Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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Qin Yi was like an enchanting siren that wielded a beauty capable of captivating men, only to drag the other party to the depths of hell in the split second that they lost themselves.


Zhou Yu was undoubtedly captivated by her.

Qiu Chuxue, on the other hand, trembled. She felt that there was something different about Qin Yi, but she was unable to make sense of it.

Nevertheless, she felt that Qin Yi was a good person, despite looking cold. Her eyes were clear, unlike the greedy scum inside the shop; hence, she was willing to trust her.

Qin Yi left the shopping center, unaware of how long she had stayed. The sky was already dark and prevented her from differentiating between humans and zombies.

She calculated the distance and realized she would be meeting her adorable younger sister soon.

It was close to midday, with a few lingering zombies on the street. Qin Yi wielded her big knife and dealt with them one by one.


Fortunately, although Zhou Yu was deadly afraid of the zombies, she was tactful and held her mouth, preventing herself from making any sounds.

If what had transpired in the shopping mall had given her a ray of hope, the situation outside allowed her to see reality. This made her even more certain about her decision to follow Qin Yi, as she was able to see Qin Yi’s strength. So long as she tagged along, she would be worry-free about clothes and food.

There was only one way to stay with Qin Yi, and that was to become ‘his’ woman and have ‘him’ fall in love with her. This would allow her life in the apocalypse to be more smooth sailing.


Qin Yi was ignorant of Zhou Yu’s decision about her, as she was only focused on meeting the Qin family.


Unaware of how long she had walked, Qin Yi only reached her goal when they arrived at a gas station, and more and more zombies appeared.

In her previous life when the apocalypse happened, she stayed home alone with extreme worry over the safety of Qin Jiaojiao and her family. She ended up risking her own life to look for the Qin Family, only to find the entire house empty.

At that time, she figured that they were out looking for her and rushed back in a hurry, sustaining a wound from the zombies along the way.

When she found the apartment empty upon returning, she decided to move and search for them, unable to stop herself from worrying.

She encountered the Qin family at the gas station, and this was where her misfortune began. During her period of captivity, she constantly wondered what would have happened if she had never encountered them. Would her life have turned out the same?


She was ecstatic upon finding them, but when they saw the wound she had sustained from the zombie, they scolded her and forbade her from approaching them.

When she broke out in a high fever, they ignored her and abandoned her the very next morning.


Upon waking up, she discovered that she had gained water abilities and was able to kill zombies easily with water arrows. She chased after them, and upon seeing her abilities, they apologized to her earnestly and expressed their regrets.


She thought that her efforts had finally moved them and that they had accepted her, not knowing that she had taken the route of no return.

Now she was back at the turning point but with a new life.

When Qin Yi strolled in, it was dim inside but not extremely dark. Someone was holding a compact fluorescent lamp that weakly dispersed the darkness.

With a glance, Qin Yi immediately recognized the people by the light. Her father, Qin Mian; her stepmother, Sun Zhilan; her eldest brother, Qin Hanyu; second brother, Qin Hanmo; and Qin Jiaojiao. The entire Qin family was here.

The gas station was not big, but there were many people inside. Aside from the Qin family of five, there were three other families. When Qin Yi entered, many eyes immediately turned to her.

Zhou Yu’s sharp eyes saw Qin Jiaojiao, and she immediately shouted, “Jiaojiao, you’re here as well!”


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