Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Wang Qins Death

Wang Wenwen wanted to continue chatting with her prince charming, but all of a sudden, a figure rushed towards them with subtle cold light.

Qin Yis eyes turned frosty. She quickly stepped in front of Wang Wenwen and was about to grab onto the incoming person.

However, in an instant, a person went in front of Qin Yi and a chilling knife stabbed that person in the heart.

After the fog of blood dispersed, Qin Yis eyes widened as she caught the falling Wang Qin. Both of her hands pressed against Wang Qins chest and she retrieved a medicine to stop the bleeding from the Origin Space, pouring it onto Wang Qin.

Wang Wenwen saw Wang Qins body covered in blood and screamed, "Mom, mom, dont scare me!"

She cried as she pounced onto Wang Qin and raised her tear stained face. Then she looked at Aunty Yang with deep hatred in her eyes, asking her, "Why did you do this? Why?"

Aunty Yang laughed hysterically and looked at Wang Qin, drowning in the pool of blood. A crazy smile appeared on her face, "Die, bitch, die! Die! Youre finally dying! Big brother Si will finally be mine, hahaha!"

Qin Yi was enraged, an unconcealable iciness and murderous intent present in her phoenix eyes. "Youre courting death."

Qin Yi formed an ice arrow and shot it towards Aunty Yang. The ice arrow had a faint ice blue color it was beautiful, so dreamy, but it killed Aunty Yang in an instant.

Blood flowed out of the corners of Wang Qins mouth, her injury severe and the knife having pierced her heart directly. No matter how amazing Qin Yis medicine was, it wouldnt be able to save her, not unless there was a grade four healing ability user nearby.

Wang Wenwen trembled as she touched Wang Qins face. She couldnt comprehend the situation; her mother was just sleeping next to her last night, how did she end up like this? She didnt want it to end like this, her mother was her last family member and she didnt want her mother to leave her.

"Mom, mom, dont leave me. Dont leave me alone here," Wang Wenwen cried out like an injured animal.

Qin Yis eyes were frosty she still couldnt change Wang Wenwens fate in this life?

When Yun Huan and the others, who were busy packing in the other room, rushed downstairs, it was already too late. Other than the dead Aunty Yang, Qin Yi was holding onto Wang Qin who was covered in blood.

Yun Huan knitted his brows together and saw the unyielding expression on the young mans face, his heart aching slightly.

Yun Huan walked over and held the young mans blood-stained hand in his own fair hand; the red and white colors were piercing to Qin Yis eyes.

Coughing, Wang Qin said, "Wen, Wenwen, dont cry," speaking laboriously as she looked at her daughter.

Wang Wenwens tears kept flowing as she shouted, "Mom, mom!"

"I was the one who let Aunt, Aunty Yang out, I deserve all of thid. Im begging you to send to send Wenwen to Z-City, find find someone called Gu Jingzhou and hand Wenwen Wenwen over to him. I know I have schemed but but seeing that Im dying please, please promise me."

It was very hard for Wang Qin to speak, feeling an intense pain with every word she spoke, but she kept going as she spoke to Qin Yi. She sensed that this young man would be kind to Wenwen, even though she didnt know why, and she would be most at ease if she handed Wenwen to Qin Yi.

Qin Yi pursed her lips, looking slightly pale at the moment. She knew that Aunty Wang had schemed and she could have stopped Aunty Yang just now, Aunty Wang didnt have to block that for her.

Qin Yi closed her eyes and found her own voice again. Finally, she agreed.


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