Martial God Asura Chapter 4669

Chapter 4668: Immemorial Fate Stone

Chapter 4668: Immemorial Fate Stone

The exclamation from the Lady of Dao Sea was followed with three words.

"Immemorial Fate Stone?"

"Immemorial Fate Stone?!"

Those words from the Lady of Dao Sea drew everyones attention toward her. Everyone waited quietly for the Lady of Dao Sea to reveal the background of the Immemorial Fate Stone.

"It comes from an era preceding the Ancient Erathe Immemorial Era. Its rumored that theres a rock in the Immemorial Era that could assess a persons talent and fate. 

"If someone could spark a ray of light inside the rock, it would mean that hes talented. Two rays of light, and it would mean that hes talented and blessed by fate. Three rays of light, and it would mean that hes not only formidable, but he holds the key to changing the world too!

"In other words, hes a person chosen by heaven!

"Its for this reason that this rock is known as the Immemorial Fate Stone. Its one of the most formidable treasures to assess a persons talent in the entire world of cultivation," the Lady of Dao Sea explained.

"As expected of Elder Lady of Dao Sea. You do know a lot about the Immemorial Fate Stone," Zhang Yingxiong began applauding loudly as he offered his compliment.

It was just that the gleeful look on his face made it look as if he was praising himself instead of the Lady of Dao Sea. After all, the Immemorial Fate Stone was in his possession at the moment.

"Ive read about the Immemorial Fate Stone on ancient scrolls and records Ive stumbled upon in remnants. However, I have never seen one in person before. This young friend over here, are you certain that what you have is truly the Immemorial Fate Stone?" the Lady of Dao Sea asked.

As much as the Lady of Dao Sea knew about the Immemorial Fate Stone, she didnt have the ability to discern its authenticity.


Zhang Yingxiong began chuckling under his breath before he turned to look at Chu Feng, the Lady of Dao Sea, and Wang Yuxian.

"Elder Lady of Dao Sea, Brother Chu Feng, and Miss Wang, please take a good look."

Zhang Yingxiong even winked a little when he mentioned Wang Yuxian, causing the latters face to freeze up. A slight frown formed on her forehead.

Clearly, Wang Yuxian didnt have a good impression of Zhang Yingxiong.

However, Zhang Yingxiong paid it no heed and laughed her response off. Then, he began walking over to the Immemorial Fate Stone.

He first formed a series of hand seals and murmured a chant to construct a small formation above the tip of his finger. Then, he pressed his finger against the boulder, slipping the small formation in.

The hand seals and chant looked simple on the surface, but they were far more complicated than it looked. It was a particularly ingenious means.


As soon as the small formation fused together with the Immemorial Fate Stone, the latter started trembling lightly before a spirit formation gate suddenly formed before it.

The spirit formation gate wasnt particularly good, standing at round a meter tall and half a meter in width. It had an elliptical shape that spiralled into the center of the Immemorial Fate Stone.

Judging by its miniature size, anyone who wanted to enter the spirit formation gate would have to crawl in.

However, as soon as the spirit formation gate appeared, Zhang Yingxiong was suddenly surrounded by a suction force that dragged his obviously larger body right into the spirit formation gate. 

"What an amazing talent-gauging stone!"

Chu Feng assessed the Immemorial Fate Stone in amazement.

He realized that the spirit formation gate harnessed Zhang Yingxiongs aura, as if the gate was made specially for Zhang Yingxiong. No one else other than Zhang Yingxiong could enter the spirit formation gate.


All of a sudden, a portion of the complicated runes on the Immemorial Fate Stone lit up, filling the night sky with a brilliant outburst of light. It was almost as if night and day had been inversed. Everything else in the world vanished amidst the blinding light. 

Even Chu Feng was forced to narrow his eyes under the blinding radiance.

His eyes were able to peer through the secrets of the world to uncover treasures and detect danger, but they were actually unable to withstand the piercing radiance of the light.

The same was occurring to Wang Yuxian and the others. Even the Lady of Dao Sea, despite her powerful cultivation, had to narrow her eyes too. She couldnt withstand the blinding light as well.

There could only be two possibilities to such a situation.

First, the Immemorial Fate Stones tier was simply too high that even someone of the Lady of Dao Seas cultivation couldnt cope with it.

Second, the Immemorial Fate Stone had the power to disregard the cultivation of all cultivators.

In other words, all living beings were equal before it. No matter how powerful their cultivation was, in the moment that the Immemorial Fate Stone started radiating its light, their vision would be blinded.

At the very moment that the Immemorial Fate Stone started glowing, Chu Feng sensed something divine engulfing the surroundings. If its divinity could only be detected on close examination earlier, at this very moment, it was revealing everything directly before one.

It was hard to describe the feeling Chu Feng was getting from the Immemorial Fate Stone. He had encountered techniques, treasures, and even powerful lifeforms that gave him a feeling of divinity, but there was nothing that was as intense as the Immemorial Fate Stone.


The light remained as brilliant as ever, cloaking the surroundings white. But oddly, Chu Feng and the others found the Immemorial Fate Stone becoming clearer and clearer to them. It started from just its bare outline till the point that they could see the complicated runes inscribed on it clearly.

At this very moment, a third of the runes had already lit up.

"To think that he would be able to induce such brilliant light. It seems like this young friend is truly of extraordinary talent!"

The Lady of Dao Sea suddenly spoke up.

Despite the formidable prowess displayed by the boulder, most people still couldnt be certain whether it was really the Immemorial Fate Stone mentioned by the Lady of Dao Sea. However, the Lady of Dao Seas response gave them a very direct answer to the question.

At the very least, it was apparent that the Lady of Dao Sea was convinced by the authenticity of the boulder.

Most people couldnt help but exclaim in astonishment as they finally realized that the black-robed young man whom they had been looking down upon was actually an incredibly talented individual. Their perception of Zhang Yingxiong changed in an instant.


But while everyone was still awed by the Immemorial Fate Stone, the light emanated suddenly changed. The divine white light abruptly vanished, replaced by crimson light. 

This crimson light swiftly engulfed the entire world. It wasnt as jarring as the white light, but it looked incredibly sinister. It was to the point that no one was able to remain unfazed by the sight.

Horror emerged on most of the faces around, and bodies began to tremble in fear. Some of the more cowardly ones even hurriedly hid behind the lady of Dao Sea, looking as if they would burst into tears at any moment now.

Even the Lady of Dao Sea had a tight frown on her forehead. She couldnt remain composed with this abrupt twist in the situation.

She put her guard up as if she was faced against an enemy.

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