Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1220

Young Master Mo Are You Done Kissing? Volume 3 Chapter 1220 The Story Of Ling And Heng 483

"Surprise?" the man asked with a smile.

Of course, she was surprised and happy.

She had been in a bad mood these days, and now suddenly seeing him come back, she was actually very happy.

But in the first half of the assessment, the assessment results of half of her members were not very satisfactory. Although there was still the second half in the afternoon, Feng Ling was still very worried.

Li Nanheng recalled what he had just heard from those new members and suddenly felt aggrieved for her.

Feng Ling was reluctant to return to the base because of her gender. She was afraid that all her efforts would not be understood by others. However, the old members were very familiar with her, and most of them understood and supported her, but no one expected a group of ignorant newbies to look down upon her just because she was a woman. Just because she was in a bad mood recently, they had forgotten all she had done for them.

And this woman kept everything to herself. Although she was in a bad mood, she still smiled at him without complaining to him at all.

Now that he finally came back, shouldn't she rush to hug him, calling him "honey" and asking him to teach those ignorant brats a lesson?

But she just remained silent.

Feng Ling still remembered that he said that after the assessment was over, he would show her something.

She could probably guess what it was, but she wasn't in the mood to think about it. After hearing the signal that the second half was about to start, she quickly walked to the training ground.

Li Nanheng didn't stop her. He knew how serious his beloved woman was. Now that she said she didn't need to take a rest, no one could make her.

The second half of the assessment had not yet started and the new members were still preparing.

In fact, the overall strength of Feng Ling's team was really good. In recent days, a 17-year-old boy named Veram in her team was caught slacking off by her several times, so she punished him with devil training, and when he lay down on the training ground exhausted, Feng Ling just looked at him coldly and asked him to get up himself. That was exactly how Li Nanheng treated her before, but people differed. Veram thought that she was picking on him and bore a grudge against her. To take revenge on her, he spread rumors about her and spoke ill of her behind her back.

The assessment was imminent, so Feng Ling didn't pay much attention to him.

The results of the newbies in the first half obviously didn't reflect their real strength. If they thought that they were going to be abandoned by the base, they certainly wouldn't try their best during the assessment and then they would only end up failing to pass the assessment.

Especially that Veram who had been secretly shaking the new members' confidence.

The second half of the assessment began. There were ten rounds of competition in the second half. The new members would be competing in physique and precision and proficiency of their actions. In short, the second half was more important than the first.

But in the first four rounds, Feng Ling's team had been at a disadvantage. Of course, the difference was not very large, but that didn't reflect their true strength.

Veram had the lowest score. He seemed to take revenge on Feng Ling for her devil training by bringing down the overall score of the team because he knew if the overall score was too low, most members of this team would be screened out and only a few could stay.

He not only spoke ill of Feng Ling behind her back, but also deliberately brought down the overall score in the assessment. Obviously, he harbored ill intentions.

Li Nanheng, who was watching the assessment from a distance, had already seen the situation in the field and squinted coldly.

In fact, with Feng Ling's training method, her team members should be able to pass the assessment easily, but these boys were too impulsive and stupid. Just to vent out anger, they were even willing to sacrifice their future.

This was the first team Feng Ling trained after returning to the base, and if she lost this time, she would probably not stay in the base

Li Nanheng kept looking at Feng Ling who looked calm but only Li Nanheng saw the trace of frustration and coldness in her eyes.

The second team was now 20 points higher than Feng Ling's team, and there were only five rounds left.

It was almost impossible for her team to win unless the members got full scores in all of the five remaining rounds.

Li Nanheng went to the observation room where Ah Feng and the others were, checked the surveillance clips about the boy called Veram, and asked coldly, "Where is Feng Ling?"

"Feng Ling is talking to Veram." Knowing that Li Nanheng, as the boss of the base, couldn't be partial towards Feng Ling overtly, Ah Feng said, "This guy was obviously playing a dirty trick. But Feng Ling doesn't look nervous. Can she persuade that Veram? I don't think that boy will listen to her easily."

Li Nanheng sneered.

"People like him don't belong here, wasting his team members' time and chance. If it were Han Jin, he would have dragged him down, beat the hell out of him, revoked his right to attend the assessment, and forbid him from going to the training ground again!"

Ah Feng nodded. "Feng Ling doesn't have the heart to be tough on him. Otherwise, he won't have any chance to make trouble for her. At seventeen, he is still a child."

Li Nanheng said lightly, "He is not a child anymore."

When Feng Ling was at his age, she was very sensible and never made any trouble for anyone. In this sense, he couldn't hold a candle to her.

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