Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees Young Emperor Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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She didn’t mind having this girl follow her as long as she didn’t cause any trouble.

“Stay at the first and second levels. Don’t go to the others.” Qin Yi spoke to Qiu Chuxue without even turning her head. She gripped her big knife, which was stained with zombies’ blood.

Qiu Chuxue knew that with Qin Yi’s back to her, Qin Yi wouldn’t be able to see her, but she still couldn’t help but nod her head continuously.

She knew that this guy was amazing and didn’t dare go against him. Also, she felt that he was already very nice; she couldn’t be very helpful and only freeloaded on the food.

The first floor was a small supermarket and the second floor was the clothing area. Just these two floors alone were enough for Qiu Chuxue.

Qin Yi hoped that she was an obedient one. If she found out about her secret, Qin Yi would not be soft-hearted. The last thing you can trust during the apocalypse is the human heart.


The second floor was made up of small brands that weren’t very famous and there were fewer people who visited the area, hence the smaller number of zombies. Qin Yi managed to clear them in a short while.

Her goals were the big supermarket on the third floor, the premium apparels on the fourth floor, and the jewelry and precious stones on the fifth floor.


The moment she entered the third floor, Qin Yi realized that there were many more zombies. She quickly beheaded them and wiped them out.

Once Qin Yi finished wiping out the zombies, she didn’t rush to gather her supplies. She looked at her clothes that were stained with zombie blood in disgust.

She retrieved a bright red apple from the Origin Space and used the mineral water from the supermarket to wash it a little before biting into it.


During the later period of the apocalypse, if people saw Qin Yi using precious mineral water to wash her hands and then some fruits, they would definitely curse her with abhorrence.

Water was exceptionally precious during the apocalypse, even more so when the water resources were polluted in the later period of the apocalypse. Mankind could only rely on water ability users to survive.


Qin Yi didn’t care. She was so tense in her previous life, she wasn’t going to treat herself shabbily this time.

The apple, being produced from the Origin Space, was not only much tastier than the ones outside, but it could also quickly replenish physical strength.

After Qin Yi was done eating, she began gathering supplies. She took one-third of everything in the supermarket so that it wouldn’t be too obvious, and it left some supplies for other people too.

If she took every single thing, it would raise suspicions. However, what she was eyeing were the things in the warehouse.

Qin Yi found the entrance to the warehouse and opened the door. A zombie wearing a supermarket uniform immediately opened its mouth widely and revealed its sharp fangs as it tried to bite Qin Yi.

Qin Yi used her big knife to block instantly, causing the female zombie to bite the knife instead. Qin Yi hurriedly formed an ice arrow with her left hand and shot it towards the zombie’s head, hitting the target accurately.

After dealing with the zombie in the warehouse, Qin Yi quickly entered. The electricity only went off at midnight, so most of the things in the warehouse weren’t spoiled yet. Without hesitation, Qin Yi stored all of them in the Origin Space.


Since the warehouse in the Origin Space had preservation abilities, she didn’t have to worry about these things going bad.

After gathering the supplies from the third floor, Qin Yi went to the fourth floor. The fourth floor has all sorts of quality apparels. After she dealt with the zombies, she picked a black shirt and went into the fitting room.


Qin Yi quickly changed her clothes, grabbing different outfits and shoes while she was at it. Of course, she only took one-third of the goods.


The fifth floor consisted of jewelry shops. When Qin Yi arrived, there were fewer zombies, which was expected, since there were usually fewer people in jewelry shops.


Qin Yi finished them off very swiftly. There was quite a lot of jewelry on the fifth floor; these pieces of jewelry that used to have sky-high prices were now left alone.

These things were worthless during the apocalypse. All the jewelry and precious stones from this floor put together would only add up to a bag of biscuits.


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