Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 2

Chapter 2


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When Qin Yi touched the strange flower, she suddenly disappeared. Opening her eyes, she found herself in an empty space.


A great amount of information flooded into Qin Yi’s brain. After digesting all the information, she finally understood where she was.

Hailed as the Origin Space, it was created by Doyen Epoch Heaven. Unknowingly, it had wandered onto Earth and formed a spirit contract with Qin Yi. The Origin Space had an abundance of spirit qi with fertile land for vegetation as well as an exquisitely refined bamboo house. Behind the house was a large, empty space with sporadic fruit trees growing around it. There was a small creek in front of the house and a pond to its left. To the right of the pond was a spiritual spring that contained spring water capable of washing marrows and healing wounds.


The time flow inside the Origin Space was 1:10 of the outside world. Due to the abundance of spirit qi, plants inside grew and matured at a rapid rate.


After comprehending everything, a change finally occurred within Qin Yi’s chilling eyes. This space was the perfect facility for the apocalypse.

Supplies were what was needed most in the apocalypse. Qin Yi had survived the apocalypse for over a decade and, as a result, knew the importance of supplies. In the initial five years, humans survived by relying on the remaining food stock. As time passed and the stock of stored supplies dwindled, people had no choice but to grow their own food. Countless wood ability users were called to plant and grow food, but not long after receiving results, the soil became contaminated and the food would not grow. Humanity had to resort to eating mutated animals and plants, turning many into zombies.


As more and more people starved to death, cannibals appeared. Even when Qin Yi was captured, food remained a huge problem.


Qin Yi’s eyes flushed with excitement. With the Origin Space, it was different now. She was completely self-sustainable and no longer had to worry about food. However, the term supplies were enough to cause others to move, and as she was used to seeing those in power snatching and seizing items of value during the apocalypse, she knew that the matter of being able to grow food in the space had to be kept a secret.

In this new world, she would only believe in herself and no longer be the foolish Qin Yi.

After thinking about it, Qin Yi stripped and walked towards the spirit spring, which had a marrow washing effect that she needed. Although ability users were strong, the consumption of abilities was equally fast. Once the ability was completely used up, she could only wait for death.


Qin Yi had suffered from this in her past life. It was only due to a stroke of luck that she had awakened her lightning abilities at a crucial moment. Otherwise, she would have turned into food for zombies. After the incident, she diligently tempered her body, but it was still too late.


In this new world, she wanted a good physique and the ability to hide her abilities at the beginning of the apocalypse. In her previous incarnation, the majority of first-generation awakened users were captured for experiments. She was one of those who had offered herself to her younger sister. She thought about how she had eagerly reported her awakened abilities to the Qin Family immediately after gaining them. It was truly the most foolish thing she had done.


Qin Yi took a deep breath and was about to throw all of those thoughts away, but she hesitated. She knew she was not in a rush. She had to regain all that they owed her in the past life.


Immediately after immersing herself in the spirit spring, Qin Yi felt a surge of warm energy flow into her entire body, the comfortable feeling putting her at ease. But in less than a minute, a piercing pain enveloped her entire body; all of her muscles and bones were breaking and growing again. She bit her lip and endured it all. She had to endure it, for fainting during the marrow washing process would be less valuable than being awake.

Fracture, grow, fracture again, grow again. Qin Yi had experienced the same cycle countless times, yet did not make a single sound, her conviction and overflowing hatred continuing to give her the strength and support she needed to go through this process.

After the marrow washing finally ended, Qin Yi was able to clearly feel everything, her five senses having grown sharper and her strength having increased. Her tanned skin had turned white and her dried hair had become jet-black and smooth.


She sensed her dantian burning up and subconsciously looked down, discovering imprints of two fingernail-sized balls on her abdomen, one blue and one grey. This was


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