Married To The Devil's Son Chapter 212

Chapter 212: 89

"People will hurt you, then act like you hurt them."


Roshan was just on his way out from the room when Klara walked in with tears in her eyes.

"He left." She said crying.

Roshan wasn't surprised, and after thinking the whole night he came to the decision to let his son go if he wanted to leave. It wasn't easy to come to that decision, but it felt like the right thing to do at this point.

He went to his wife and wrapped his arms around her.

"We have to do something." She said pulling away from him.

"There is nothing we can do." He said.

"There has to be." She cried. "We have to bring him back."

"Klara, we can't force him."

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She shook her head violently, more tears streaming down her cheeks. "Are you just going to let your son go? Are you not going to do something?" She yelled, wiping her tears away.

"What do you want me to do? I can't force him here and lock him somewhere." He grabbed her face and made her look at him. "He is a grown man now, and he made the decision to leave. We have to let him go."

She began to shake her head again while bursting out in tears.

Roshan cursed. He could feel her pain and it mixed with his own. He never hurt this much before.

"Please bring back our son." She said grabbing his shirt then crying into his chest.

He put his arms around her shaking body and stroke her back. He wished he would never have to let his son go, but now was the time to let him learn on his own. And this time he was going to learn the hard way.

Roshan remembered what his father told him. "When you teach your children to walk, you have to let go of their hand at some point so they can learn to walk on their own. Someday, no matter what, you will have to let go."

This saddened him, but he had to let his son go. This might be the only way for him to learn.

"We can't just let him go."

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"We have to." He told her.

"He will never come back to us." She sobbed.

"If we were good parents, then he will."

Klara pulled back and looked at him. "And what if we weren't? What if we pushed him too hard or let him get away too easily? We must have done something wrong." She was blaming herself like usual.

Roshan was hard on Klara in the beginning because she was too nice to her children, but with time he understood why she was the way she was. Raising demon children for someone who grew up as a human was very difficult. It came as a shock to her, and she had no clue what to do.

Being a turned demon was very different from being a half demon. Turned demons had no supernatural abilities. They just got stronger and their aging slowed down. Klara knew nothing about what it was like to have those abilities so she always felt like she was lacking as a mother, not understanding what her children were going through or what kind of things they had to deal with as half demons. So she tried to compensate for her lack of understanding with love.

Roshan had told her several times that he would help them with their demons and that she didn't have to worry about it. But he knew she still felt guilty.

"Maybe we did something wrong. In fact, I am sure we made a lot of mistakes. We are not perfect, but we are not terrible parents either."

If they were so terrible that they caused their son to seek the devil, then they deserved this punishment.

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"I will find Lucifer and make him give my son back." She spoke, stifling her cry.

"Lucifer is not holding our son hostage. Zarin went to him."

It would have been different if Zarin was forced. Then Roshan would fight for his son, but now to bring him back he would have to fight his son instead.

Grabbing his wife's face, he looked into her eyes. "You are a warrior and if your son has any of your blood in him, he will come back. Now we have to" He took a deep breath. He didn't even want to think about it. "We have to go talk to Lucian and Hazel."

Klara had just calmed down a bit, but now she started crying again. "Oh, Lord. How can we face them? I can't." She said.

There was a knock on the door and then Gina peeked inside. "Is everything" She stopped when she saw her mother.

Stepping inside, she looked at them worriedly. "What happened?"

Roshan knew she would find out anyway, so he told her the truth. Suddenly the lines on her face hardened, and she looked like she was going to beat someone. "I will kill him." She said with clenched teeth. Then turning around, she rushed toward the door.

"Gina! Gina!"

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Lord! What was happening to this family?

Roshan let Gina go. If she could convince her brother and beat some sense into him, he wouldn't interfere. But that was unlikely to happen.

After staying with Klara and holding her in his arms until she calmed down, they decided to go meet Lucian and Hazel.

Klara was panicking and Roshan felt terrible and ashamed. This was their son, but Hazel and Lucian had loved him as their own. Him and Heaven and been inseparable and now.

Roshan knew the devil didn't have the power to give someone's else's mate to their son, but Lucifer was tricky and none of them knew what he was planning. They had lost their son, but they didn't wish the same for their friends. They wanted to do everything they could to prevent it but if there was one thing Roshan knew it was that the devil was unstoppable.

Lucifer could bring hell on earth when he wanted to. And he would burn everyone while he danced in the fire.

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