Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 36

Chapter 36

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Du Ruan and Chu Mohe also found it new but odd. They continued to fiddle with their abilities, vines appearing all over the room and water balls flying everywhere.

Lin Qing was envious but having abilities was really up to fate.

He glanced at Yun Huan and thought, ‘Thank God Boss is on my side.’

Yun Huan smirked, conjuring a fireball with his hand. The bright red flame blinded Lin Qing.


His fingertips trembled as he turned to Yun Huan in shock and whined, “Boss, since when did you get an ability? You weren’t infected by the zombie’s virus, so how did you awaken an ability?”

Yun Huan glanced at Lin Qing, telling him, “After eating, I felt my body become filled with strength.”

Actually, Yun Huan had no idea why he suddenly had an ability awakening.

He didn’t know that what he said would be taken to heart by someone with a big hole in his head, causing him to think that Qin Yi’s cooking had a miraculous effect in awakening one’s ability. In the following days, Ling Qing ate non-stop, desperate to get an ability of his own, almost becoming fat in the process.


Lin Qing saw how Lin Bai kept hesitating to speak and felt a bit uneasy. “Da Bai, don’t tell me that you have awakened your ability too?”

Lin Bai smiled warmly and rubbed his older brother’s head, comforting him by saying, “Older brother, be good, you’ll have an ability someday.”


Lin Qing’s face collapsed. What happened? Why did everyone’s abilities awaken while he was taking the porridge? It didn’t make any sense.

Lin Qing secretly wished for an ability while Qin Yi had sweet dreams till dawn.

It was summer but the temperature changed very quickly during the apocalypse. She remembered that it would get colder and colder for now, but warmer and warmer towards the back.

Qin Yi picked out a black t-shirt and put on a black jacket, giving her a malicious aura.

Leaving the room, Qin Yi saw Yun Huan, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

“Good morning,” Qin Yi said.

Yun Huan replied in kind, conjuring a fireball.

“Congratulations on the fire ability, it has a very strong killing power.”

Yun Huan was indeed heaven’s pet; the ability he had awakened was second in terms of killing power during the apocalypse.

Qin Yi remembered that in her previous life, both her and Yun Huan were dual-ability users. He had awakened fire and space abilities back then.

Yun Huan’s space ability was very different from other space abilities, as it allowed him to create his own space and also be its master.


Qin Yi remembered that the year before she was captured in the laboratory, she had rushed over to support a base that was under siege by zombies.


It had been an exceptionally difficult battle. There were over 10,000 zombies attacking while they only had a few thousand people to defend the base. Just as they were drowning in despair, Yun Huan came to their aid.

With one gentle movement, he trapped over a thousand zombies into his space, and all the zombies exploded with the use of his mind.


The sole existence of this Origin Space was just like a territory.

Yun Huan nodded, “Thank you, your ability isn’t too bad either.”

After that, both of them went silent.

A long time later, Yun Huan spoke again. “Coconut, who is also Du Ruan, awakened the water ability while Chu HeChu Moheawakened the wood ability.”

Qin Yi knew that Yun Huan’s five brothers had each awakened water, wood, gold, mud, and poison abilities, respectively.


Qin Yi mentioned five abilities but she only recalled seeing four people. Where did the only girl go?


Qin Yi’s thoughts were flying but she maintained a calm demeanor, saying, “Congratulations, these two abilities are great too, especially the water ability. It could become an ice ability.”

Yun Huan looked deeply into Qin Yi’s eyes, stating, “Coconut likes to eat good food and Chu He likes shiny jewels.”


Qin Yi didn’t know what Yun Huan was trying to say. Maybe her IQ needed to be recharged.

He was telling her about what the others liked, but why?

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