God Of Life And Death Chapter 2434

Chapter 2436: Confronting Da Luo Continued

Jin Yuan gently shook his head, and then said: "This powerful player in the Great Luojin Wonderland does have many restrictions on its actions, but if you just kill you alone, this karma may not be so profound! Some miracles can also be used. Wash away the karma of Daluo. Therefore, I want to be a peacemaker, hoping that little friend Fang Yue can return Long Yuan to the ancients.

Of course, this Long Yuan is the spoils of Fang Yues little friend. If it is so plain to go, it will make Fang Yues face dull. Instead, the ancients take away Long Yuan, but at the same time they must also make an oath to Fang Yues little friend. In the future, any person of the ancient clan, if it is not for Fang Yues initiative to provoke him, must not be embarrassed with Fang Yues daoist friend, breaking his oath, the sky destroys his soul, the earth reclaims his soul, and the ancient clan pays another 20 middle-grade immortal stones as a ransom. How about Long Yuan? "

Jin Yuan always does this peace thing fairly fairly, at least on the surface it looks like this.

Although the value of ten middle-grade immortal stones is far less than the value of this dragon yuan, the oath of this ancient tribe is even more important.

If the ancients swear by this, Fang Yue would lose a lot of worries.

The old man at the pinnacle of the ancient true immortal hesitated for a moment, then shook his head and said, "I don't have the right to decide this kind of thing!"

The old man of the ancient tribe said this.

The corner of Fang Yue's mouth could not help but provoke a sneer.

"It turns out that you just wanted the empty glove white wolf. Even if I return this dragon yuan, your ancients are still going to target me, right!"

As soon as Fang Yue's words came out, the old man of the ancient tribe couldn't help but change his color slightly.

Because he saw that Fang Yue would put away Long Yuan and the arena of life and death, walking towards an ancient mountain in the battlefield of ten thousand races.

This mountain range is a gathering place for the ancients. Although there are not many of them, there are many treasures of the ancients.

"I am actually very simple. I must be rewarded if I have grace, and if I have grievances, I will be paid for! Since the ancients are not dying to kill me, then I will wait for the great Luo Jinxian of the ancients to kill! I like to take the initiative!"

One of Fang Yue's big feet stepped on the ancient mountain.

With a bang, the sky collapsed.

A mountain range stretching hundreds of kilometers collapsed.

Among them, the ancient people were killed and injured countless.

With a shot of Fang Yue's palm, he instantly took away the treasure hidden in the mountains!

One treasure house after another was uprooted, and countless precious resources were brought into Fang Yue's hands!

"Fang Yue, dare you!"

The old man at the peak of the ancient true fairyland almost vomited blood!

This Fang Yue had just killed a spirit fairy dragon Aoyun in their clan, and he actually attacked a treasure of their ancient clan!

What is the difference between Fang Yue and the bandit leader?

"I dare? What do I dare not! Your ancient spirit immortal came to kill me with a broken mask! I killed him on the spot, and the grievances had ended, but I didn't expect your ancient people to return I want to continue to kill me, and I want to deceive me, let me hand over Long Aoyuns Longyuan without paying any price! This is just the beginning of revenge. If I am not dead, I want you The ancients are completely removed from this world!"

Fang Yue is full of domineering, this is a clan who wants to destroy!

Although the number of ancient tribes in this area is limited, it is a big tribe after all! The strong in the clan do not know where they are, even if the people of the human clan want to eliminate it, they will have to pay a huge price!

"Master Jin Yuan, please help my clan!"

The true immortal of the ancient tribe turned and looked at Jin Yuan, and he worshipped Jin Yuan.

Originally, as a true immortal, even though his status was not as good as Jin Yuan, he didn't have to show such a big gift to him.

But now it's about the survival of their ancient clan. It takes a long time and a huge price to summon the Daluo Jinxian from the clan.

Therefore, the true immortals of the ancients can only ask Jin Yuan for help to stop Fang Yue.

Jin Yuan sneered: "I just wanted to make peace for your ancients, but you just refused! Why, now that annoyed Fang Yue, I think of me!"

Jin Yuan didn't give face to the true immortals of the ancient tribe. At the level of Daluojin Wonderland, he was at ease and didn't need to give face to anyone.

Jin Yuan just deliberately resolved the contradiction between the ancients and Fang Yue, and even Fang Yue should be moved by the conditions he put forward.

Unexpectedly, he was decisively rejected by the ancients. This was to save his face and naturally made Jin Yuan angry.

This ancient tribe doesn't know what Jin Yuan is, and doesn't bother to take care of the ancient tribe.

"My lord, it was my fault just now. I had one fault and the other should bear it. If the lord wants to be punished, it should be directed at me alone! This Fang Yue crazy demon wants to destroy the foundation of my ancient clan, and he can't let him succeed. what!"

The true fairy of the ancient tribe wailed loudly and apologized again and again.

The speed of Fang Yue's hands was too fast. In a blink of an eye, Fang Yue had already penetrated into a battlefield of ten thousand races of their ancient race, emptied all the creatures of the ancient race on the battlefield, and became the master of this ten thousand race battlefield!

This ten thousand battlefield is also the foundation of the ancients, and the special resources produced in it are extremely important to the ancients.

The plundering now is a great loss for the ancients.

The true immortal of the ancient race couldn't help being more eager!

"You ancient people are used to being public, why come and bow to me? It's not that I don't give you the face of the ancient people, but that the Ten Thousand Race League once blocked your ancient clan's end to the Ten Thousand Race League. Are the real immortals working together to level it off? What about your old majesty? What about your old domineering? Why do you think of it now and bow your head to me!"

Jin Yuan's heart was full of grievances.

He has been grudges against the ancients for a long time.

There are also long-standing grievances between the Ten Thousand Leagues and the Ancients, and now they happen to be liquidated together!

The true immortal of the ancient clan was a little confused.

What a special one!

However, this true immortal of the ancient clan knew that he would never say anything when he reached the realm of Jin Yuan cultivation. What he said should be true.

One is because he also knows that the ancient tribe has been making troubles everywhere recently, opening up the frontiers and expanding the territory, and using the virtues of the ancient tribe, the six relatives did not recognize them, except for the strong tribes of the Tianmo tribe and the Celestial tribe, they all dare Just now, even when the ancients were just born, they didn't even forgive the Celestial God Race and the Celestial Demon Race, and there was a scorched earth where their soldiers were facing.

Secondly, when you reach the realm of Jin Yuan, your words and deeds are contaminated with great cause and effect.

Jin Yuan will not lie to them at the risk of adding karma.

Fang Yue walked out of the ancient battlefield of ten thousand races, still holding a long spear in his hand, blood dripping on the long spear, the real celestial old man of the ancient tribe was wrestling.

"This is the innate magic weapon among my ancient clan-Po Yuan Spear! Fang Yue, the battlefield of ten thousand races can belong to you, you must return this Po Yuan spear to me!"

The true celestial old man of the ancient tribe didn't expect that Fang Yue could actually find this Yuan-breaking gun in the battlefield of ten thousand races.

The spear is an innate magic weapon and has no rank. This kind of treasure is strong when it is strong. In the hands of a saint-level creature, it may only be a saint-level magic weapon, but it falls into the hands of a powerful person at the supreme level. The innate magic weapon may be able to explode the supreme level of power.

However, general powerhouses above the virtual fairyland are not very accustomed to using innate magic weapons, because innate magic weapons cannot recognize the master, and it is difficult to integrate with the master.

But this does not mean that the innate magic weapon is not precious, on the contrary, each innate magic weapon has its own unique purpose.

For example, Fang Yue's burial tower can resurrect the dead, and this Yuan-breaking spear has the effect of breaking the ban on vitality.

This Yuan-breaking spear was obtained by Fang Yue who killed an ancient clan expert on the third level of the virtual fairyland in the battlefield of ten thousand clan.

This is a first-level battlefield. According to the rules, it should not be possible to enter the Saint Realm or above.

However, this ancient tribe has arranged for a strong man from the third layer of the virtual fairyland to enter it, sweeping across the four directions, this is the effect of the broken yuan spear.

However, this innate magic weapon is also divided into strengths and weaknesses.

There is often more than one weak innate magic weapon, and even appeared in batches when Chaos first opened.

This broken yuan gun belongs to this kind of weaker innate magic weapon, and a total of seven or seven forty-nine shots appeared in the early days of Chaos.

However, forty-nine broken yuan guns seem to be many, but very few are allocated to the hands of ten thousand people.

When the underworld was the most common, there were 23 broken yuan spears, but the ancients only had one broken yuan spear.

Breaking Yuan Gun, entering and exiting various forbidden secret realms is an artifact.

The loss of a Yuan-breaking spear was even greater for the ancients than the loss of three first-class ten thousand clan.

"When the things in my hands are in my hands, do you think you can still return them?"

Fang Yue jokingly said.

"This Poyuan Gun is surnamed Fang today! Hahaha, originally I was thinking, if your ancient clan Daluo Jinxian comes, I will find a first-class ten thousand clan battlefield to hide in and avoid the limelight. When I came out, I didnt expect that there was something like the Po Yuan Gun among your ancient tribes. If Da Luo Jinxian of the ancient tribe entered the first-level battlefield with the Po Yuan spear to kill me, I would really have nowhere to cry! It's all right now, this thing belongs to me! If you big Luo Jinxian of the ancient race want to chase me down, you must see if their speed is fast enough!"

Fang Yue laughed.

The powerhouses of the ten thousand races all face black.

I just saw Fang Yue look like he was reluctant to hesitate, and thought that Fang Yue really mustered up the courage to fight the ancient clan Da Luo Jinxian to the death! Who would have thought, this Fang Yue actually wanted to hide in the first-level battlefield and play dead.

"Fang Yue, you must think clearly that this level of ten thousand race battlefield is not a panacea. If the Daluo Jinxian in my clan really gets red eyes, he may slap a first level battlefield and fight you out!"

The true immortals of the ancient race are already a bit red-eyed!

The loss of the ancient clan is already great enough. If Fang Yue continues to destroy it so unscrupulously, even if the ancient clan will not annihilate the clan, the clan power in this world will be greatly reduced, and it will not be able to compete for future opportunities in this world.

The ancients paid great attention to the future opportunities of this piece of heaven and earth, and even arranged all sorts of new players in this piece of heaven and earth. Fang Yue's blind participation in this way has interrupted many of the layout of the ancients. The ban on the heavens and the earth made it difficult for the ancient people outside to enter this world again. Afterwards, Fang Yue wrecked, slaughtered their ancient people, and plundered the ancient treasures. These were profound to the ancient people. Hurt.

"Please come to the clan Daluo Jinxian! Kill Fang Yue!"

The old man of the ancient true fairyland spoke solemnly.

At the same time, an ancient golden scepter appeared in his hand. The old man of the ancient true fairyland held the handle of the scepter and shook it gently, summoning the legendary Daluo Jinxian in the clan.

There is a azure blue gem inlaid on the scepter, the gem is shining, and ripples in the void.

"Please come to the clan Daluo Jinxian! Kill Fang Yue!"

Behind the old man of the ancient tribe, the strong man of the ancient tribe resonated in unison.

Above the scepter, the light in the blue gemstone is more dazzling.

This gem turned out to be like a blue sun.

In the void, a jade figure walked out of it, it was only three inches in size, crystal clear.

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