Lifetime Of Bliss And Contentment With You Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Too Naive


“Sister, listen to me It’s not what you think. He is really shameless!” He Lefeng was close to tears.

Lin Yan didn’t seem to want to listen to He Lefeng’s explanation. She immediately rolled down the window and vanished.

She hadn’t judged He Lefeng wrong. He was indeed completely useless.

Mo Shuyun frowned as he watched his boss’ car.

How could she not move? Didn’t she know how to drive?

She wasn’t afraid that the wheels of the cars would smash her car.

Racing was definitely dangerous!

Mo Shuyun followed the man’s car and couldn’t help but tremble in fear. He was afraid that the man would accidentally run him over.

Mo Shuyun stepped on the accelerator and used the flash twice. He was afraid that his boss wouldn’t look in the rearview mirror.

Mo Shuyun didn’t treat this man as a real racer. He merely treated him as an ordinary racer.

It was hard to drive someone else’s car.

“You want to stop my car?”

Mo Shuyun couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle coldly. “I asked to drive this car. How dare you stop a professional racer like me? Dream on.”

The man seemed to have seen Mo Shuyun’s car through the rearview mirror. He thus tried to stop Mo Shuyun.

However, Mo Shuyun didn’t take the man seriously. He casually swerved and overtook the man’s car.

“Darling, you’re mine.”

The corners of Mo Shuyun’s mouth curled up. His dream car had become his easily.


Mo Shuyun glanced at the rearview mirror and his expression changed.

The man’s car was really fast.

“What the Is there a need for this?” Mo Shuyun was shocked. However, he didn’t give up like He Lefeng. Instead, he stepped on the accelerator and tried to shake the man off.

Unfortunately, Mo Shuyun realized that he had been too naive.

“His car has two engines!”

The corners of He Lefeng’s mouth twitched. That man’s car was way too terrifying. If he exerted more force, he would be able to fly!

The most crucial factor was that the track was a straight line. There was no technique involved. What was more important was whose car would perform the best. The man didn’t need to do anything. He just needed to step on the accelerator to win.

About ten seconds later, the man’s car was only about one meter away from Mo Shuyun. The two cars could get intimate at any time.

“What are you trying to do?”

Mo Shuyun gritted his teeth and ran out of the track.

His car couldn’t be compared to that man’s. Plus, the track was straight. If this went on, he would only need two seconds to hit the car from the back.

That man was a lunatic! Was this a competition? He was risking his life on this track!

If he had been a racer, he would have been banned from competing


Lin Yan’s car flashed past the moment he left the track.

Lin Yan’s eyes darted to Mo Shuyun, who stood by the roadside, looking puzzled.

“Even Mo Shuyun lost?”

Lin Yan furrowed her eyebrows.

What was going on?

Lin Yan was well aware of that man’s driving skills. It was fine that the man had beaten He Lefeng. After all, he was extremely lousy and unstable.

However, Mo Shuyun was a veteran racer. He was famous in the racing industry.

How could he be defeated by that man?

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