Best Son In Law Chapter 2087

Chapter 2090: Who You Are

In fact, Tuo Sha knew from the beginning, how could Lin Yu be restricted by those little poisonous insects.

The reason why he released the group of poisonous insects was to prepare for all this in front of him!

Facts have proved that all of his arrangements have been extremely successful. Lin Yu in the illusions he created is like a fish on the chopping board!

Whether it was psychologically or physically, Lin Yu was almost destroyed!

Now, using this illusion, he has seriously injured Lin Yu!

The hard work and energy he has expended over the past few days has not been wasted!

"Good means, really good means!"

Lin Yu couldn't help grinning bitterly when he heard this. He didn't think at first that the true effect of these poisonous insects was actually here! It shows that Takusha's thoughts are deep and meticulous!

Sure enough, the president of the Priory was not so easy to deal with!

"It is also a great honor for you to have seen my life-long Yulong Manyan before dying!"

The tall Tuosha had already walked up to Lin Yu at this time, and looked down at the tiny Lin Yu on the ground and said indifferently, "Even if you die, you will be stunned!"

"and many more!"

Lin Yu hurriedly waved at Takusha, panting and asking, "Before I die, I have something to figure out!"

"Still have to ask who is in alliance with me?!"

Takusha chuckled coldly, "Didn't you have guessed it just now?!"

It really is Zhang Youan!

Lin Yu narrowed his eyes when he heard what he said, and then denied, "I'm not asking this, it's about you!"


Tuo Sha chuckled coldly, and asked a little curiously, "My business? Let me tell you?!"

"Who are you?!"

Lin Yu asked in a deep voice, looking up at Tuo Sha above, and found that although the tall Tuo Sha had wide-eyed eyes, he was very apathetic. After all, this tall body was just an illusion.

"Who am I?!"

Tuo Sha was slightly startled when he heard the words, as if he was a little surprised, then he laughed and said coldly, "Did your kid's brain break..."

"I know you are Tuosha, the president of the Priory!"

Lin Yu said in a deep voice, "But this is not what I want to ask. What I am asking is your original identity, who are you? Where are you from?"

"You are obviously not from the Southeast Territory, you are from Yanxia!"

Before Tuo Sha could answer, Lin Yu immediately added, "Otherwise, you would never have mastered the Qimen Dunjia!"

When Lin Yu saw Tuosha for the first time before, he guessed that Tuosha might be from Yanxia.

Because Takusha's Chinese is very standard, and he listens carefully, with a little southern accent.

However, he was only guessing at the time, and he didn't dare to conclude. Now that Tuosa relied on Qimen Dunjia to use this incomparable Yulong Manyan, he dared to conclude that Tuosa must be from Yanxia!

You know, this Qimen Dunjia cannot be practiced overnight, especially the illusion. It needs to be immersed in childhood, training day after day, and it also needs the talent of picking one in a million, otherwise, absolutely It is impossible to achieve such a degree of realism!

Therefore, Lin Yu was curious for a while, who is this Tuosha? !

Why did a good summer person become the leader of the monastery in the end? !

Hearing his words, Tuo Sha, who was sneering at him, fell silent for an instant. He didn't speak for dozens of seconds, as if he was poked by Lin Yu's words.

Lin Yu's expression changed slightly again when he saw this, a suspicion flashed in his eyes, but seeing that Tuo Sha did not speak, he knew that he must have guessed it, and he continued to ask, "You run away with a hot summer person. Go outside to collude with external forces and become enemies of your own country and your compatriots. After your family and friends know about it... do you have a face to be a human?

"Babies, where is so much nonsense!"

Takusha, who was originally silent, seemed to be irritated by Lin Yu's words. He shouted angrily, and then slammed his fist toward Lin Yu on the ground.

Lin Yu narrowed his eyes, and then a carp jumped up from the ground, quickly turned over, and dodged Tuosha's punch.

After deliberately talking with Tuo Sha just now to delay the breathing time, his physical strength has recovered a bit, and through continuous psychological hints to himself, he found that his pain has also been reduced a lot, but his limbs still feel sore and tired.

"Suffer to death!"

The tall Tuosha roared, and once again attacked Lin Yu with the power of Thunderbolt.

Lin Yu didn't dare to be careless, so he hurriedly dodged sideways, without direct contact with Tuo Sha, while dodging, frowned while thinking about countermeasures.

Although he saw through Takusha's tricks, he was completely passive.

Even though he knew that all of this was an illusion, he couldn't tell which was true and which was false, and even if some of Takusha's attacks were false, his body still conditioned to avoid it without waiting for instructions from the brain. Exhausting energy!

If this continues, in the end, only death is waiting for him!

Therefore, if he wants to survive, he must first destroy Tuosha's "Yulongmanyan"!

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