May The Rest Of My Life Be Sweet To You Chapter 1778

Chapter 1778: Chapter 1778 this man belongs to me. 130

The doctor immediately saw Nangong Ye. "You're the patient's husband, right? Why are you so late? Don't you know how dangerous your wife is? Even if you don't care about adults, you still have to take care of the child, right? I've never seen you as family members before. It took you so long for someone to come. HURRY UP AND SIGN! "

Seeing a man standing guard outside the ward, the doctor naturally assumed Wen Xin's identity as her husband. If a pregnant woman was going to have a miscarriage, the person standing guard outside the door was definitely her husband, right?

There was no need to ask about this. However, this husband came too late, which made her very dissatisfied!

Medical treatment and other things were all responsible. No matter what it was, the doctor hoped to inform the family members so that they could explain the situation clearly, so that they wouldn't cause trouble for the doctors in the future.

Nangong ye was stunned for a moment, and the corners of his lips twitched slightly. After a moment, he said, "what documents are you signing? "

"these notification letters and the resuscitation statement. In short, you just need to sign these, " the doctor said.

"How are Wen Xin and the Child? You haven't told me about this yet, " Nangong ye asked.

"They've been resuscitated and the child has been saved for the time being. If you're so concerned, you should have come over earlier if you knew that your wife had an accident and was about to have a miscarriage! Only after they've been resuscitated do you know how anxious you are, " the doctor complained.

Xiao Hui's heart was in her throat. She truly broke out in cold sweat for this doctor. When had their young master ever been talked about? Even the master and Madam had never talked about their young Master!

Based on Nangong Ye's temper, she was afraid that Nangong Ye would immediately overturn the hospital.

Nangong ye's face sank and was filled with endless anger. He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger before he signed the document.

He threw a pen at the doctor. "FOR THE SAKE OF THEIR SAFETY! "

He walked past the doctor and walked straight into the emergency room.

The doctor was reprimanded by the man. He was stunned for a few seconds before he regained his senses. She had never been reprimanded like this by a patient's family!

"Hey! What kind of attitude is this? STOP RIGHT THERE! The emergency room is not a place you can enter! "

Xiao Hui took a few steps forward and pulled the doctor back. "about that, our young master is worried about the patient's condition. He doesn't mean anything by it. Don't be nervous. We will leave after taking a look at the patient. "

She was afraid that the doctor would run further and further away on the road of death. This was already the best-tempered Nangong ye that she had ever seen!

"It concerns the patient's condition. We CAN'T JUST BARGE IN! This is the emergency room! " The doctor said.

"Isn't the resuscitation already done? " Xiao Hui said.

After the resuscitation, it shouldn't be a big deal to go in and take a look at the patient, right?

The doctor was rendered speechless and rolled his eyes. "HMPH! "

In the emergency room, Wen Xin had already been cleaned up by a few nurses. After putting on her hospital gown, she lay on the stretcher and waited for the nurses to clean up the medical equipment in the room before she was pushed to the ward.

The door opened and she was surprised to see Nangong ye.

The man was still as good-looking as before with his own light source. His entire person was bright and handsome, as if he had a luster comparable to that of the sun and moon.

She was stunned for a moment. In the next moment, she caught her thoughts. What right did she have to look at him?

Nangong ye was the high and mighty heir of the Nangong family. He was the young master of the Nangong family. He was the dream lover in the hearts of many young girls. Who was she?

Her hand touched her stomach. She was betrayed by her ex once, which was why she was able to pass by Nangong ye by chance. She always knew her identity.

"Young Master Nangong, did you go to the wrong place? " She said awkwardly. Anyway, she didn't think that Nangong ye would come to see her.

Nangong ye frowned. "If I went to the wrong place, who would sign those documents for you? Where's Su Bei? "

He asked. Wen Xin had saved her child, but he hadn't seen Su Bei.

Wen Xin bit her lips. She didn't expect Nangong Ye to sign the documents for her.

"He... He's busy, " she said hesitantly.

Su Bei had been very busy recently. He was especially busy and didn't go home. She and Su Bei only spoke once in a while, and it was because they wanted to talk about Su Bei's mother.

"You're so busy that you don't even care about your own woman and Child? Is this the man you've chosen? His company isn't even as good as my branch, " Nangong ye said.

Wen Xin's heart twitched "He must be a little busy when he's starting up his business. Thank you, young Master Nangong, for helping me sign those documents. If Young Master Nangong has nothing else to do, please go back. This is a hospital, it's not convenient for someone as honorable as young master Nangong to come here. "

She naturally knew if Su Bei was reliable. Ever since they got married, Su Bei had been treating her more and more coldly. Of course, she never hoped that Su Bei would treat her well. She only wanted a status for her child and did not want her child to be scolded as an illegitimate child.

However, no one liked to be poked at where it hurt, especially when facing Nangong ye. If she was poked by Nangong ye like this, she would feel even more inferior.

After being ordered to leave, Nangong Ye's expression sank to the extreme. The corners of his lips curled up into a cold smile. "That's true. You chose your own path. You have no right to say that you regret it. "

He turned around and walked out of the emergency room. He did not look at the woman behind him again.

Wen Xin's eyes closed for a moment. It was as if Nangong ye had pierced through her heart.

The nurses looked at Wen Xin and the tall and handsome man's back in surprise.

"Wen Xin, who is this handsome man? Why did I hear you call him young Master Nan Gong? "

"Yes, he can't be President Nan Gong, right? "

"He, he is, " Wen Xin said awkwardly.

"What's your relationship with him? " The young nurse asked with a gossipy face.

"No, it's nothing. It's just that my husband has some business dealings with him, " she made up an excuse.

The few young nurses had nothing else to dig out, and their business dealings were legitimate.

They pushed Wen Xin out of the emergency room.

Xiao Hui had been waiting outside the emergency room the whole time. She looked at her young master's furious back and wondered what had happened in the emergency room.

"Wen Xin, you're out! Did our young master say anything to you? " She asked hurriedly.

"Nothing. What's the matter? " Wen Xin said weakly.

"Nothing. I just feel that young master's mood isn't right, " Xiao Hui said.

"Xiao Hui, thank you for helping me. Without you this time, my child would be in danger, " Wen Xin thanked her.

"There's no need for that. I didn't do anything, and you even helped me argue against Fang Yuan. Oh right, I didn't contact Su Bei. I informed Miss Du Xi, " Xiao Hui said.

She looked at Wen Xin's phone book and did not dare to call Wen Xin's mother rashly. She was afraid that the old lady's mental state would not be able to take it and her daughter would have another miscarriage.

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She knew that Du Xi and Wen Xin were good friends, so she informed Du Xi.

The sound of high heels running could be heard in the corridor.

"Wen Xin! Wen Xin, how are you? " Du Xi ran all the way over.

"I'm fine. Don't run, or you'll fall! " Wen Xin hurriedly said.

"where's that Fang Yuan? I'll kick her! " Du Xi's fiery temper flared up.

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