Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Change

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Wu Yue nodded his head and replied, "En, we are going to A City."

Qin Yi chuckled. "I have to advise you not to go. We just came from A City and you guys might not know this, but A City is filled with zombies. We barely escaped with our lives intact."

When Kong Cui heard that Wu Yue was about to head to a zombie-infested area, her face immediately flushed with fear. The group of people turned silent, but their trembling bodies betrayed their silence and revealed their frame of mind.

They have not forgotten about the man-eating monsters. Their village was originally a hundred people strong, but they were left with less than 30. The reason for that was because of the man-eating monsters.

They barely escaped and did not want to face those monsters again.

Wu Yue looked at Kong Cui with difficulty as a look of helplessness appeared on his face. "Even if there are many zombies there, we have to go. That is the order passed down to us by our superiors. We have to complete it."

With that said, Wu Yue turned and looked at Kong Cui. "If you want to follow us, then come. We dont even know if we can return alive, but we will do our best to keep you safe."

Qin Yi saw that Wu Yue was determined and shrugged her shoulders. "Since Commander is determined to go, we cant do anything. I wish you good luck."

The youth gave a look of pity, but the black phoenix eyes hid a hint of laughter.

She and Wu Yue had met a couple of times and conversed in her previous life. She was aware that he was not an inflexible and stubborn man. Although he was a soldier, he was quick-witted and although he was acting just and upright in front of the people, he would not use his own life to protect them.

When Qin Yi finished speaking, Kong Cui, who was hooting about earlier, had a change of heart and her face immediately became kinder. "No, no need for that. We are just ordinary people. We wont follow and become your burdens."

"Aiya, previously we were too afraid. Thinking about it now, we cannot become your soldiers burden. You are the hope of our country, we cannot implicate you guys."

Kong Cui gave a dry laugh as her face creased with lines, making her look like a chrysanthemum.

Wu Yue gave a sigh. "If thats the case, fine. We wanted for you guys to come with us but if you guys insist to walk, so be it."

"Qian Duowen, take some food for the sister and the rest of them." Wu Yue ordered Qian Duowen, who was laughing at one side.

Qian Duowen complied happily and rushed to the vehicle to grab some food. As long as these people did not follow them, having less food was fine.

The soldier was not foolish and instead also extremely smart. He knew that it was worth it.

In the end, Kong Cui and the group took a few big bags of food and walked in another direction.

Once they were gone, Wu Yue thanked Qin Yi. "Little brother, thank you."

He could feel that the youth was extending help to him. The soldiers could not fight or drive them away and could only enforce with words. If the villagers were persistent in following them, it would be extremely tiring and a headache for Wu Yue.

It had to be said, the youths plan was great and also opened the doors for him.

What Qin Yi did not know that her help today would create another old fox that would not lose out to Lin Qing.

Qin Yi raised an eyebrow and smiled, her phoenix eyes contained a trace of satisfaction and relaxed mood. "Commander, you dont have to thank me. The more you say, the more Ill think that you have fallen for me."

The youths eyes were filled with unreasonable flattery. This peevish influence was something that all the new recruits had. Wu Yue suddenly felt itchy inside.

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