Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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“Why are you telling me this?” Qin Yi asked directly.


Yun Huan stood up and pursed his lips. “I am just maintaining the good relationship within the team.”


After speaking, Yun Huan lifted his long legs and left.


Qin Yi chuckled then headed to the kitchen to make breakfast.


Qin Yi really liked food made from wheat flour and she was prepared to make some dumplings for breakfast.

Her mind was triggered, and three packs of frozen dumplings appeared in her hand.


In just a moment, translucent and delicious-looking dumplings were ready. The supermarket’s dumplings weren’t big, but the stuffing was quite substantial.


Qin Yi had just prepared the food when Lin Qing smelled the aroma and entered.


When he saw the rolling dumplings in the pot, Lin Qing’s eyes sparkled but it disappeared in an instant.


Lin Qing grinned as he looked at Qin Yi. “Qin Yi, you’re amazing. You can even make dumplings smell so good.”


After speaking, Lin Qing leaned over to smell it and salivated. He didn’t stop praising Qin Yi. “It really smells so good.”


Qin Yi passed Lin Qing some bowls and chopsticks. “Help out if you want to eat soon.”


Lin Qing agreed immediately and went to work swiftly.


When Qin Yi brought out the last bowl of dumplings to the living room, Yun Huan’s team of five were all present.


Qin Yi raised her brows, looking at the foolish-looking man on the sofa, and the other one with an exquisite doll-like face.


These two should be Du Ruan and Chu Mohe.


Before Qin Yi could speak, that foolish-looking man came over and took the bowl of dumplings from Qin Yi’s hand.


The man scratched his head and smiled in a silly manner. “My name is Du Ruan. Thank you for saving us. You’ll be Du Ruan’s benefactor from now on. As long as Benefactor needs something, I, Du Ruan will repay your kindness even if I have to climb a mountain of swords or plunge into a sea of flames.”


Du Ruan looked very serious when he said that and that was also what he thought.


He knew how dangerous the situation was at that time and to be honest, if it were him, he would not have saved them.


He didn’t know what Qin Yi’s motive was, but he would definitely repay her kindness.


Also, Qin Yi’s gaze was clear, and he could tell that she wasn’t an evil person. Furthermore, they weren’t very good people themselves.


Chu Mohe stared at Qin Yi for quite some time with his head tilted. Then his rosy lips moved lightly. “You have the same aura as Boss.”


Qin Yi raised her brows. ‘What does he mean by that?’


Chu Mohe stood up slowly and suddenly hugged Qin Yi. His head rubbed against her as his exquisite doll-face blushed. A pair of watery eyes were glittering. “En, I like you.”


Qin Yi frowned. She didn’t like other people coming so close to her, so she pushed Chu Mohe with one hand and had a look of disdain.


Lin Qing was so shocked that Chu Mohe liked Qin Yi so much. His jaw nearly dropped.


He knew what Chu Mohe was like. The coldest and most detached person among them was not Boss who seemed icy, but Chu Mohe.


Seeing how Qin Yi had pushed Chu Mohe away, his eyes were filled with sympathy.


That’s it, that’s it. Qin Yi was about to get unlucky. He recalled that the previous person who pushed Chu He away had either lost an arm or a hand.


Lin Qing covered his face with both hands. Ay, the scene was too beautiful. He didn’t dare to watch.


Qin Yi didn’t know that she was walking on the edge of losing an arm or a hand but even if she did, she would still have pushed Chu Mohe away without hesitation.


Not only did she not like people getting too close to her, but more importantly, she didn’t want to expose her identity as a girl.


Although Xiao Lan already used the illusion technique to make her look like a boy from head to toe, that was just an illusion technique. If others got close to her and touched her, her identity would still be easily exposed.

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