Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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She was still developing and didn’t have to bind her chest, so it was easy for Chu Mohe to feel the difference now.


The good thing was that she hadn’t made up for the malnutrition from the earlier years, so she was still very flat and didn’t have to worry.


After Chu Mohe was pushed away by Qin Yi, he stared at her without any expression. His watery eyes were dark and there wasn’t a hint of cuteness from just now.


Just when Lin Qing thought that there would be blood splattering everywhere, Chu Mohe laughed suddenly and looked at Qin Yi like he was infatuated with her. He mumbled, “This is it. This is it. Even the way he pushes me away, it’s exactly the same as Boss.”


Lin Qing’s mouth twitched violently. Chu He’s degree of obsession over Boss had gone up. It was at the point that it could make one boil with anger.


It was clearly he and Lin Bai who saved him previously so why was he so nice to Boss? Lin Qing simply couldn’t understand.


Qin Yi raised her brows and they were slightly cold. “I am Qin Yi, not your Boss.”


When Qin Yi said that, the adoration in Chu Mohe’s eyes grew even more intense. “Ah, even the way he scolds is so similar.”


Qin Yi’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. ‘Why doesn’t this child understand human language, huh? Or could it be that this guy has masochism?’


Qin Yi shook her head and tossed away the unrealistic thoughts in her head.


Chu Mohe still wanted to stick to Qin Yi, but Yun Huan said, “Chu He, come here.”

When he heard his Boss’ voice, Chu Mohe who kept sticking to Qin Yi, walked over obediently, and sat down like a delicate doll.


Six people sat around the dining table and began to enjoy breakfast.


After eating, Yun Huan told Du Ruan and Chu Mohe about Qin Yi joining their group.


Du Ruan didn’t have a big reaction when he heard that and merely grinned foolishly. “I don’t have any opinions. It’s great that Benefactor can join us. Benefactor, don’t worry, I will protect you.”


The corners of Lin Qing’s mouth twitched. Thinking back about Qin Yi’s savage look yesterday, he couldn’t help but mock him inwardly. ‘I wonder who would be the one doing the protecting in the end.’


Chu Mohe was in a daze for a long time. It was so long that Lin Qing thought that this guy was about to explode. Who knew that he simply rubbed his eyes softly and was all smiles? “It’s amazing to have Yiyi in the team. I welcome it.”


Lin Qing was in complete disbelief. He scanned Qin Yi up and down. ‘Just what sort of freak is this? He could make my icy Boss agree to let him join the team and even make the difficult Chu He like him so much?’


‘Damn, this person was simply heaven’s beloved.’


Just like that, Qin Yi successfully became a member of Yun Huan’s team.


As Du Ruan and Chu Mohe were both agreeable to Qin Yi joining the team, Lin Bai said in a good mood, “We are arranged according to our age in this team. Yiyi, how old are you?”


Qin Yi pursed her lips. “Sixteen.”


Lin Qing looked at Qin Yi in surprise. “So young?”


Qin Yi gave Lin Qing an icy side glance. “What? You have something to say?”


Lin Qing shuddered and smiled sheepishly. “Nothing, nothing.”


God, why was this 16-year-old boy as perverted as his own Boss?


The perverted Yun Huan glanced coldly at Lin Qing like he could see through him.


Lin Qing swallowed nervously.


Yun Huan retracted his gaze and said, “You’re the youngest in our team, seventh in line.”


Du Ruan said foolishly, “Little Seventh.”


Qin Yi frowned. “Change it.”


‘Little Seventh’ would involuntarily make her think of a certain something.


Du Ruan paused, then looked seriously at Qin Yi. “Old Seventh.”


Lin Qing burst out laughing the moment he heard that. ‘This blockhead.’

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