Losing Money To Be A Tycoon Chapter 426

Chapter 426 Changing Movie Review Rating

Pei Qian realized that many movie reviewers had already written their reviews for Tomorrow is Beautiful while searching on the internet.

That was reasonable. There were not many good movies released recently, and these film reviewers were also eagerly waiting. They had to see a movie with such a high rating.

Pei Qian entered the keywords "Tomorrow is Beautiful and scanned the titles one by one.

"The Triple Meaning Behind Tomorrow is Beautiful "

One look, and this was eliminated.

"What Will Consumerism Bring Us?"

Neither this could be used.

"The Dark Side of Technology in the Eyes of Pessimists"

Still no!

Pei Qian read several film reviews in a row and eliminated them directly from the title.

You could figure out from the words like Triple Meaning, Dark Side of Technology, and Consumerism that they were reviewed after quite a fair amount of thought.

These people were already reading too much into it without him even giving them money!

"Whats in the mind of you film critics?!

"Deep meaning and pessimism again. Cant you all analyze the superficial meaning of this film, its toxicity?"

Pei Qian was speechless and continued to work tirelessly to find the right one.

He was looking for the kind of poor review which had a huge number of likes and responses. The responses would only clearly make the audience realize that the reviews were twisted and hired fake reviewers!

He did not find any valuable comments after turning two or three pages in a row.

Pei Qian could only filter the ratings, sorting them from low to high and starting from one-star ratings. As expected, it seemed much more normal now.

"Failed Works with Lack of Imagination"

"No logic, full of loopholes"

"Suitable for young people to watch, cant stand it after ten minutes"

"One-star rating because of Lu Zhiyao!"

Pei Qian nodded his head in satisfaction. Yes, this should be the case!

What a pity that there were too few of such reviews. There were not many reviews as well. It seemed like everyone was stubbornly stomping them down. There was zero desire to compete with the other critics.

Pei Qian clicked in casually to take a look and found that they did not quite meet his requirements either.

Reviews who gave one-star ratings were basically very subjective. They were very one-sided and gave such ratings because something they saw in it did not suit their taste. The content was naturally full of prejudice.

Such film reviewers were basically venting their emotions, but it was very difficult to ignite feelings in the other audiences.

They were too low-class. They wouldnt do.

One glance, and one would know that such people were uncultured. They would definitely not be able to write any film reviews that could cause controversy even if they were bribed.

The audience would probably not even notice that this reviewer had changed his rating.

Pei Qian thought about it for a while and decided to search from the three-star reviews.

There were finally some that were suitable!

"False Profoundness"

"It seems everyone is embarrassed to say it is not good? Then, let me be the kid who exposes the emperors new clothes" "Too many loopholes, forcibly shaped the tragedy by portraying two trashes" Pei Qian had only one feeling in his heart as he read the titles of these comments. They understood me!

Moreover, there were many controversial voices under these comments. There were hundreds of likes and dislikes. Obviously, the authors of these reviews had good reputations, and the things they wrote were controversial.

"Not bad, these are good seedlings. Ill choose one from them first and change to another if it doesnt work out!"

Pei Qian clicked open the first film review the kid who exposes the emperors new clothes.

"The reviews on Weibo seemed to laud the movie as a god-like existence. I watched it with a serious pilgrimage mentality at first, but I was so disappointed."

"I only had one thought after watching this movie: the author does not understand what he was doing.

"Technology would be so advanced, but they were still giving the lower-class people relief food while they could not even skip advertisements? They even control the time that people of different classes could go out? Thats too unreasonable!


"There were also a variety of advertisements. Having advertisements in the movie is alright, but why does the audience need to watch the advertisements with the protagonist? Crazy!

"Isnt this story simply a cliche story of a cuckolded man? The author would be scolded if it were to happen in a novel. Why did it become a profound meaning once it turned into a movie? Are you all out of your minds?"

Pei Qian nodded his head at the criticisms.

Of course, Pei Qian did not share the same feelings with this reviewer. He just felt that he had found the right person.

Obviously, this was a person who was stubbornly living in his own world. In short, he was the kind of person who held the belief that this world must behave in the way I said; otherwise, something is wrong. It was commonly known as the living campaign.

The setting in the world of this film was that the life of the people at the bottom of the world will not necessarily change for the better with the advanced technology. The movie surrounded this setting. His argument was that the setting itself was unreasonable. Therefore, the entire movie was awkward.

"Hm, not bad. He has character. I like it! It should be very controversial if this person were to brag awkwardly about how good the movie is!"

The authors username was very low-profile. It was Just Qian. There was only contact information on his personal homepage so Pei Qian could contact him without much effort.

"Hello, I am the sponsor of Tomorrow is Beautiful. I hope you can change that film review from three stars to five stars and rewrite the review. Of course, we will provide 1,000 yuan for you."

Time was tight, and the mission was important. Pei Qian did not intend to be too polite so he went straight to the point.

Just Qian replied in no time.

"I can change the review but not the rating for 1,000 yuan."

Pei Qian couldnt help but feel happy after reading this reply.

Yo, this guy was quite principled.

However, Pei Qian must get him to change his review. How could he arouse the resentment of other audiences and rage war if he didnt change it? Therefore, Pei Qian was very direct. "2,000 yuan."

Just Qian obviously hesitated for a while. "Im free to write my review; you cannot interfere too much."

Review his own? How could that work?

How could it rouse disgust in the other audiences if it was not awkward enough?

Wouldnt my money be wasted if your reviews submerge instantly in the sea of five-star reviews?

It would not achieve Pei Qians aims even though it sounded like a good idea to spend the systems money for nothing.

Pei Qian gave up directly on these empty words. "3,000 yuan."

"Okay, please tell me what to change," Just Qian replied.

Pei Qian laughed. It seemed like this was a film critic with very firm principles. He changed his opinion after raising the price twice.

Pei Qian considered his words carefully.

"Praise it to 1,000 words. You must also find an angle that no one else had praised. The more tricky and subtle, the better it is."

Just Qian hesitated again: "There are already a lot of film reviews. It is difficult to find an angle that no one has said before. Even if I did find one, it will appear to be very forceful which will arouse disgust in people."


Arouse disgust? Thats right! Thats exactly what I want! Young man, you understood my intention very accurately!

Just Qians remarks hit the right spots with Pei Qian. However, Pei Qian could not make it clear either. He could only reply. "Its okay."

Just Qian, "Sorry, I think it matters. The request is very difficult for me"

Pei Qian, "4,000 yuan."

Just Qian, "I dont mean that. Its not a matter of money. Its just difficult"

Pei Qian, "5,000 yuan." Just Qian, "I will go to the cinema again right now. Ill submit the draft tonight."

Pei Qian felt uneasy even though he managed to convince Just Qian. He seemed like a lone soldier. He had to get some fake reviewers to cooperate with him.

Pei Qian found Shaohu Reviews in preparation to buy fake reviewers for that.

How would people know that this movie really bought fake reviews without actual fake reviewers?

"Bro, get me some fake reviewers. Go to the internet to find anyone who had given good reviews and had a tricky angled point of view for Tomorrow is Beautiful. Rave up their popularity!"

Pei Qian could not clearly state that he was looking for awkward praises so he could only change the wording and emphasize tricky angled point of view. Anything with tricky angles must be seriously over-interpreted. It was almost similar to awkward praising.

Hu Xiao replied after a while.

"No problem."

Pei Qian was about to discuss the price when the other party sent another message.

"I regard us as having a relationship since we have worked together for so long. Ill give you a piece of information. The other fake reviewers seemed to have been tasked to discredit your movie. Ill help you settle this matter if you are willing to spend some money."


Pei Qian was momentarily stunned before becoming overjoyed. Such a good thing existed? "Who?" Pei Qian asked immediately.

Hu Xiao, "Sorry, I cannot divulge that. This is the rules of our trade."

What a pity. He was unable to know the name of this kind person again.

but it should probably be the sponsors of other movies?

The movies being released right now were in a competitive relationship. The current attendance and reputation of Tomorrow is Beautiful was good so the film schedule for tomorrow might be more packed than today.

That would obviously squeeze the other films schedules. That domestic romance drama and IP movie would have ample motivation to discredit Tomorrow is Beautiful.

It did not really matter who this kind soul was. He would just keep this gratitude in his heart.

As to spending money to take care of it? Was Pei Qian mad?

"No need. They can black it for all they want. You push it up; there is no impact."

Hu Xiao, "Okay, its good that you have this confidence. Tell me if you feel like you cant take it anymore. I can still turn around the situation then."

Cant take it? Turn around the situation? No, no, no, there would not be such a situation! I would be happier if they were to black it!

Pei Qian would not hesitate to hire fake reviewers to criticize his movie if it was possible. Someone was now doing it for him, what a charitable heart!

Pei Qian gave Hu Xiao some instructions to ask his fake reviewers to madly give good reviews to those film reviews with tricky angles, giving people the impression that everyone who liked this movie was extremely fanatic and over-interpreted the movie.

This batch of brainless bluffs would create the impression that they were childish die-hard fans. His competitors were also sending out numerous fake reviewers to bring down the movie. They were all working towards the same goal. Would that not give him twice the results in half the effort?

Pei Qian finished his Fish-Catching Take-Out after he was done with the explanations. He put it outside his door and then

He laid back into his bed. He decided to vanish for two days and not go to the office!

Many people would congratulate him if he were to go to the office. He felt despair even thinking about it. It would be much better to enjoy the peace and quiet at home alone.

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