Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Arriving At Z City

The person who was being questioned was a potbellied, middle-aged man. When he saw Lin Qings clear face, clean and neat clothes, and full spirit, his eyes gleamed with a strange light. He maintained a jovial expression and replied, "Yes, there is a base here. Its right in front, brother. Youre from S-City? Im from S-City too, my names Xu Yan, but if you want to enter the base, every person needs to hand over 4 catties of rice."

With that said, Xu Yan turned to look at Lin Qings land rover. If he had not guessed wrongly, there were people inside.

Lin Qing frowned and had a look of difficulty, as though vexed by the need to hand food over.

Seeing that, a trace of disdain flashed in Xu Yans eyes. When he saw how neat the man was, he thought that they would be loaded. By the looks of it now, he was also a poor man.

Since there were no benefits to be gained, Xu Yan decided not to waste any more time on this guy. He could use the time to look for more supplies.

"Alright, if theres nothing else, Im off." With that said, Xu Yan left.

Lin Qing remained jovial and warm even after someone rolled his eyes at him as he returned to the car.

In the car, Lin Qing turned and watched as the youth fed the Boss. His mouth started twitching as he spoke up, "Boss, I got some news. The base is right ahead, but if we want to enter, every single one of us has to give up 4 catties of rice each."

Yun Huan did not reply, only feeding a strawberry to the youth beside him. He smiled in satisfaction after watching the youth swallow it down and caressed the youths soft, black hair before placing his attention on Lin Qing.

"Right, we can afford 4 catties of rice. Lets go, its time to find a place to settle down."

Lin Qing was not happy despite receiving his attention. He watched as Boss pinched the youths face again and wanted to stab his eyes out. Mother, this performance over the past three months had become even more severe! If not for the fact that they knew he treated Yiyi as a younger brother, he would think that Boss was truly gay.

Lin Qing was worried that many people in the base might mistake them for gays. He thought to warn his Boss to be careful, but when he saw the boss cold peach eyes, he did not say a single word.

Upon hearing that they were approaching Z-City, Qin Yi pushed away the strawberries that Yun Huan passed over. Her cold phoenix eyes had a hint of laughter, "Are we finally here? 4 catties of rice arent much, Ill prepare them now."

In the three months of traveling, Qin Yi had grown much taller. Maybe it was due to the previous flu, which prevented her body from fully developing. In the last three months, she nourished herself and trained hard, her height naturally following the direction of her body.

She was originally as tall as Wang Wenwen but was now almost 1.7 meters tall, and it looked like she still had space to grow. Although 1.7 meters was tall for a girl, it was considered to be short for guys. Fortunately, with Xiao Lans tricks, Qin Yi was about 1.73 meters tall.

However, she was still short compared to the 1.88-meter-tall Yun Huan. Still, she was very healthy now, with a pleasant glow to her face, all of the paleness that had been present when they first met now gone.

This made Yun Huan feel extremely accomplished, and it made Lin Qing and the others happy as well, causing them to feed her even more.

In fact, the time that passed between going from S-City to Z-city was not too long and they even had a car now. They had chosen to take the longest route to train themselves further and the fruits of their labor was evident. In the three months, all of their personal strengths had risen, Lin Bai and Lin Qing having even awakened their abilities. Lin Bai was a gold user, Lin Qing was an earth user, and Wang Wenwen was a wood ability user.

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