Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 33

Chapter 33

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Qin Yi nodded in satisfaction and walked towards the room she picked out.

“Qin Yi,” Yun Huan said.

Qin Yi turned around. “What is it?”

Yun Huan pursed his thin lips and stared at Qin Yi with his cold peach blossom eyes.

“I want to know your motive.”

He was truly worthy of being the chief of the base, his observation skills were excellent.

But Qin Yi hadn’t hidden her motive from the beginning. Her clear, bright eyes met Yun Huan’s danger filled ones, stating, “I only had one goal from the start and that was to be one of you guys.”

Lin Qing looked at Qin Yi in surprise. “You’re saying you want to join us?”

Qin Yi nodded.

“Give me a reason,” Yun Huan stated, looking at Qin Yi. Although he didn’t have negative feelings toward this youth, that didn’t mean he would treat Qin Yi as his brother.


Each person in their team grew up together. Their relationship was very strong, almost like a family.

Qin Yi stroked her clean chin. “Perhaps I find all of you more pleasing to the eye.”

Lin Qing’s mouth twitched. ‘What kind of answer is this, it’s the barely an answer. Boss wouldn’t agree to it for sure.’

Lin Qing wasn’t done thinking about it when he heard his Boss’ deep voice saying, “Sure.”

Qin Yi liked people who were straightforward. Seeing how quickly Yun Huan agreed, a smile surfaced in her beautiful phoenix eyes. “Alright, I will prepare all three meals going forward.”

Sensing that they all enjoyed her cooking, she didn’t want to be stingy.

Lin Qing was initially confused as to why his boss would agree to her request but after hearing Qin Yi’s offer, his foxy eyes glistened.

Great, they didn’t have to worry about their meals anymore.


However, Boss hadn’t let him stay just for his cooking skills, right?

Lin Qing felt that he had finally gotten the truth, so he nodded in all apparent seriousness.

Lin Bai couldn’t help but hold his forehead when he saw his own brother acting so dumb. ‘Big brother, do you even know that your face exposes all of your little thoughts?’

Qin Yi pinched her own hand and told Lin Qing, “I made some minced meat porridge in the kitchen. Those two people will probably wake up tonight. Don’t forget to keep watch in the kitchen, otherwise there might not be anything for them to eat once they’re awake.”

After Qin Yi spoke, she bid farewell to Yun Huan and Lin Bai and headed into her room.She didn’t seem to care about Lin Qing’s dumbstruck look as she left.

Qin Yi went into the room, locked the door, and entered the Origin Space.

The Origin Space was now completely different, the fruit trees a distance away bearing lots of fruit and the livestock eating spirit grass happily.

Qin Yi took a deep breath and felt an indescribable feeling of comfort flow throughout her entire body.

Suddenly, she lifted her leg and saw the blue dumpling grabbing her thigh, unwilling to let go. She raised her eyebrow and asked, “Go on, what is it?”

Xiao Lan saw that Qin Yi was staring at it so it lowered its head in guilt. Its eyes, looking like little black beans, shifted every which way, not looking at her as he gave an explanation.

“That, I, uh, I ate the crystal core.” Xiao Lan grit his teeth together and told her what happened.

Actually, she couldn’t blame it. It was in its infancy and needed a large amount of energy. When that little crystal core kept seducing it shamelessly, it simply couldn’t hold back and ate it.


Seeing that Qin Yi go silent for some time, Xiao Lan felt guiltier than before. But did she know who he was? He was the great Ice Phoenix King!

With that thought in mind, Xiao Lan flapped its tiny, fat wings, then said firmly, “Dumb woman, why are you quiet? This king is the greatest Ice Phoenix! So what if I ate a tiny crystal core? This king is giving you face. Other mortals begged on their knees but this king wouldn’t eat their stuff.”


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