Tranxending Vision Chapter 1105

TranXending Vision Chapter 1105 - A Trivial Request

Just as something sliced through the wind, Xia Leis heart thumped. Suddenly, his anxiety dissolved away.

Before long, the sound was nearing the back of his skull. Judging from its trajectory, it wasnt meant to aim for the back of his head. It continued to fly forward after brus.h.i.+ng against his cheek.

When the item had pa.s.sed Xia Leis shoulder, he reached forward and grabbed it on reflex. It was not a shuriken nor was it a stone. It was a bottle of j.a.panese sake.

Xia Lei sheepishly blinked at the sake in his grip. He turned around and finally saw Tsukino Kyoko a small distance away.

The female ninja was dressed in a white short-sleeved blouse and a dark skirt that reached the top of her knees. Her beautifully carved feet bare against the ground, the Tsukino Kyoko in Xia Leis field of vision was pure and innocent like a highschooler. Her appearance was a great contrast to the stone-cold killer inside. Illuminated by the moonlight, her chest seemed unbearably round and her bottom was full. Added with her tiny waist that curved in smoothly, she was the personified of subtle allure.

However, Xia Lei was not in the state to drink in the sight.

"I see that youve brought alcohol. Are you planning to bid me farewell?" Xia Lei said with a heavy heart.

Tsukino Kyoko offered no answer. She wordlessly paced over and brushed past him, only stopping at the edge of the spring. She folded her legs and plopped herself down onto the gra.s.s with her back to him.

Xia Lei could only sigh. Life was as such. Some people just werent meant to stay by your side. He walked over and took a seat beside her. The man skillfully opened the bottle of sake, gulped a mouthful of it and pa.s.sed it to Tsukino Kyoko.

"Are you not afraid that I mightve laced it with poison?" Tsukino Kyoko turned to meet his eye.

Xia Lei chuckled. "As long as you have offered it, I would drink it regardless."

Tsukino Kyoko took a sip and wiped the corners of her lips with her palm. "You should be wary of me. Youre just putting yourself in trouble like this."

"Why?" Xia Lei stared at her.

Tsukino Kyoko huffed out bitterly. "Im j.a.panese and a very traditional j.a.panese samurai too. My master has channelled the ideals of pledging loyalty to the emperor and making sacrifices for the sake of prized honour since I was a kid. Now, the entirety of j.a.pans samurai community views you as an enemy. My master is among them. All things considered, I have plenty of reasons to a.s.sa.s.sinate you. Poison would be the most efficient way to get it done."

Xia Lei smiled lightly. Hattori Meis lethal poison was nothing to him. Even if Tsukino Kyoko had poisoned the sake, his super immune system would neutralize it. With that level of security, why should he be afraid of that scenario? Plus, he trusted her a great deal. If she was going to leave him, it was bound to be a peaceful separation.

"What are you laughing at?" Tsukino Kyoko asked.

Xia Lei answered, "Your sake tastes good. Id like another sip."

The female ninja pa.s.sed the bottle into his palm. "I brought this from my hometown. You cant find this here in China."

Xia Lei gulped down most of the bottle in one go. The alcohols distinct warmth stimulated his throat, eliciting a sensation that allowed him to relax. "Kyoko, Ive come and even drank your sake. Its time for you to tell me your decision."

Tsukino Kyoko went silent. The quietness stretched on for a while before she finally mustered the strength to speak up. "Your father gave me a second chance at life and my master gave me a third chance at life. Your father and my master play an irreplaceable role in my heart. Theyre both equally important to me."

"Kyoko, no matter what your decision is, Ill fully accept it."

"Are you really serious about wanting me to take a stand between my country, my master and you?" Tsukino Kyokos full attention was on him now.

Xia Lei was slightly caught aback. Tsukino Kyoko had placed her country, her people and her master on one side while he was placed on the other side of the balance. The other end had three blocks of weight while his end only had one small block. Was Tsukino Kyoko hinting her answer? If yes, then her choice would be to serve j.a.pan, its people and remain loyal to Yagyu Yuichi.

"Is that your decision? Its alright, I understand." It felt difficult to even force a smile.

Tsukino Kyoko lowered her gaze. "Youve guessed it?"

Xia Lei flashed her a dejected smile. "Your hint was obvious enough. When are you going to leave? Id like to send you off if possible."

He willed to leave her a wonderful impression at separation but what would happen on the battlefield? Xia Lei didnt dare to entertain that thought.

Tsukino Kyoko offered no reply. She quietly stood up and began to go closer to the pool. Her steps were poised and elegant, white pale calf and toes dainty against the green gra.s.s. Everything about her was as light as the breeze.

Two steps shy of the pool, Tsukino Kyoko paused. She began to unb.u.t.ton her blouse.

"Kyoko, please, no" Xia Lei was cringing.

He could accept them parting on friendly terms but he was unwilling to accept a breakup after a pa.s.sionate merging of the body and soul.

But Tsukino Kyoko refused to listen.

Xia Lei didnt know where to hold his gaze.

Tsukino Kyoko inched forward into the pool until the clear waters submerged her legs.

She turned around and glanced at him.

Now, Xia Lei didnt know what to do.

She began, "Before you came, Ive thought it over and over again. I even received a call from my master. It was ten minutes long.

"Yagyu Yuichi called you?" Xia Lei could only smile wryly. "He mustve reinforced all the ideals he taught you in your childhood. Something about the country and people and the spirit of the samurai before telling you to kill me, right?"

Tsukino Kyoko nodded solemnly.

"You said yes?" Xia Lei studied her expression.

Tsukino Kyoko sighed. "I told him that Id make the right choice."

A vague answer.

Xia Lei couldnt understand her thoughts.

They both fell silent, gazes firmly on one another. One was clothed, the other was in her birthday suit.

It went on for a full minute before Tsukino Kyoko broke the stifling silence. "I bought a flight ticket home. Its right in my breast pocket."

Xia Leis left eye twitched, immediately zeroing in on the plane ticket in her pocket. While he had already learned of her decision, the sight of the plane ticket still stung. All members of the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team were brothers and sisters to him. They were family. Plus, the fact that Tsukino Kyoko was a woman who had relations with him had made this whole farewell way harder than antic.i.p.ated.

"My flight is later at one in the morning," stated Tsukino Kyoko.

Xia Leis lips began to tremble slightly, his ingenuine smile threatening to fall apart. "I Ill drive you there."

Tsukino Kyoko smiled. "But its not on me."

Perplexed, Xia Lei asked, "What do you mean?"

"You told me to choose between my country, where the fate of my people and master lie and you, a man that Im madly in love with. I dont know how to choose. How about you make the decision for me?"

"Youre asking me to decide on your behalf?" Xia Leis eyes went wide. "Of course I wouldnt want you to leave. But I dont want you to be in pain by forcing you to stay. Youd face the attacks from your own people and even your master. Would you be helping me when that time comes or would you keep out of the battle? I dont wish to complicate things for you and I certainly dont wish to hurt your feelings. So"

Tsukino Kyoko interjected, "Back at my village if a man really liked a woman, hed help her cleanse the filth off her body. If you really care about me, choose me. If you dont, Ill" She left the sentence hanging, gazing at the ticket in her s.h.i.+rt pocket.

Her ticket home was in that blouse.

Xia Lei stood up and went towards her.

All Tsukino Kyoko wanted was his response or some sign to indicate her standing in his heart. It was a trivial request and if he wasnt willing to do that, there was no point for her to stay behind. There was no point betraying j.a.pan, her people and even her master to serve a man who couldnt be a.r.s.ed.

Xia Lei began to scrub her back with a soft smile. "Do men do this for their women back home?"

"Only those in love or a couple would do this." A smile bloomed across her lips. "Theres plenty of hot springs scattered around my village. On nights with good lighting, youre bound to walk in on a few intimate activities if you go out." Tsukino Kyokos eyes flew shut, body melting into his touch. This little gesture meant the world to her.

"What will you do when your master comes for me?" Xia Lei tried to probe. This was something he needed to know first.

The female ninja opened her eyes, something cold swirling inside. "If he doesnt do anything to you, I will not do anything to him. If he touches you, Ill kill him."

This was Tsukino Kyokos answer.

The members of the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team had all tasted the despair and coldness of the world at a very young age. They had lived most of their early years in an environment that shaped their ruthless persona. Anyone who aided them would have their kindness paid in their service. Tsukino Kyoko was adopted by Xia Changhe before she was sent to Yagyu Yuichis dojo for her ninjutsu training. Both Xia Changhe and Yagyu Yuichi had shown her kindness. Xia Lei had replaced Xia Changhe in this aspect, not to mention that she was deeply enamoured by him. Tsukino Kyoko was more than willing to offer him everything she had. That was why the arrival of her decision was a difficult process. The dilemma was tortuous. Otherwise, why would she find the need for such a trivial request?

"Thank you." A genuine expression of grat.i.tude from Xia Lei.

Tsukino Kyoko replied with a sweet honey-like smile. "Bring me along when you go to Las Vegas."

Xia Lei nodded. A wordless promise.

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