Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 17

Chapter 17

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Qin Jiaojiao, not expecting Zhou Yu to be so direct, was somewhat stunned and didn’t react for a long time.

She said very sweetly, “Big sister Yu, it’s like this, we came out in a rush and didn’t bring much food, so we hope that you could lend us some.”

Qin Jiaojiao paused and spoke in a slightly weaker tone, “I know that Big sister Yu doesn’t have much food either, but you know, my mother is quite weak, which is why we’d like to borrow some from you.”

Zhou Yu was taken aback. She didn’t expect that Qin Jiaojiao would actually want to borrow food from her. This fully satisfied her pride and she was about to agree, but when she thought about how she didn’t have much food either, she became somewhat hesitant.

Qin Jiaojiao could see Zhou Yu’s hesitation too and a dim light flashed beneath her eyes. She put on a weaker and more pitiful face, “Big sister Yu, please help us. Don’t worry, when we find food, we will return twice the amount to you.”

After speaking, Qin Jiaojiao turned to Qin Hanmo. “Isn’t that right, Second brother?”

Qin Hanmo nodded and his sonorous voice came over. He looked earnestly at Zhou Yu. “Don’t worry, we, the Qin family, keep our promises.”

Having once liked Qin Hanmo, when Zhou Yu saw that exceedingly handsome face of his, she was about to agree to it unconsciously.

A biting cold voice resounded, “Is this your classmate, Qin Jiaojiao?”

When Qin Jiaojiao heard someone calling her name, she turned towards the corner instinctively.

She was stunned at just one glance.

The youth in the corner woke up, and those phoenix eyes looked over at this moment. What sort of eyes were they? They were icy cold, yet blazing hot, an extremely attractive combination.

That youth was slender and thin, her delicate face was the color of jade, and her black top made her seem cold and noble. Bits of her hair fell on her face, giving her a casual and lazy look.


This person was simply god’s favorite.

The second Zhou Yu saw Qin Yi, her muddled head that was intoxicated by Qin Hanmo finally sobered up. No, she liked Qin Yi at this moment. She could not let Qin Yi misunderstand.


She was unsure of when Qin Yi woke up or how much she had heard.

With this thought, Zhou Yu didn’t like Qin Jiaojiao anymore. It was all her fault. If not for her, she wouldn’t have acted so smitten with Qin Hanmo in front of Qin Yi.


Seeing the surprised and bashful look in Qin Jiaojiao’s eyes, the anger in Zhou Yu’s heart grew more intense.

She didn’t believe that Qin Jiaojiao didn’t know that she was interested in her second brother. Why did she bring her second brother over now? Could it be that she was interested in Qin Yi and came over to snatch him over?

The more Zhou Yu thought about it, the more certain she became. Otherwise, why did Qin Jiaojiao never bother at all in the past whenever Zhou Yu asked her to set her up with her second brother? But right now, she specially brought Qin Hanmo over. She just wanted to embarrass her in front of Qin Yi, didn’t she?


With this thought, Zhou Yu’s gaze towards Qin Jiaojiao turned increasingly icy.

Qin Jiaojiao had never seen such a good looking youth before. She was still a young lady, after all, so she was slightly stunned.

Among everyone that Qin Jiaojiao had met, her father and two brothers were the most good looking. She also had quite a number of suitors, but she didn’t fancy any of them.

However, this youth was better looking than her father and two brothers. Qin Jiaojiao’s heart somewhat palpitated.

He seemed to be around the same age as her, yet she hadn’t seen him before. Could it be that he wasn’t from the same school as her? How did Zhou Yu meet him, then?

Qin Yi smirked as she looked at Qin Jiaojiao, who stood there in a daze. The cold youth suddenly had a tinge of a sinister aura and looked very attractive. “Why are you in a daze? Are you Qin Jiaojiao?”

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