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Chapter 5460: The Game Between Huang Lao And Ren Extraordinary

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At this time, half of Ye Chen's spiritual will is participating in Dao Heart Rules, while the other half always maintains the ability to think.

As the aperture attached to Ye Chen's body became heavier and heavier, Ye Chen suddenly felt that the fluctuations in his sea of consciousness were becoming more and more gentle, and his Dao Xin perception became more and more difficult.

His consciousness began to gradually lose, as if walking on a broad Taoist law, but lost all the reference objects, for a while, he was left alone in the world, and there was no spiritual consciousness.

Huang Lao watched the power of reincarnation in Ye Chen slowly calm down, revealing a weird and cruel smile.

"Smelly boy, bad things about me over and over again! Looking for death!"

At this moment, Ye Chen's consciousness was immersed in the endless void, and those memories of China, as well as the cause and effect of the Lord of Reincarnation, became all fuzzy.

where am I? who am I?

At the same time, in the reincarnation cemetery, the stone tablet with a broken chain, at this time, six ghost vines grew out of the crack, with extremely sharp barbs, which looked cold and cold.

The ghost vines were wrapped around Ye Chen in this way, and the barbs hooked around his body, bloody, but Ye Chen didn't feel any pain at this time.

"The Eight Desolate Ghost Techniques, the devil looks at the past and the present, saves gold and leaves marks, and finally gets me!"

The huge phantom of Huang Lao had already floated above Ye Chen's head at this time.

The demon energy that blasted the sky and the earth filled the entire reincarnation cemetery. The awe-inspiring demon king's aura even overwhelmed the aura of reincarnation, and it was rampant as if entering the land of no one.

Old Huang hung his whole body upside down on Ye Chen, and single-pointed his finger on Ye Chen's skull.

"Enter my heart, gain my wisdom, and walk my own body!"

Ye Chen, who was floating in nothingness, was shaking violently at this time.

It's looting!

What knows the whereabouts of the key!

What helps Ye Chen stabilize Dao Xin!

All lies!

The only goal of taboo in this world is to occupy Ye Chen's body!

Huang Lao's body, inch by inch, poured into Ye Chen's body.

At this moment, the abnormal change emerged!

"You wait for Xiao Xiao, and dare to covet the body of the Lord of Reincarnation!"

A hazy phantom suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chen.

This phantom has a misty atmosphere, with the vague aura of heaven.

His eyes, the **** moon flowing, revealed the depth of seeing through the vicissitudes of life, the breath that penetrates the heavens, his robe is floating, endless runes of the law, flowing constantly on his body, it seems that every hair is carrying nothing The secret of the above is shocking!

Even though it was only a phantom, the vent that erupted in this reincarnation cemetery was enough to shake the heavens.


Ren Feifan pointed at the empty space, skipped the space, and directly tapped the finger on Ye Chen's skull at Huang Lao Point.

What magical magical powers, what ghost vines around him, no matter how trembling the world is with the magical techniques used by the old man, he is ultimately restricted by the reincarnation cemetery!

At this moment, facing Ren Feifei, all of this has instantly separated from Ye Chen's body.

This light-handed technique demonstrates the strength gap between Ren Feifei and the currently suppressed Huang Lao.

The formation of Huang Lao's heart attack for a long time was thus resolved by Ren Feihua.

His whole person, originally ecstatic and arrogant, instantly lost all his spiritual sustenance.

The cheeks that had originally smiled completely dimmed.

Endless anger surges!

In an instant, there was an obscure sound in his throat, which seemed to be a roar!

His unwillingness! His anger! His work fell short!

"You shouldn't break my business! You shouldn't!!!"

Ren Feifa looked at him faintly, and his brows narrowed: "If you have not been suppressed, I might be afraid of you, but now, you are not before. When you are suppressed in the reincarnation cemetery, you should understand! Some people, you Not eligible to move!!"

Ren Feihua pointed out, and a blood moon crystal light rose out again, as if piercing through the void, the heaven and the earth were eclipsed, and they slammed toward the old phantom.

Huang Lao had a meal, although he was angry, he could only hide in the stone tablet.

If he can use Ye Chen's body, if he recovers most of his power! It will not be broken in front of Ren Feihua!

The resentment in Huang Lao's heart is hard to calm, but he also knows that when it is not arrogant at this time, he has to wait for the opportunity and wait for a chance to strike!

"Ye Chen! Wake up!"

Ren Feifan looked at the stone stele trapped in the chains, and Ye Chen sitting cross-legged. There were some things that Ye Chen had to solve by himself.

At this moment, the most important thing is to wake up Ye Chen, otherwise, let him drift in the nihilism, that would be the real harm to him.

"Huh? Who is calling me?"

Ye Chen seemed to hear the vague call, if there was a sound like nothing, it seemed very familiar.

"Ye Chen! Wake up!"

Ren Feifei's voice is like a Hongzhong, and every word carries the supreme coercion, like a thousand gold, with a sound.


In the endless Taoism, there seems to be light urging Ye Chen, and Ye Chen speeds up his steps and walks towards the light. Following this, his eyes have slowly opened, and the extraordinary shadow comes into view.

Ren Feihua nodded and motioned him to leave the reincarnation cemetery with him.

Although Ye Chen's heart was full of doubts, his trust in Ren Feihua made him leave the reincarnation cemetery without hesitation.

"Senior, why are you here?"

"I'm here, there are two things." Ren Feifei's eyes condensed, and the gaze that looked at Ye Chen was full of solemnity.

"Is there anything unusual about you just entering the Tao?"

"Well... the old man is the one who has revived in the reincarnation cemetery. He gave a page of the Heart Sutra, saying that he can condense the Dao Heart. At first I did feel a bit of sentiment, but later, I felt a trance. , As if the soul floats into the void."

Ren Feifan snorted coldly: "He is the taboo in the world that I mentioned many times before. He has done endless evil obstacles. It is not so much trapped in the reincarnation cemetery, as it is imprisoned in the reincarnation cemetery. And you just came close Was taken away by him."


Ye Chen was shocked~wuxiaworld.online~ his head buzzed.

His soul power was so powerful that he was also taken away!

The key reincarnation cemetery is its own territory! ! !

"This person is good at bewitching people's hearts. I want to use the power of the reincarnation cemetery to cover up his identity to win your trust and take the opportunity."

Ren Feifan condensed his eyebrows and looked at Ye Chen's gaze becoming more serious: "Ye Chen, don't lose your Dao Xin because of anyone."

Ye Chen nodded quickly: "Before, under Huang Lao's guidance, I spied Hong Tianjing's repression, and with the help of Huang Lao's power, I defeated Wan Shisan and obtained the secret box left by the previous life."

"Ye Chen, I have reminded you many times not to rely too much on the power of the reincarnation cemetery, whether it is the old man or other great powers, they are only an aid to you after all. What you really should rely on is Ling Xiao's martial arts. And your martial arts heart."

"Thank you senior, the junior knows."

Ye Chen hurriedly bowed and said, now that he is afraid, if it weren't for Senior Ren to find out in time, he would have been taken away by the unpredictable old man at this moment!

The key to all this, how did Huang Lao do it?

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