Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 108

Chapter 108 Fancied Yun Huan

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However, when they were in danger, they only knew how to charge in front of the soldiers and ask for help. It wasnt that the soldiers didnt want to protect them, but these people were holding them back.

Qian Duowen remembered that the previous group of survivors that they rescued was like that. He already told them that there was danger in front of them and they shouldnt go over. They were stubborn and didnt listen. They thought that this group of soldiers was fooling them. In the end, in order to save this group of survivors, their team lost over a dozen people.

Even so, that group of survivors still blamed them. After that incident, the company commander no longer allowed these survivors to travel with them anymore. Although not all survivors were like this, Qian Duowen still didnt want to sacrifice any more comrade-in-arms.

Kong Cui cried louder and louder. "God, look at this group of vicious soldiers. They actually dont want to save us. How are you guys going to sleep at night? Here we are, worried and scared with nothing to eat or drink, yet you guys eat well and drink plenty. God will punish you guys someday; you will be struck by lightning."

Wu Yues face turned colder. His eyes were filled with lethargy and he continued to let Kong Cui cause trouble, but he wouldnt change his mind. "I will not let you guys follow us. Its no use no matter how much noise you make. You guys better get moving to Z City rather than remain stuck here."

Kong Cuis cries came to an abrupt end and she stared straight at Wu Yue, almost charging up to him to fight.

Qin Yi recognized Wu Yue. This person was a clear stream among the soldiers; the team he led didnt care about power or fame. They truly wanted to help the people.

A person like that was worthy of Qin Yis admiration, but not worthy for her to learn from him. She was selfish and she definitely couldnt sacrifice her teammates for strangers.

The village chief went forward and stood next to his daughter. The little girl in braids was around the age of seven or eight, but the arrogance in her eyes was very unsettling for one to look at.

"Look, Xiangxiang is still so little. How could you guys bear to send a young child to her death?"

The little girl looked at Wu Yue and pointed at his military uniform. "Arent you guys soldiers? Daddy told me since I was little that soldiers have to work for the people. Why arent you guys saving us now?"

She was merely seven or eight years old, but her supposedly sweet-sounding voice was very sharp and even a little unkind.

Wu Yues patience had reached its limit. When he couldnt take it any longer, he suddenly heard a clear voice.

"You guys are so loud. Arent you all afraid of attracting the zombies, huh?"

Wu Yue turned his head and saw a young man standing there, staring at them. Then, a few people walked out behind the young man.

It seemed like they were survivors as well, Wu Yue thought to himself.

When Qin Yi and the others came closer, Wu Yue was surprised. These peoples clothes were clean, and their faces were flushed.

Wu Yue sized them up subtly and knew that these few people were not to be messed with. They were strong, especially that young man in the middle with a frosty expression. Wu Yue could feel a threat from him.

Qin Yi saw that Wu Yue kept staring at Yun Huan and she smirked, then snapped her fingers. "Theres no use in staring at big brother Huan this way. Our big brother Huan is straight and wont fall for you, oh."

Wu Yue returned to his senses. When he heard what Qin Yi said, he shifted his gaze immediately and explained, "I do not think of him that way. Im straight too."

This young man was very good looking, and Wu Yue realized that everyone in this group was quite good looking. Especially that young man just now and this person before him.

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