May The Rest Of My Life Be Sweet To You Chapter 1779

Chapter 1779: Chapter 1779. This man belongs to me, 131

"Don't be anxious. I heard that she is also undergoing resuscitation. Quickly wipe your sweat, " Wen Xin said as she grabbed Du Xi's hand.

"I was so angry when I heard what Xiao Hui said. This Fang Yuan is intentionally looking for trouble with Xiao Hui. She went to make things difficult for Xiao Hui and even wanted to cause you to miscarry! " Du Xi said indignantly.

"Alright, don't be angry anymore. The baby and I are fine. Let's go back to the ward and talk, " Wen Xin reminded. They were still in the corridor. She was lying on a stretcher while Xiao Hui, Du Xi, and the others were standing.

As for Wen Xin, she was also very angry. If Fang Yuan had not gone to cause trouble for Xiao Hui, she would not have nearly miscarried.

"MMM, let's go back to the ward. " Du Xi reached out to hold the stretcher. She did not need the nurse to push her, so she and Xiao Hui pushed Wen Xin to the ward.

When Xiao Hui deliberately paid the hospital deposit, she picked a single room for Wen Xin. The single room was convenient for her family to visit, and it was also quiet to recuperate the fetus.

When the three girls returned to the ward, they started to talk about what had happened today. Xiao Hui told du Xi everything in detail from the beginning to the end. Just now on the phone, she had only told du Xi about the situation in one sentence, not in such detail.

When du Xi heard the detailed version of what had happened, she became even angrier. With du Xi's explosive temper, she could not even suppress her anger.

"I curse Fang Yuan to die! " Her parents had done something illegal. Why should Xiao Hui call Nangong ye She wanted to threaten Xiao Hui to save her parents. Even if she could not threaten Xiao Hui, she wanted to defame Xiao Hui and drag Xiao Hui down with her!"She said angrily.

If Xiao Hui was threatened by Fang Yuan, she would go to Nangong ye. If Nangong ye was concerned about Xiao Hui's reputation, he would definitely think of a way to let Fang Yuan's parents go. Fang Yuan's evil plan would succeed.

Even if Xiao Hui did not call Nangong ye, with her actions, she would still blacklist Xiao Hui, making Xiao Hui the target of public criticism.

"that's what she thinks. My News has already been exposed. I've been blackmailed to the point of being jealous of her and causing her to have a miscarriage. Moreover, the public opinion is saying that I'm the one who asked young master to use his connections to investigate their family, " Xiao Hui said helplessly.

Right now, she could easily open any web page and see her news. The negative news that she had finally calmed down had started to be blackmailed again. Moreover, she seemed to be especially attracted to blackmailers. As soon as her negative news came out, there would be a bunch of follow-up posts They could scold her until she was drenched in blood.

Du Xi opened her phone to look at Xiao Hui's news. "D * MN, you're on the headlines again? You must be drunk. Ever since you entered the entertainment industry, you've been constantly being slandered. If other people are famous, you must be famous. "

Xiao Hui smiled bitterly helplessly. "I'm also in despair. No matter what, I can't avoid the news of me and Fang Yuan being jealous of each other. This time around, it's the same. They even said that I caused her to miscarry. "

"But, Xiao Hui, are you and Nangong Ye really okay? " Du Xi asked.

Xiao Hui's face turned pale. What was going on? Even du Xi felt that there was something going on between her and Nangong ye?

"young master and I are really okay! Miss Du Xi, if even you don't believe me, I really want to die! " She said hurriedly.

"Okay, okay! I believe you. The main thing is that news about you and Nangong Ye is everywhere. I didn't believe it at first, but now I almost believe it, " Du Xi said.

She was truly moved by the pressure of public opinion. She didn't expect to see Xiao Hui's news every day. One day, she almost believed the news.

Sure enough, the entertainment industry was a place where public opinion could be used to distort right and wrong.

In the entertainment industry, Justice and truth could not compete with the power of lies and evil.

Xiao Hui was so anxious that she stomped her feet. "There's really nothing going on between my young master and me! "

Wen Xin also looked at Xiao Hui in surprise. She really did not expect Xiao Hui and Nangong ye to be innocent. She also thought that Xiao Hui was Nangong ye's woman.

"Don't be anxious! " Du Xi held Xiao Hui's hand and looked apologetic. "I believe you, I will definitely believe you! Don't worry, I won't believe anything the NEWS SAYS IN THE FUTURE! " Du Xi said.

Xiao Hui's head drooped. "Even you have to believe what the news says. Those people who don't know the situation will definitely believe the news. "

"not necessarily. I'll think of a way to tell my friends to release positive news. The News I saw was intentionally defaming you, only intercepting the fact that you pushed Fang Yuan. The cause of the matter and the matter of you protecting Wen Xin were not mentioned, " Du Xi analyzed.

"I'm willing to testify for Xiao Hui. It was Fang Yuan who came to cause trouble for Xiao Hui! Xiao Hui pushed Fang Yuan to protect me, " Wen Xin said.

"MMM MMM, I'll contact the reporters I know and ask them to come and do an interview for you. " Du Xi took out her phone and called her reporter friend.

Her Du family also had her own news agency. Her name, Du Xi, was quite useful in the news world.

Very quickly, she contacted the reporters. "The reporters are already rushing here. In a while, we'll be able to send positive news to Xiao Hui. " Her gaze shifted "I suddenly thought of an idea. Can I be Xiao Hui's manager? Wen Xin, you can be her assistant. Of course, you can come back to work after you give birth. "

Xiao Hui's eyes lit up. "Miss Du Xi, are you really willing to be my manager? "

Her eyes were filled with a glimmer of hope. If du Xi became her manager, then no one would dare to bully her!

"Anyway, I'm fine! " I was making up for school credits. I originally wanted to go to Bai Bo's hospital to work, but after I went there twice, the patients were afraid of me. They said that if I went to the operating table, they would rather die than do the surgery. They didn't know that they were afraid that I would cut off their internal organs when I was happy. "D * MN, am I such a clueless person? " Du Xi ridiculed Although she had a big personality, she was also a clueless person, okay?

Xiao Hui and Wen Xin nodded after they heard it. Yes, it was indeed clueless. This young lady said that the wind was the rain. If she let the young lady go to the operating table, they would really mourn for those patients.

Du Xi looked at Xiao Hui and Wen Xin in surprise and nodded. Her gaze narrowed. "What do you mean by nodding? Do you also think that I would carelessly cut off other people's internal organs when I'm happy? "

"No, no. We don't think that's the intention. We just think that you're more suitable to be a manager! " Wen Xin quickly said. Why would du Xi be happy when she cut other people's organs She could cut other people's organs even if she wasn't happy, right?

"Yes, yes. The most suitable occupation for you is to be my manager! " Xiao Hui said.

"Oh, then I'll be a manager! By the way, what does a manager do? " Du Xi asked.

"A manager should be a person who contacts artists for various jobs, activities, advertisements, television dramas, and movies. Oh, a manager should work in a media company, " Xiao Hui said with a little understanding.

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"right, then I'll set up a media company first. You guys wait. " Du Xi called her brother and informed Du Rui to set up a media company for her.

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