Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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After listening to what Qin Jiaojiao said, Qin Hanmo was slightly moved. He must say, Qin Jiaojiao’s words had gone into his heart.

He knew that they didn’t have food now and there were zombies everywhere outside. Even if their father and older brother went out to find food, it would be very challenging under such circumstances.

As a man, having it a little rough didn’t matter, but it was different for his mother and younger sister. His mother was the daughter of a rich family who was spoiled since she was little, and after she married his father, she was even more pampered and had everything she wanted.


As for his younger sister, she had a weak body since she was little and everyone in the family pampered her. Even now, her current health wasn’t the greatest.

These two frail jewels were the apples of the Qin family’s eyes, they would never let them suffer.


With that thought, Qin Hanmo nodded towards Qin Jiaojiao, showing that he agreed.

Qin Jiaojiao smiled gently and pounced into Qin Hanmo’s embrace, then spoke coquettishly, “Second brother, you’re the best.”

Qin Hanmo had a sister complex, so after hearing this, he rubbed his head with a silly smile and looked very pleased with himself. He didn’t notice the glistening light in Qin Jiaojiao’s eyes.

Zhou Yu, who was eating with gusto, listened to the sounds of people swallowing their saliva around her. The corners of her lips curved upwards.

Suddenly, a pair of dusty white sandals appeared before her. Although they were a little dirty, Zhou Yu could tell at a glance that they were this year’s new design, the kind that you couldn’t buy even if you had the money.

She immediately guessed that the person was Qin Jiaojiao. Seeing the sweet, beautiful pair of sandals, Zhou Yu’s eyes filled with jealousy.

When Zhou Yu lifted her head, she plastered on a smile and said to the increasingly lovable Qin Jiaojiao before her, “Jiaojiao, so it really was you. I thought I saw wrong at first. What’s the matter?”

Qin Jiaojiao didn’t notice anything wrong with Zhou Yu as she pulled the girl’s arm like usual and said warmheartedly, “Older sister Yu, I thought I heard wrong just now, so I came over to take a look with Second brother. I didn’t expect that it was really you.”

Qin Jiaojiao looked surprised and pouted prettily. She truly had the charm of being the youngest daughter of the family.

Zhou Yu furrowed her brows and subtly looked over in Qin Yi’s direction. Seeing that she had her eyes closed, she inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.

When she saw Qin Hanmo, Zhou Yu became dazed.

The Qin family had great genes. Both their sons had inherited the beautiful faces of their parents and were extremely good looking. Qin Yi also somewhat resembled her father; those beautiful phoenix eyes were completely inherited from Qin Mian.


Qin Jiaojiao, on the other hand, was quite unexpected. Although she was considered pretty, she could only be called a little beauty, at most. Far from being called a big beauty and even further from a woman of unmatched beauty, she completely hated girls who were prettier than her.


Fortunately for her, Qin Jiaojiao was fully aware that she was lacking in her looks, so she supplemented it with her temperament. Her weak and gentle disposition allowed her to increase her charm by a large margin.


Qin Hanmo inherited half of his looks from his father and half from his mother. He was handsome, had a sunny disposition, and a pair of phoenix eyes that were fiery and passionate.

After Zhou Yu met him once, she immediately liked this big sunshine boy. Although her target had shifted to Qin Yi, seeing Qin Hanmo at this moment still left her in a daze.

This was exactly the effect Qin Jiaojiao wanted. She chuckled and whispered into Zhou Yu’s ear, “Big sister Yu, it’s time to return to your senses.”

Her simple tease instantly made Zhou Yu regain her senses.

She suddenly felt somewhat guilty and coughed dryly as she asked, “Jiaojiao, is anything the matter?”

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