Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 130

Chapter 130 : Action

Qin Yi was annoyed by the turn of the conversation and moved forward to suppress Aunty Yang with her aura. "You want people to fall for you, but no one likes you."

Aunty Yangs jealousy and envy could not escape Qin Yis eyes.

Aunty Yangs old face turned red and the expression in her eyes changed. One look and anyone could tell that Qin Yi had hit the right chords.

Aunty Yang was indeed jealous, jealous of Wang Qin. Wang Qins husband, Wang Si, was the most handsome man of the village. The three grew up as childhood friends, with both Wang Qin and her fancying Wang Si. Who could have known that Wang Si would choose Wang Qin in the end?

She naturally refused to see reason. Wang Qin was just slightly prettier than her, but that was the only difference between them. She was more capable and multiple times better than the delicate Wang Qin.

At that time, Boss Fan wanted an informant and gave plenty of benefits, naturally moving her. Who knew that Boss Fan would actually fancy Wang Qins slut daughter, the child of the woman who stole all of her dreams away. Aunty Yang naturally hated her even more.

After going against her for so many years, how could she let go of this good of an opportunity?

She stared at Qin Yi hatefully, "What bullshit are you talking about, did you not have any proper upbringing? Dont tell me you fancy this little slut as well, protecting her like this."

Qin Yis eyes turned cold and her glare emitted a bone chilling intent. "Are you saying that I do not have any upbringing? I cant tell if youve had plenty of upbringing either, to open up other peoples bags like this."

Qin Yi pointed to the bread in her hands and continued, "All of that is our food, so how are you going to compensate for it?"

Aunty Yangs hand trembled for a moment, an embarrassed look on her face. But she quickly became bold and stared right at Qin Yi, "So what, we just ate a bit of your stuff. We are all of the same nation, you cant just watch us starve to death."

Qin Yi became so pissed, she started laughing. It was impossible to eat her things for nothing, she was not a kind soul. If someone ate her things, they had to pay for it.

Qin Yi took out a dagger that gleamed with a cold light. Qin Yi enjoyed fast and decisive battles and struck quickly. Aunty Yang only felt a burst of pain in her hand as blood splattered all out, realizing that her right hand now had two less fingers.

Aunty Yang screamed in pain, "My hand, my hand!"

Qin Yi looked at her coldly, indifference shining in her beautiful phoenix eyes. "This is just a lesson, all of you get out or dont blame me for being nasty."

Was her temper so good nowadays? Why else would people find trouble with her recently?

Wang Wenwen watched the entire scene coldly, not speaking up for any of them.

All the villagers were frightened by Qin Yi and no longer dared to stay behind. They were afraid that this person was a second Boss Fan.

They left quickly, not caring about Aunty Yang, who was crying on the ground.

Aunty Yangs eyes were shooting poison, "You brute, return my fingers to me!"

Qin Yi glared at her coldly. She detested people calling her brute because as an illegitimate daughter, she had constantly been scolded by others and called a little brute.

"Alright, Ill pay you back," Qin Yi glanced at her coldly, causing all the hairs on Aunty Yangs back to stand up in attention.

Aunty Yang was not a foolish person., When she saw the ruthlessness and ferocity between Qin Yis brows, she knew that this youth was a person she could hate but never offend. She started to feel afraid.

Another burst of blood came out as Aunty Yang rolled on the floor in pain. Her other hand was left with three fingers as well.

Yun Huan sighed and walked over to pat the youth on her back, "Alright, stop fooling around."

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