Soul Land Iv Douluo Dalu : Ultimate Fighting Chapter 1614

Chapter 1612: High Mountain

"As we said before, the worst case scenario is that the Crimson Realm becomes the God Realm, and this is a situation that we absolutely cannot accept. We have not judged that the Crimson Realm will join forces with the Yukong Clan. , So as to allow the entire plane to be able to space teleport. Now we must do everything to reduce the loss, at least we must not let the Crimson Realm swallow the life core of Pegasus or Draco. Otherwise, everything will be irreversible."

"Although we are enemies with the Dragon Horse galaxy, at this time, only the same enemy can avoid the most uncontrollable situation as much as possible. Only by letting go of prejudices and facing the enemy together is the most correct choice. Especially the Dragon Star Over there, we still need a stable environment for you to break through. Even if we cant completely resist the Crimson Realm, we have to delay it for enough time. Although I am a character from ten thousand years ago, after all, your mother and I are the whole The only Super God level powerhouse in the Douluo Federation, they still have to respect our opinions. On Shrek and Tang Sect, I can count on it. On the side of the Spirit Tower, dont forget, your mother used to be Spiritual Tower Master. What's more, in the current situation, anyone with a discerning eye should know how to choose. The most important resource is ours."

"If this is true, it would be great. Although it is only a day earlier, the situation will be much better." Lan Xuanyu was overjoyed. At the critical moment, parents are the most reliable!

Tang Wulin said: "You follow the army to return, don't rush on the road, consolidate your cultivation. We will drive the silver armored Dapeng battleship to rush over at the fastest speed, relying on the space jump of the silver armored Dapeng battleship, should be in Our three major fleets arrived at about the same time. We will try to help you delay the time."

"Okay!" Lan Xuanyu's admiration for his father at this time can be said to be a five-body admiration. Letting go of the prejudices is easy to say, but it is so simple to let go.

At this time, Tang Wulin gave him a lofty feeling that his father was the real mainstay of the Douluo Federation! Compared with him, he is far, far behind.

Without knowing it at all, his father had communicated with the Douluo Federation and completed such an important preparatory work. You know, the Douluo Federation has always regarded the Dragon Horse Galaxy as its biggest enemy and its biggest goal. It was never easy for my father to persuade the Federation to support the Longma Federation at this time. And the importance of the long-term significance of this is that it is not an exaggeration to say that it will have life and death significance for the future Douluo Federation.

Farewell to their parents, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu took their brand-new six-character battle armor, returned to the fleet again, advanced at full speed, and rushed back to Tianlongxing.

At this moment, Longma Double Star is already facing tremendous oppression.

The thick dark red color is generally overwhelming on the surface of Pegasus. As everyone guessed, the destination of the Crimson Realm is Pegasus. Because this is the most reasonable choice.

The Tianma tribe is weaker than the dragon tribe. Although there are more in number, the difference in individual strength is not small. However, the life energy of Pegasus and Draco are almost the same.

When the Crimson Domain appeared outside the atmosphere of Pegasus, the entire planet was shaken instantly, and the powerhouses of various races who stayed behind on Pegasus quickly gathered. The planetary defense system is fully opened.

Double Dragon and Horse has always been the core of the entire Dragon and Horse galaxy, occupying a dominant position, and the background is still very deep. It was just that the two firsts, Tianlong and Tianma, took away most of the top powerhouses, so the planet itself was empty.

The most important thing is that the Pegasus Knight and Dragon Knight have both left! This is to ensure that the two major firsts can temporarily burst out of half-step strength of the **** king level. Therefore, whether it is Pegasus or Draco, there is no Pegasus or Dragon Knight.

The Crimson Realm that came this time did not wait and hesitate as it did when facing the sky and the stars. The huge plane instantly turned into a shuttle shape and went straight to the Pegasus star.

Just when the powerful people of various races on Pegasus were shocked and desperate, a green halo suddenly surged across the planet Pegasus.

This layer of halo burst out from the inside out, a young girl, silently suspended in the air, standing proudly. The huge life energy shield she supported covered the entire planet Pegasus.

A strange scene also happened. The Crimson Domain, which was descending from the sky with incomparable might, unexpectedly quickly contained the momentum of the impact and stopped.

The arrival of the Crimson Realm was so sudden that it was impossible for Pegasus to have any preparation. In the panic at this time, many strong men began to gather.

Who is in the sky? This is the doubt of most people.

At this moment, in the crimson domain outside the atmosphere, a beautiful figure slowly appeared, and the huge crimson cloak seemed to extend in the crimson domain behind her endlessly. She looked at the turquoise shield with cold eyes, and she was also a woman with a stunning face.

"We finally meet. Long Tian Yang!" Crimson Mother said lightly.

Long Tianyang looked at the Crimson Mother in front of him, "You came here with the power of teleportation. It seems that the idiots of the Dragon and Tianma tribes were deceived by you."

The Crimson Mother said coldly: "Yes. The Yukong clan is for my use. With the space technology of their clan, interstellar teleportation is no longer a problem with sufficient energy support. At this time, the Pegasus star is the best. At the moment of emptiness, you will also be my dish."

Long Tianyang said indifferently: "Then why didn't you rush forward? Are you worried that I will consume your plane energy at any cost with the power of creation? To me, your immortality characteristics will have no meaning."

The Crimson Mother smiled, her smile was full of disdain, "Block me with the power of creation? How much power of creation do you have? To support such a large defense, your genealogy energy persists for a day If not, it will completely collapse. At that time, your life core will be broken and you will no longer exist."

Long Tianyang said, "Thats better than being swallowed by you. I would rather collapse than be your dish."

The Crimson Mother sighed softly, "Why are you? If you are willing to cooperate with me and help me achieve God Realm, I will definitely give back. In the future, in the God Realm based on Dragon Horse Double Star, I can Shake with you."

Long Tianyang shook his head and said: "You are daydreaming. Do you really think that with physical support, you can turn the crisis into peace? Will you be able to establish a true God Realm? This is the dream of all your energy planes. , However, you who use devouring as energy, in a sense, are just scavengers of the laws of the universe, reducing the oppression carried by the universe, but in the end, energy will inevitably return to the universe. There can be no other Maybe. Do you think you can be above the rules of the universe?"

The face of the Crimson Mother became a bit ugly, "Nothing is impossible. I haven't tried it, how can I know that it can't? At least, with the entity, we can live longer. Since we are sweepers, After achieving the physical **** realm, more existence can be destroyed, more planets swallowed, and there is no intention to violate the laws of the universe. Why can't it survive forever?"

Long Tianyang said indifferently: "You will never understand the profound meaning of the laws of the universe. The laws of the universe will not allow your existence to eventually achieve the true God Realm. To some extent, the God Realm is already the master of the Universal Law. Especially the God Realm above the six-dimensional space can be said to be a manager. This kind of existence is to make the universe run more smoothly. And you, who use devouring as a growth history, can do this?"

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