Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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The bright light illuminated the corner and attracted everyone’s eyes towards her.

With one look, everyone discovered that the newly joined youth had such breathtaking features. They were clearly in a dirty and messy place, but the youth was still so graceful, like a young noble from the ancient eras that had stepped through time.

Qin Yi sat down on the ground casually and looked at the zombie blood on her shirt with disgust.

Zhou Yu pulled Qiu Chuxue over to Qin Yi and sat down. Seeing that Qin Yi had no reaction, she carefully inched closer to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi closed her eyes to rest. The surroundings were quiet, and they would occasionally hear the roar of zombies outside of the gas station.

The gas station was so confined that they were able to hear the slightest of movements; for example, the repeated grumbling sounds.

No one could blame one another. The majority of the people inside the gas station had escaped in a panic and brought very little ration. They had to conserve and ration the food; otherwise, they might starve to death before they reached the rescue district. Then there were also the people that did not bring any food.

At this time, Zhou Yu arrogantly waved towards Qiu Chuxue. “Ah Xue, I’m hungry. Bring some food for me.”

Zhou Yu was, in reality, not hungry, but being able to bring food out was a plus to her vanity, especially in front of the proud Qin Jiaojiao. She was constantly suppressed by Qin Jiaojiao and had now finally turned the tables. She felt extremely elated at this.

Qiu Chuxue frowned. “Ah Yu, we don’t have a lot of food. It’s better to save some.”

Zhou Yu became impatient and retorted, “I already told you to give it to me, so just give it to me. What’s with those words?”

Since Qin Yi was beside them, Zhou Yu had lowered her voice. Seeing that Qiu Chuxue remained unmoved, she snatched the bag from her.

She opened the bag that contained some bread, instant noodles, and a few bags of ham sausage.

Zhou Yu puckered her lips. The Zhou Family was considered a big and respected family in S-City, where she had always been pampered since young. Her food and clothes were of the finest quality and she never had to touch such low-quality food, but now, she no longer had a choice.

Zhou Yu chose a ham sausage and gorged it down happily, causing countless others around her to salivate.


Qiu Chuxue sighed, for her companion was being too conspicuous. She was unable to advise her, however.

Qin Yi kept her eyes closed, but the corners of her mouth formed a small curve.

The Qin family huddled in another corner of the gas station.

The already 40-years-old Qin Mian had his wife in his bosom. Despite his age, he was still very good looking, with a pair of sharp eyes, and people even believed that he might be 30-years-old.

Sun Zhilan was also very beautiful, and her delicate looks made others have a desire to protect her.

Qin Hanyu and Qin Hanmo huddled around Qin Jiaojiao and provided her warmth. Qin Hanmo gently caressed her head and asked in concern, “Jiaojiao, are you alright? Are you cold?”

Qin Jiaojiao shook her head weakly and replied warmly, “Second brother, I’m fine.”

The weather in the apocalypse was unusual. They were clearly in the hot season, but the temperature had dipped down and turned extremely cold.

More grumbling sounds came out as Qin Jiaojiao lowered her head in embarrassment. Sun Zhilan spoke up, “Jiaojiao, are you hungry? Come here, mummy has some chocolate here. You can have some first.”

The family had left in a panic, and she had only grabbed onto a few pieces of chocolate. Their daughter had been spoilt since young and never suffered before. She was willing to go hungry rather than let her children suffer.


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