Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 106

Chapter 106 Soldiers And Survivors

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Qin Yi opened her beautiful phoenix eyes that still had drowsiness in them. She closed and opened them again, revealing full clarity.

Yun Huan sensed that the person beside him was awake and extended his hand to the youths forehead to check for fever.

Qin Yi yawned, looked around with her phoenix eyes, and asked drowsily, "Brother Yun, whats going on outside?"

Yun Huan looked out the window indifferently. "Lin Qing went out to get information outside. As of now, we dont know whats going on."

Lin Qing returned right at this time.

Lin Qing entered the car and rubbed his hands together. "I went to check it out. Two strangers are quarreling ahead. One seems to be soldiers that are out to gather supplies, the other seems to be the villagers from nearby. The villagers want the soldiers to bring them away, but the soldiers are reluctant to do so. Now they are stuck in a stalemate."

Lin Qings tone clearly contained schadenfreude.


Qin Yi was not surprised; such a matter was very common. It occurred many times in her previous life as well just after the apocalypse dawned upon them. Many of the leaders brought the soldiers and great quantities of supplies to retreat quickly. In less than a day, various bases were established.

After that, soldiers were ordered to search for supplies and to see if there were any survivors when convenient. Thats right, only at their convenience. Furthermore, even when they encountered said survivors, the soldiers were not ordered to bring them back to the base and only gave the location to the survivors for them to search on their own.

Gathering supplies was the priority for the soldiers and their vehicles had limited space. Bringing survivors back meant giving up a large portion of supplies, which was impossible.

In Qin Yis previous life, the most shameless people were the leaders. They ran faster than everyone else upon encountering danger. They were used to being at the top and used to commanding others with their ranks and continuing being drunk in their position and pleasure.

Of course, not all the base chiefs were as such. Qin Yi had encountered many serious and responsible base chiefs.

But order and ranks were just a pipe dream in the apocalypse. It was not a feasible method to lead as the apocalyptic world belonged to the powerful awakened beings.

Qin Yi had witnessed many of such squabbles between soldiers and survivors. She was not interested, and continued yawning.

Yun Huan did not have any good impression of the soldiers. He raised his sharp eyebrows and ordered Lin Qing, "Well walk over first. We will only drive when they cant see our car."

Yun Huan and the others parked and concealed their car without catching anyones attention.

Qin Yi frowned; this was unlike Yun Huans style. She thought that he would have ordered Lin Qing to charge through.

Yun Huan saw Qin Yis eyes and understood her confusion. He spoke up indifferently. "Its better to lay low for now, since were still weak."

Yun Huan was not blind. Instead, he was extremely collected. His years of experience told him that there were times that being covert first was to explode out as a high-profile being with maximum effect.

Qin Yi smirked. Although she did not say anything, it was clear that she agreed with him.

Qin Yi favored Yun Huans low profile plan. After all, she was the person that enjoyed acting as a pig to eat tigers the most.

Yun Huans suggestion was approved by Lin Bai and the rest as well. It was not time for them to reveal themselves. They had to lay low despite losing a vehicle.

Once the group was out, Qin Yi waved her hand and the car disappeared from its original spot. Everyone suddenly had a bag that carried a few emergency supplies.

Qin Yi and the group chose the national highway amongst the many routes between A City and Z City. They were not in a rush to Z Base and chose a route that passed through many cities, perfect for them to search for more supplies.

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