Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 115

Chapter 115 Convicts

After speaking, Wang San glanced at the woman, Wang Qin.

Wang Qin was in her early forties, but she was very beautiful. Although she was slightly wan and sallow now, she had retained most of her good looks.

At this moment, Wang Sans heart began to itch. He had a sinister smile on his face as he pinched Wang Qins breasts. If not for the timing, he would have pounced on her long ago.

Wang Qin was in pain, her heart filled with shame and resentment. She once had a happy and wonderful family of three but the world had changed overnight and there were human-eating monsters everywhere.

Her loving husband was beaten to death by a monster, all while trying to protect her and her daughter. She was inconsolable and wanted to die with her husband but couldnt bear to leave behind her 17-year-old daughter.

As the old saying goes: when it rains, it pours. Before they could even escape, a group of violent convicts arrived at their village. They had guns and weapons, and the villagers who had survived had to obey their orders.

What made Wang Qin break down was that the head of this group actually fancied her daughter. Her daughter was beautiful, yes, but she was her precious daughter. So for the sake of her daughter, Wang Qin had no choice but to do these lawless deeds.

The group had dangerous medicine in their hands and whenever someone came into the village, they would make her follow them secretly. After she ascertained the situation, she had to put the medicine into the water they drank, and then kill them and steal their food.

The group of people were convicts who had already been sentenced to death but because of the apocalypse, they managed to escape. They were vicious and merciless; including this group today, three batches of people had fallen into their hands already.

When Wang Qin thought about the imposing and good-looking young man she saw today, a small burst of guilt flashed through her heart. He was such a handsome young man and seemed to be around the same age as her daughter, but it was going to be hard to escape this calamity.

However, when she thought about her daughter, still waiting for her, Wang Qins heart firmed up slightly. She would go to hell in the future if she had to, take on all the sins that were required, as long as her daughter was safe and could live on.

Wang Sans lips curled when he saw Wang Qin in a daze. He looked at her with slight disdain if not for her slightly good looks, he wouldnt have fancied her, since she was so old. But he didnt have a choice now. The younger and prettier one was given to Boss to enjoy and they could only have what was left.

"Alright, get in there, this is urgent."

After Wang San spoke, he went straight to the door, Wang Qin following him in silence.

Wang San took out a thin piece of wire, and in just a moment, the door was opened. A hint of happiness flashed in Wang Sans eyes.

He was a master of opening locks, even high-tech locks unable to stop him, not to mention this little lock.

Wang San pushed open the door right away and entered ostentatiously. He thought that Qin Yi and the others were already dead.

So when he saw Qin Yi and the others waiting for them in the living room, he was shocked, his jaw dropping to the floor. He could sense that something was wrong and wanted to run away.

Lin Qing already knew that this fella was going to flee and quickly took a few steps forward to stop him, grabbing the whistle off of his neck.

He chuckled as he looked at Wang San and played with a whistle in his hand, "Why are you running, huh? Its not like weve done anything to you."

Wang San had a bitter expression on his face. He didnt expect that to fail today, let alone get caught.

He lifted his head and glanced at the few people in the house. Whether it was this man before him who was talking, that young man with an icy expression, or even that teenager on the sofa who was looking at him languidly, his intuition told him that these people were not to be messed with.

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