Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 23

Chapter 23

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Zhou Yu was stunned. ‘What is he trying to say?’ Qin Yi smirked as her cold and blazing eyes glistened. ‘This youth is really beautiful.’

Beautiful like a siren, like a poppy; beautiful, yet dangerous.

Qiu Chuxue was dazed for a moment before waking up.

But a smile crept up unknowingly in her eyes and on her face. She knew that the youth in front of her had a soft heart, softer than anyone.

“Didn’t you find your good friend Qin Jiaojiao?” Qin Yi replied lazily. “Judging from what she is wearing, her family definitely wields power and strength. As long as you follow them, you can find your family.”

Hearing that, Zhou Yu’s heart stirred. She knew the Qin family’s power and capabilities. Instead of following Qin Yi to wander, finding her family was a better option.

However, she had offended Qin Jiaojiao and did not know if the Qin family would still welcome her.

When thinking about it, Zhou Yu wanted so badly to smack herself. ‘If I had known about this, I would not have fallen out with Qin Jiaojiao. Now what do I do?’

‘I have endured for so many years. Why did I have to vent it all out now?’

Upon seeing the regret in Zhou Yu’s eyes, Qin Yi turned back and inadvertently reminded her, “Food is the most important thing now in this apocalypse. You guys have to be careful.”

Hearing this, Zhou Yu’s eyes lit up. ‘That’s right, I have food, and what Qin Jiaojiao and her family is lacking most is food.’ She believed that the Qin family would take her as long as she had food.

Qiu Chuxue looked at Qin Yi earnestly and replied, “I will.”

Qin Yi laughed, and no longer spoke further. Taking her bag, she left.

Qin Yi left early in the morning when the outside was still dark and drizzling. It depicted the apocalypse well, filled with darkness and despair.

Qin Yi smiled and looked at the closed doors.

“Qin Jiaojiao, Qin MianI, Qin Yi, do not have sufficient strength comparable to yours just yet. But the next time we meet, I will take your lives.’


After the bone marrow wash, Qin Yi’s vision became much better. Although it was dark, she was capable of seeing everything clearly.

A few zombies wandered about in the distance. Qin Yi changed her scent and moved ahead.

The thin and frail-looking youth had an upright back, confidence, and unyielding aura, just like a prestigious young noble.

A ray of sunlight shot into the small gas station, informing everyone that dawn had arrived.

Qin Jiaojiao’s small mouth continued to nibble on the food in her hands. With disdain deep within her eyes, she looked towards Zhou Yu, who was at the side facing her second older brother.

She was unsure of what frenzy Zhou Yu had gotten into, for she had moved over and informed them that she wanted to travel with them in the morning.

She still hated Zhou Yu, but seeing the big bag of food, she had to endure the accompaniment of Zhou Yu and her lackey.

For some reason, she felt that she was constantly cold, a cold that bit into her bones.

She was unable to pinpoint the feeling and decided to ignore it as she continued nibbling on her bread.

Her gaze remained fixated on where Qin Yi had initially been resting.

‘What a pity. He’s such a handsome young man, and he actually just left. I didn’t even catch his name.’

At this moment, Qin Jiaojiao was still unaware that this youth that she was thinking of would become her worst nightmare.

Qin Yi was currently seated on a grass patch with an egg in her hand.

‘What a big egg.’

Qin Yi scratched her chin in puzzlement. She did not recall buying an egg so big.

The question was, how did the egg enter the Origin Space and what kind of egg was it?

The egg was much bigger than an ostrich egg, and the bright white eggshell had an indistinct flowing blue brilliance to it.


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