Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A Gentleman

Chapter 123: A Gentleman

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Qin Yi could also sense that the person in her embrace had calmed down and she raised her brows. "How long are you going to hug me for? Hurry up, get off."

This person may be a girl but hugging like that wasnt too good either. Qin Yi could already feel the girls soft chest against her own and Qin Yi was a guy at this moment, ah.

Wang Wenwen was relieved at this moment; she could hear the concern in this young mans voice, and he didnt discriminate against her.

She cried hard just now and was still sobbing and sniffling at this moment. The young lady let go and moved away slightly, she stared at Qin Yi with her beautiful watery eyes and sobbed as she asked, "You, are you my most valuable treasure? You rode on a colorful cloud and came to rescue me."

Qin Yis mouth twitched but there was still a sparkly smile in her eyes. This girl hadnt changed at all. She had a white lotus face but was still a funny and tough girl.

"Why dont you give it a guess?" Qin Yis lips curved into a smile, her beautiful phoenix eyes were glistening brighter than the shiniest gems and Wang Wenwen was stunned once again this young man was really handsome.

When Qin Yi saw that Wang Wenwen was dumbfounded, she laughed and shook her head in her heart. She knew this girl very well and her favorite was pretty boys.

Qin Yi took the chance when she was in a daze to walk to the door and gently locked the door. Then, she gently reminded Wang Wenwen and coughed. "Please get yourself dressed."

Then, she removed the coat and tossed it to Wang Wenwen before she turned around.

Wang Wenwen took the coat and instinctively lowered her head when she heard Qin Yis words. Then, she realized that Boss Fan had torn up her clothes badly. Even her white bra was exposed. Her fair skin could even be seen.

Wang Wenwen blushed. Qin Yi had covered her with the blanket just now, but it only covered her back. Her front was still exposed. When she recalled how she hugged Qin Yi like that, Wang Wenwen really wanted to bury her head in a hole.

She had never been so intimate with the opposite sex before. Even for someone so cheeky, her face was completely red at this moment.

But when she saw that Qin Yi had turned around, a warmth flowed across Wang Wenwens heart. Such gentlemanly behavior warmed up her cold heart.

The young mans scent still lingered on the coat; it was very faint but smelled very nice. Wang Wenwen put on the coat then glanced at the young man who was only wearing a long-sleeved top.

"That, thank you for saving me."

Qin Yi turned around with her hands casually placed in her pockets, her black hair hanging down lazily and seemed very elegant and noble.

"Dont need to thank me, we made a deal with your mother. This was what we agreed to."


When Wang Wenwen heard about her mother, she asked excitedly, "My mother? Is my mother alright?"

Qin Yi nodded. "Aunty Wang is fine; shes waiting for us outside. Ill bring you over later."

Wang Wenwens lips trembled. "Thank you, thank you so much. My name is Wang Wenwen. Just call me Wenwen."

"Qin Yi." Qin Yi told the young lady her name.

Qin Yi, Qin Yi Wang Wenwen recited this name in her heart a few times. She thought that this young mans name was really nice.

"Hey, Yiyi, youre too much. Boss asked you to save someone, but you came to flirt, huh?" Lin Qing came in and saw the young lady looking at Qin Yi with blushing cheeks.

With one more person in the room all of a sudden, Wang Wenwen nearly screamed but after hearing what Lin Qing said, she realized that he was with the young man.

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