Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Show Off

Hearing what Lin Qing said, Wang Wenwen blushed furiously. Flirt, she really wanted him to flirt with her, but she knew that she was not good enough for this young man.

Qin Yi smiled innocently and pointed to the door. "Big brother Fox, I dont know what youre talking about. Im only here to save her. Why would you think that Im flirting?"

Qin Yi didnt wait for Lin Qing to answer and continued, "Ah, I know, big brother Fox, its not your fault that nobody likes you. Its not spring now. Why are you thinking about this nonsense?"

Lin Qing was stunned then he clenched his teeth in anger nobody liked him? He was talented and handsome. Why wouldnt anyone like him? The number of girls who wooed him could form a line all the way out of the imperial capital.

But seeing how innocent Qin Yi looked, he couldnt refute and merely ruffled the young mans hair. When he saw that his soft black hair was messed up, he was satisfied and stopped.

"Ha, looks like youre really bored, Fox. Youre becoming restless even before spring. Since this is the case, you shall move all the supplies back by yourself."

Yun Huan, who came in, saw Lin Qing messing up the young mans hair and his pupils constricted. The air around him became colder.

Lin Qing froze, then his face fell as he looked at Yun Huan like he wanted to cry, but when he sensed the iciness in Yun Huans eyes, Lin Qing swallowed his words.

Forget it, he couldnt afford to offend Boss, who had a little brother complex, and even more so when Boss treated his younger brother like a girlfriend.

Why are your hands so despicable? Why did you have to rub Qin Yis head? Great, now he could only hope that Boss doesnt remember him as a groper.

Qin Yi curled her lips when she saw how unlucky Lin Qing was, and this made Lin Qing grind his teeth in anger. This fella was doing it on purpose.

Yun Huan entered, his handsome countenance was slightly icy and when he saw the young mans messy hair, he pursed his lips. Yun Huan walked over to the young man who looked exceptionally well-behaved and reached out to neaten his messy hair.

He pinched the young mans soft and tender face. "You cant simply let anyone touch your head. You must remember this."

Sure enough, it was incredibly soft as expected. It was just that he was a little skinny and still needed to be nourished more.

Yun Huan placed his hand down calmly and touched the young mans head again. His low voice had a tinge of gentleness. "Of course, other than me."

A certain Fox who was ignored felt very hurt. He really had no love anymore. He wasnt bacteria. Why must Boss dislike him so much?

A certain girl who was also ignored was turning completely red from the scene before her a dominant and a submissive, this scene was too perfect.

When Qin Yi sensed Wang Wenwens blazing hot gaze, she held her forehead helplessly. She almost forgot that Wang Wenwen was a yaoi fan. But she and Yun Huans behavior was somewhat intimate now, so Qin Yi couldnt blame her either.

After so many days together, she realized that the invincible young emperor didnt really know how to get along with people. His EQ was a bit low too. No wonder he was never close to women. Qin Yi seriously suspected that this person didnt understand a womans feelings at all. It wasnt that he didnt want to get close to any woman.

"I got it, big brother Huan," Qin Yi promised.

Qin Yi was so obedient, which made Yun Huans mood improve. He rewarded Qin Yi with another pinch on the face, then rubbed Qin Yis head like he was showing off. "How obedient."

Lin Qing: ""

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