First Marriage Then Love: Wife Never Divorce Chapter 1788

Chapter 1788: Chapter 1788 you're so ruthless

Qiu Yitang's brain immediately rumbled. He could no longer remember what Fang Xiao had said. There was only one sentence in his brain: Du Caiwei's eyes are going blind!

When Fang Xiao called Qiu Yitang, she said that Du Caiwei's eyes might be going blind. However, when Qiu Yitang rushed to the police station the next day to see her, she knew that Du Caiwei's eyes were indeed blind.

At that time, Du Caiwei was rolling on the ground in pain after being sprinkled with two handfuls of lime by Fang Chen. She was busy calling the emergency number 120 while the bystanders called the police.

Then, 110 and 120 arrived almost at the same time. 120 people carried du Caiwei to the ambulance while she and her brother were taken to the police station for questioning.

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The truth was very obvious. She and Fang Chen ganged up to bully du Caiwei alone. Although Fang Chen's iq was only four years old, he was tall and big. No one believed that he was just a child.

Du Caiwei was injured, so the siblings had to take responsibility. Fang Chen's two handfuls of lime had to take the main responsibility, and she was the elder sister. Not only did she not educate her brother well, but she also took the initiative to fight with others, so she had to take responsibility.

Not only did the people around them witness the fight between her and Du Caiwei, but there was also a surveillance video installed at the Korean Barbecue restaurant. From the surveillance video, it could be seen that Du Caiwei was holding her hand at first She had a pleading look on her face, but she raised her hand and slapped du Caiwei in the face.

She was the one who started the fight, and it was also her and her younger brother who jointly hit the person. Moreover, the two siblings had even blinded du Caiwei's eyes. What awaited them would be imprisonment.

It was not Fang Xiao's first time being locked up in the police station, so she was not that afraid when she saw the police. However, Fang Chen looked like an adult, and his temperament was still that of a child. When he saw the police, his entire body trembled.

In Fang Chen's understanding, the police uncle was there to catch bad people. Now, he and his sister were actually caught by the police uncle, so he instinctively thought that he was considered a bad person by the police uncle.

Therefore, he kept crying out, "police uncle, I'm not a bad person. You've caught the wrong person. Police uncle, I'm not a bad person... "

One night, Fang Xiao held her brother Fang Chen's hand. The siblings held each other's hands and sat in the cold room. In the end, Fang Chen finally cried enough and fell asleep, but she was not sleepy at all.

Not only did she remember the incident two months ago when she smashed a fool, she was also locked up in the police station. But that time, there was Dongfang Yunheng. Although he was cold and indifferent to her, he hated her But in the end, he still thought of a way to help her settle the matter and let her walk out safely.

Now that she was once again locked up in the detention center, who would help her Could she and Fang Chen still walk out of the police station What was waiting for them, sister and brother?

The next morning, Qiu Yitang came. The first thing he said when he saw her was, "Fang Xiao, you're really ruthless. You're a vicious woman that I've never seen before. Cai Wei's eyes are blind now. Are You satisfied? "

Fang Xiao listened like that and looked at Qiu Yitang, whose face was distorted due to anger. After a long while, she refuted, "I didn't expect Fang Chen to grab the lime and throw it on her face. I... "

"enough, Fang Xiao. " Qiu Yitang was so angry that he wanted to strangle her to death. Of course, if this place was not the police station, it was fortunate that this place was special, so Qiu Yitang controlled himself and did not make a move.

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