First Marriage Then Love: Wife Never Divorce Chapter 1786

Chapter 1786: Chapter 1786: I can't get a divorce

So, at five in the afternoon, she got in her car and drove west. Because there were some traffic jams on the road, she couldn't walk fast, and she didn't reach the West until six o'clock.

But according to the address in the text message, she couldn't find the barbecue restaurant that Qiu Yitang mentioned, so she had to call Qiu Yitang, wanting to ask him where the Barbecue restaurant was.

But Qiu Yitang's phone was turned off, so she was a little annoyed, so she could only pull over and ask others. It was not easy to find out that there was a new Korean Barbecue restaurant a little distance away from here, but she didn't know whether it was open or not.. She let her drive over to take a look.

Fang Xiao finally arrived under the guidance of a passerby. She parked the car and led Fang Chen to the Korean bbq restaurant. When she reached the door, she realized that it was a newly opened restaurant, and there was no one inside.

She brought Fang Chen in to find a seat and then called Qiu Yitang. However, her phone was still turned off. She was finally annoyed, and Fang Chen didn't like this restaurant very much, so he insisted on leaving.

Just as they walked out of the restaurant's door, du Caiwei walked up to them When she saw the two of them, she immediately apologized, "I'm sorry. Yi Tang drank too much at my place in the afternoon and is still sleeping on my bed. He asked me to come over and help you pay for it. He said that he would treat you to barbecue. "

No matter how good-tempered Fang Xiao was, she was angered by Du Caiwei's actions. She could not help but growl in a low voice, "Du Caiwei, what do you mean? Get lost. Can't I treat my brother to Barbecue? "

"Xiao Xiao, I'm just helping Yi Tang bring you money. " Du Caiwei immediately rushed forward and grabbed Fang Xiao's hand Then, she hurriedly explained, "Xiao Xiao, how can you do this to me? I'm only in love with Yi Tang, and I didn't stop you from being with Yi Tang. Why are you still unwilling to let me go... "

"Who isn't willing to let you go? " Fang Xiao only felt that du Caiwei was so annoying. She couldn't help but use her hand to pull her hand away, trying to pull her finger away.

However, she couldn't pull her hand away, so she growled in annoyance, "Du Caiwei, do you want to let go? If you don't let go, I'll call someone. "

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"If I don't let go, I won't let go. " Du Caiwei seemed to have gotten into a fight with her. She held her hand and cried out as if she was begging, "Xiao Xiao, can you leave Yitang? Can you divorce him? Please, I really can't do without Yitang... "

"It's impossible for me to divorce him. " Fang Xiao almost directly rejected DU CAIWEI's request. Then, she said coldly, "besides, Qiu Yitang won't agree to divorce me. I'll... "

"You're just exchanging benefits with him. " Du Caiwei quickly interrupted Fang Xiao's words Then, she snorted coldly and said, "do you think Qiu Yitang really likes you If he didn't see that you could bring him benefits, do you think he would marry you Even if he married you, do you think he would touch you Let me tell you, in his heart, you are a ruined woman whose dirty face is worse than a prostitute. "..."

A CRISP SLAP rang out. In her rage, Fang Xiao couldn't bear it anymore and slapped du Caiwei Then, she pointed at her and said, "you don't need to comment on what kind of person I am. If Qiu Yitang really likes you, he will naturally marry you. Since he didn't marry you, he naturally doesn't really like you. "

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