Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Prince Charming

Lin Qing, who had reaped what he sowed, stayed quiet.

Dont do that Boss. When Lin Qing thought about the scene that would occur when Chuchu found out that he liked her, Lin Qing trembled.

Seeing that Lin Qing was silent, the iciness around Yun Huan dissipated.

Flirting, huh? Indeed, he needed to change this habit.

Wang Wenwen had gained some courage and finally pressed down. It was bright red before her eyes but she felt at ease because she knew that she would live on and survive in this apocalypse.

Qin Yi rewarded Wang Wenwen with a small touch on her face and smiled, "Well done."

Wang Wenwen blushed due to the praise what should she do, she couldnt take it anymore. She decided that this person would be her prince charming from that day forward.

After getting rid of Boss Fan, everything went smoothly. Poison ability users could kill people very easily but Boss Fan was muddled by the charms of women.

Wang Wenwen followed Qin Yi and walked over to Yun Huan. The young man tilted his head and smiled, "Reporting to big brother Huan, mission accomplished."

Such a lively young man made the iciness in Yun Huans eyes disappear, replying, "En, good job."

Indeed, he was still a child and needed a reward. With that in mind, Yun Huan touched the young mans soft hair again.

"What should we do next?" Lin Qing interrupted Yun Huans actions, unable to handle Boss showing off time and time again.

Yun Huan paused, placed his coat around Qin Yi, and let a single word slip out of his thin lips.


Not long after, Lin Bai and the other two people arrived.

Qin Yi raised her brows how did these three know that they were here?

In the past, they could communicate using phones but all communication devices were useless now, so it seemed like they had a special way of communicating between them.

Yun Huan could sense the young mans confusion, "We have our own method of communication, we will tell you about it later."

Qin Yi nodded and didnt pay attention to it anymore. Turning to Lin Bai, she asked, "Big Bai, have you guys found where the supplies were located?"

Lin Bai smiled, warmth in his eyes as he knocked on Qin Yis head, " Ive told you, you have to call me big brother Big Bai."

Qin Yis mouth twitched. She appeared young right now but her real age was five to six years older than them. She really couldnt bring herself to call him big brother, so why did these guys insist upon it, huh?

Wang Wenwen was starry-eyed. Gentle seme and unyielding uke? Why was her prince charming so cute?

Chu Mohe sensed that Wang Wenwen was unusual and wrinkled his nose, pouting as he complained, "Coconut, Coconut, that womans gaze is so scary."

As he spoke, he couldnt help but lean closer to Du Ruan.

Du Ruans face was serious as he reassured him, "Chu He, dont be afraid. Mom said that all women are beasts, but Ill protect you."

The beasts eyes became brighter- ferocious seme and cute uke! This was heaven to her.

Qin Yi held her forehead, really wanting to tell this young lady to stop.

"Alright, I wont tease you anymore. Guess where those things are?" Lin Bai said.

Qin Yi thought about it for a moment, able to figure it out easily. This Boss Fan was really careful, huh?

"Its here, isnt it?"

The warm smile was still on Lin Bais face as he nodded his head, "Youre right."

The love-stricken Wang Wenwen was still confused as to what they were talking about.

Whats here? Is there anything here?

When Qin Yi dug out boxes of guns and ammunition from another room, Wang Wenwen finally realized what they were referring to.

Qin Yi counted a total of four boxes; there were 30 pistols and over a dozen small bombs, with the rest of the supplies being all bullets. Overall, it was a pretty good harvest.

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