Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1221

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 1221 The Story Of Ling And Heng 484

Aware that Feng Ling was talking to Veram in the lounge behind the spectators' room, Li Nanheng went to find her.

He wanted to knock on the door and go in, but then he remembered that Feng Ling was the main drillmaster of Team One. Since he had handed this responsibility to her, he couldn't interfere with her decision in such a normal situation. As long as she didn't speak, she didn't need anyone to help her.

Li Nanheng leaned against the wall of the lounge and lit a cigarette, only to hear the conversation inside.

He glanced at the time. There were still four minutes before the next round of the assessment.

"Veram, what do you want?" Feng Ling asked lightly while looking at Veram who was still arrogant after being called in.

Veram put his hands in the pockets of his black uniform and whispered, "What do you mean what I want? Although my performance is mediocre and I lowered the score of the team, there are still other people in Team Two who are a burden. This can only be said to be a problem of the instructor's ability. Even if I lose, it has nothing to do with me."

Feng Ling looked at him expressionlessly. "Is this the result you wanted after working hard in the base for a whole month?"

Veram paused, then glanced at her coldly with dissatisfaction. "Even if I win in the end, only ten of the twenty people will be able to stay. You have to decide the ten slots yourself. Why would you let me stay? Since I have to leave sooner or later, why should I give someone else a wedding dress? If I lose, everyone will leave together. No one can stay."

"You want to stay?"

"Of course."

"All right." Feng Ling nodded. "As long as you perform well during the assessment, I'll keep you."

Veram was startled. Although he was biased and unhappy with Feng Ling, he knew that she was a very principled person. As long as she promised something, she would do it.

Feng Ling said, "I'll talk to Ah Feng and the others later. I can talk to them in the base hall. Such a simple matter is easy to solve. If you want to stay, I can help you."

She glanced at the time. "So, how do you want to play the next five rounds?"

Veram didn't know how to react. He felt that Feng Ling didn't say such words because she was threatened, but he couldn't find any other reason.

"Let me ask you, since you want to stay, you want to show us a good result so that you can stand firm even if you stay in the base. After all, what people see is strength, not a chance you can get for no reason." Feng Ling's expression remained indifferent. There was no anger or impatience in her tone. She continued calmly: "But what I want to say is that you haven't personally experienced any combat missions. You haven't seen any of your brothers die by your side. Do you know what the most solemn place in front of the base's main hall is? It's all branded by the brothers who died in battle. Do you think XI Base has nothing but reputation and money? This is the closest place to the Door of Life and Death. If you don't have enough ability, you can just take one step and die."

Veram: " "

"Am I being strict with you just because I don't want you to stay? The one who benefits from physical training is only you. When you are on a mission, under the enemy's guns and grenades, at least you have enough stamina and speed to avoid those fatal dangers. You still have a chance to counterattack. If I rashly keep you when I can't see your strength, what's the difference between forcing someone to stay behind and waiting for death?"

Veram: " "

Feng Ling took a deep breath. "Did you think that the base didn't care about you at all when they sent a female drillmaster here? Although all of you followed the training patiently, your heart was never balanced? Are you not satisfied with me because I'm a woman?"

Veram explained hoarsely, "It's not"

Feng Ling said indifferently, "That's because you're not confident in yourself. You're too sensitive and extreme. If I didn't see your strength and knew that you could do better, why would I call you out for devil training? Do you think I'm targeting you or taking responsibility for your future life in the base?"

Veram froze for a moment and clenched his fists.

"In my team, everyone's the same, but it's shameful to give up on yourself. If you think you have no hope, you'll drag everyone down with you, but I think we can get full marks in the next five rounds. If we can win, you can stay with your strength." Feng Ling looked at him. "You have to understand that your departure won't affect me much. If you're angry with me, it's your own business whether you stay or leave. Don't make decisions that you'll regret because you're young, and don't let your enemies trample on your head just because you're lazy."

Veram looked at Feng Ling and did not speak for a long time

Feng Ling glanced at the time. It was about to begin. She fell silent and headed out.

Veram suddenly said, "Sorry"

Feng Ling paused and looked back at him.

Li Nanheng stubbed out his cigarette and turned to walk out, his back disappearing at the end of the corridor.

He was too nervous about his little woman.

When everyone stepped on the edge of the knife and knew the pain, it was the best time to stimulate it.

Drillmaster Feng Ling didn't need any comfort. She was standing steadily.

In the next few rounds, it was as though Veram had been charged with new batteries. Wan Ke's strength was not to be underestimated. The two of them cooperated well and led the other members to win four rounds of perfect scores. In the last round, they only managed to win four points.

In total, Feng Ling's team won by two points. The difference was not big. It was said that the base would give extra points based on the performance of everyone on the training ground today. Although there was a limit to the number of participants, those who passed the initial assessment would be given another round of assessment. This way, they would be able to win a few more spots with their own strength.

The base's actions appeased the restless newbies, boosted their morale, and calmed the various comments.

Feng Ling, on the other hand, proved that her hard work for the past month was not in vain. The twenty men under her were all outstanding. The rest would be left to Du Chang to prove whether they could be better.

At this time, Ah Feng came out of the spectators' room and suddenly said with a smile, "Boss Li, are you really not going to comment on the exciting matches of these newcomers?"

The dozens of new members looked at everyone in the field in surprise and then looked around.

Boss Li?

Was the legendary base leader also present?

Where was he? Where was he? They had been in the base for so long, but they hadn't seen Boss in person. Was he finally going to show up?!

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