Benefactor Qiqi is amazing.”

Du Ruan was right. Other than the space ability, Qin Yi also had the ice ability, the mental ability, which she hadn’t displayed yet, and the lightning ability, which had not awakened yet.

During the apocalypse, ability users were few and far in between, and there was an even fewer number of dual-ability users, let alone multi-ability usersthose were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

Qin Yi didn’t think much of it. After all, she had an expert on her side who was much stronger than her. She recalled that Yun Huan was a multi-ability user, although he claimed to be a dual-ability user.

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