May The Rest Of My Life Be Sweet To You Chapter 1780

Chapter 1780: Chapter 1780. This man belongs to me. 132

"brother, I want a media company. You set up one for me, " Du Xi said to her brother.

"What do you want a media company for? " Du Rui was surprised.

"I want to be a manager. I want to bring an artist. I want to sign Xiao Hui. ". "brother, I think being a manager is better than being a doctor. I may not be good at being a doctor, but my social skills should be pretty good. I will definitely have no problem being a manager, " Du Xi said.

Du Rui pinched the space between his eyebrows. This sister of his had always made him worry.

She had been a bad student since she was young. Now that everyone else had graduated from university, she was still making up for her academic credits.

"You are hot again. I will not set up a company for you first. Who knows if you will want to do something else in two days? " Du Rui said.

"I won't! This time, I am serious, " Du Xi said.

"which time are you not serious? " Du Rui asked back.

Du Xi was choked by the question. "Well, this time, I am the most serious. Brother, I promise that this time, I will not be hot again. Please believe me! "

Du Rui's fingers pinched the space between his brows. "What if it's hot for three minutes again? "

"Then I'll, I'll, I'll, " Du Xi could not think of how to punish herself for a moment. To her, there was really nothing to be afraid of.

Her eyes suddenly flashed. "I'll run away from home and you won't be able to find me again! "

Wasn't that enough of an oath She would leave the DU family and not give Du Rui any more trouble.

Du Rui's face twitched slightly. Was this a punishment for him or for her?

She ran away from home. Wasn't he even more unlucky He still had to look for her from all over the world!

"Alright, you don't have to run away from home anymore. If you still can't do it, I'll send you to Sikong Yi's side as an apprentice. " He thought of an idea.

Du Xi was very disgusted with Sikong Yi now. Moreover, Du Xi could be anxious with anyone who mentioned Sikong Yi's name now, so he thought of this idea.

Du Xi only felt that her throat was strangled. Let her see Sikong Yi?

"Brother, are you my biological brother? I carried him here, right? "

"There's such a good thing? Then can I return you? Only to pay the phone bill, no gifts. " Du Rui said.

"Damn, do you really hate me so much? Then fine, I won't call you anymore! " Du Xi was anxious, and her tone was filled with an unconcealable grievance.

"Don't, don't! I'm just playing with you. Don't not call me. If you don't call me, I don't know what kind of demon you are, " Du Rui said. The feeling of not knowing what kind of Demon du Xi was, was even more frightening.

Du Xi was so angry that she almost passed out. How could they still have a good chat?

"You! HMPH, I'm ignoring you! "

"How can you ignore me? I still want to set up a company for you! Prepare your ID card. I'll get my assistant to get it and then set up a company for you. What kind of celebrities do you like? I'll poach them for you, " Du Rui asked.

Du Xi blinked her eyes. Was this a promise?

"I want to run my own company. You don't have to care. I'll let you look down on me. I must make this media company into a top 100 company! " She said confidently.

"Okay, you can play however you want, " Du Rui said.

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A media company didn't cost much anyway. He just thought of it as buying a doll house for his sister and let her play on her own.

Wen Xin and Xiao Hui looked at each other, their expressions colorful. They formed a company with just a few words?

Sure enough, being rich was capricious. They formed a company just because they said so!

Du Xi hung up the phone and said to her good sisters, "babies, our company is going to be established soon! Xiao Hui will be our star. Wen Xin, what do you want to be? You can be the executive manager and Director! "

"No, I'm not good at dealing with the outside world, and I don't want to socialize with those powerful people. You're the manager, so you can also be the executive manager, " Wen Xin said.

"Then what kind of position do you like? " Du Xi asked.

Wen Xin sucked in a breath of cold air. She felt like she was in the Hoanda vegetable market. Those positions were all on the shelves, so she could pick and choose at will.

"What should I be? I don't know either. I've never been to a media company. " For a time, she didn't know what kind of position she was going to take.

"I think you're a meticulous person. You should be the general manager, " Du Xi said.

"Ah, you want me to be the general manager? " Wen Xin was shocked.

"What's wrong? " Du Xi saw Wen Xin's frightened look and quickly said.

"The company is yours. Why do you want me to be the general manager? " Wen Xin said.

"How many bosses personally manage the company now? They all hire professional managers to manage it. There's nothing wrong with that, " Du Xi said.

How could a boss manage more than ten to twenty companies by himself? They all hired senior professional managers or chief executives to manage them. The boss only needed to manage more than ten to twenty professional managers well.

"There's nothing wrong with that, but you're also in the company, " Wen Xin said.

"But I don't like to manage the entire company. I only like to be a manager. Wen Xin, help me manage the company! " Du Xi said.

Wen Xin was truly intoxicated. How rich and capricious was that?

"But I'm afraid that I can't do it well. I don't have much management experience. " She really wanted to work with Du Xi, but she was afraid that her ability was limited.

"Hey, isn't this the first time for everyone? Isn't it my first time being an agent? If you don't know how to do it, then just learn! You should take care of the fetus in the hospital first, then you should brush up on your management knowledge. When you have a baby, then you can take over, " Du Xi said.

"Okay, I'll brush up on it. If I don't do well, you can fire me at any time, " Wen Xin said.

"You have to think of how to do the best! I don't want to fire you! " Du Xi said

"Yes, yes. We three good sisters have to do well in the company together! " Xiao Hui said.

In a short while, Du Rui's assistant came to get du Xi's identity card and went to apply for Du Xi's company.

In just one afternoon, the company was set up. Du Xi and Xiao Hui also signed the contract. Du Xi also thought of one person. It was Yan Wei. Yan Wei used to be a star. Now, because of the child's matter, Yan Wei was being hyped up all over the news She wanted to sign Yan Wei.

When she called Yan Wei, Yan Wei didn't want to be an actress anymore because she felt that her news was negative. If du Xi signed her, she would be cheating du Xi.

However, Yan Wei was also very interested in Du Xi's company. Yan Wei wanted to be a stylist, and she also promised Du Xi that she would help du Xi contact some potential celebrities and bring those small celebrities over.

At this moment, Du Xi's face was full of smiles. Her company was settled in an afternoon. She held her phone and looked at the news on her phone. Ever since she let the reporters expose Xiao Hui's news in depth, Xiao Hui had become the hot topic of the news.

She said to Xiao Hui, "baby, it's time for US TO TORTURE THE SCUM! "

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