Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 833

Chapter 833 What Is This?


Lin Yan stopped thinking. She didn’t care about the outcome. She could just win.

She had to admit that the man’s racing skills were incredible. If she hadn’t been racing for so long, Lin Yan wouldn’t have been able to overtake him.

How could Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng lose? Lin Yan couldn’t take this lying down.

She overtook the man’s car swiftly.

Soon, Lin Yan realized that the man was acting up again. He was charging toward her car.

Lin Yan was enlightened. No wonder Mo Shuyun had driven his car out of the track

If she couldn’t get out of this place, she would get killed by him.

“What a huge joke”

Lin Yan grinned as she scrutinized the rearview mirror.

Although the track was a straight line, it was wide enough. Every time the man bumped into Lin Yan, she would simply swerve in a random direction and avoid him.

“F*ck! That works too?”

He Lefeng stood outside the track, looking surprised and amazed by Lin Yan’s performance.

She had dared to swerve in the direction of the car at a really high speed. What was more amazing was that Lin Yan’s car was solid and stable. She hadn’t even shown any signs of crashing.

Mo Shuyun couldn’t believe it either. What was going on?

15 seconds later, Lin Yan’s car reached the finish line.


Lin Yan had just reached the finish line when the man’s car crashed into a trash can dozens of meters away.

Lin Yan was terrified. This was why he had wanted to race?

Lin Yan had assumed that the man had a strategy. Every time someone had overtaken him, he had deliberately tried to force them to escape.

Lin Yan realized that she had been wrong.

How could that man have a strategy? He was too lousy. He couldn’t control his speed!

Lin Yan immediately ran out of the car and hid far away. She was afraid that the man might accidentally lose control and cause her to die.

A few seconds later, the man finally stepped on the brakes. The tires slipped and turned a few times before finally stopping.

“Are you a stuntman?”

Mo Shuyun hurried forward.

“Boss, are you alright?”

Lin Yan darted forward and knocked on the window.

The man opened the door and eyed Lin Yan. “You got lucky.”

Lin Yan was speechless

How dare he boast? She had almost lost her life!

“If my shoelaces hadn’t accidentally pressed against the accelerator” the man hissed coldly.

Mo Shuyun and He Lefeng glanced at each other.

He had stepped accidentally on the accelerator?

That was why they had lost?

“I lost to your shoelaces?” He Lefeng was dumbfounded.

Mo Shuyun didn’t look very pleased. Did he mean that he had lost to his shoes?

Initially, he had assumed this man was the type of person who would flare up at people who beat him.

In the end, his shoelaces had clung to the accelerator!

This was a huge stain in Mo Shuyun’s career. He had never imagined that he would be so arrogant. If he had known this would happen, he would have found many ways to deal with it. As long as the man wasn’t bent on hitting him, he would definitely win.

“Boss, are you alright?” Lin Yan asked the man.

“I’m fine,” replied the man.

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