Grasping Evil Chapter 1271

Chapter 1265: New Respect

Several months have passed since Ning Fan escaped into the North Pole Palace of Crape Myrtle.

For several months, the ancient overhaul of the Wan Clan of Jiehe didn't chase here, as if he didn't care about Ning Fan's whereabouts.

Naturally, Ning Fan didn't know that all this was because the old man who knew everything was upset in Jiehe.

I also dont know: because of his actions in succession, a temporary truce agreement was signed between Beitian and Beijiehe; the Six Expositions held in the Palace of Yishi was postponed indefinitely; the disciples of Pure Yangzong were too late to wait. When Patriarch Yang returned, the chaos became a mess; the water sect, who lost the true monarch of the North Sea, was divided up by many northern forces; in the Si Ming sect, there was no ancestor Lei Ze to monitor the operation of Zhou Tian and stars, causing a lot of chaos...

Not to mention, after a series of major events, how loud the reputation of the ancient overhaul Zhao Jian in the northern sky and the northern boundary river was.

The day calmed down suddenly.

Suddenly time became abundant.

So Ning Fan gathered all the fragments of Duowen Wushuang, and started to repair the thing. Of course, Ji Fuyao, Nu Luo and others were also indispensable for finding the fragments.

Duo Wen Wushuang is one of the four artifacts in the Ziwei fairyland. The four artifacts are combined into one, which is comparable to the open sky. The high grade does not need to be elaborated. However, the damage is very thorough, and it is difficult to repair this object. No less than re-creating a magic weapon of the same level.

With Ning Fan's ability, he failed five times in a row, and still couldn't repair this thing.

Today, it is Ning Fan's sixth retreat and restoration.

I dont know how long it has passed, but after hearing a blast inside the stone gate, the closed stone gate was directly blown to pieces by a shock; then billowing black smoke emerged from the stone gate. Squishy hair, walked out embarrassedly.

"Unexpectedly, it would be so difficult to repair this thing..." After the sixth restoration failed, Ning Fan couldn't help but sigh with the firmness of his mind.

"Not good! Brother Ning's restoration this time, shouldn't it fail again!" The ancestor Chunyang, who had been outside Shiguan for a long time, asked nervously.

Why would Master Chunyang wait outside Shiguan?

There is a reason.

Perceived that Jiehe's ancient major repairs did not chase here? Ning Fan released the ancestor Lei Ze, the ancestor of Chunyang, and the fish master from Feng Bo's pocket, allowing them to rest in peace in the Lagerstroemia Arctic Palace and heal their injuries.

After all, this place was once the Immortal Emperor's Cave House? Even if it has been abandoned for countless years? Heaven and earth are more aura than the outside world? Healing wounds here can get twice the result with half the effort.

Coupled with Ning Fan's many anti-healing methods to assist him, the recovery from the injury was extremely fast.

Not to mention how shocked these three people first entered the Arctic Palace.

Then? After I heard that Ning Fan wanted to repair one of the four artifacts of the Ziwei Immortal Domain? Among the three, the one who was most interested in this matter was Patriarch Pure Yang.

"Well, it failed again." Ning Fan took a deep breath? His mentality was restored to his former calm? It seemed that he had never been hit by the failure of the sixth artifact repair.

"This repair? How much loss?" asked the ancestor Chunyang.

"Two pieces of cold spirit stone? Nine taels of dragon blood sand? Half of the red water demon candle left? The rest of the materials have been used up." Ning Fan replied calmly.

It is as if the things used for the restoration of this artifact are not such precious treasures.

But in fact, each of these things can be sold for dozens of gold in Tongtianjiao? It was bought by Ning Fan for real money; if it were put in the resource-poor Zidou Fantasy Dream Realm, could it be several times more expensive? How precious is it? Enough to compete for the quasi-sage.

"It was only repaired once, and so many immortal materials were used..." Grandmaster Chunyang was distressed.

He was helping Ning Fan feel bad!

Six times! Six times! Six repairs, six failures! The fairy material wasted for every failure? It is equivalent to the entire wealth of an ordinary quasi-sage!

Six losses are enough to ruin six quasi-sages!

It's too expensive, it's too expensive...

With so much money, what can't you do, why is it so wasted?

"Hey, Brother Ning listened to my persuasion. This thing is too damaged and there is no hope of repairing it. It is not worth wasting immortal materials on this thing..." Grand Master Chunyang.

"Thank you Brother Lu for your kind words, but I do not intend to change my mind and will continue this matter. Fortunately, every time I fail, I can find some clues. If I want to try again, I should be able to understand more..." Ning Fan.


Are you going to fail dozens of times?

Even if you have money, you can't splurge like this!

Unfortunately, no matter how the Patriarch Chunyang persuaded him, Ning Fan still did not change his mind.

So in the following days, Ning Fan was still repairing Duo Wen Wu Shuang, and then suffered the seventh failure, eighth failure, ninth, tenth...

Gradually, Patriarch Chunyang got used to it and became numb.

He lived a lifetime, not that he had never seen a person who regarded money as dung, but he had never seen a person as rich as Ning Fan.

This son is rich in waists, rich in wealth, decisive in spending money, ruthless, extravagant and wasteful, stubborn, spending money like water, spending money like dirt.

I can't persuade you no matter how much!

Speaking of it, Lu Chunyang is clearly the one who holds the title of God of Wealth, but compared to Ning Fan, he is not a **** at all.

Judging from Ning Fan's expenses these days, it is obvious that Ning Fan is richer than him, and he is not even a little bit stronger!

Judging from Ning Fan's splendor of spending money, he is not as bold as Ning Fan.

This incident was quite a blow to Patriarch Chunyang.

After the blow, it also brought new insights to Patriarch Chunyang.

What he cultivated throughout his life was the title of "God of Wealth", and he cultivated the way of money.

In the past, he was too obsessed with money itself. He was keen to make money and save money. In his life, he has turned into the world countless times and learned the art of making money as a mortal merchant.

He knows how to make money.

He also understands the difficulty of making money.

Because he understands this, he is born with a frugal (stingy) character in his character.

If he wanted him to be like Ning Fan, he would never be able to spend money like water for the repair of an illusory artifact.

But why, Ning Fan's attitude of spending money like flowing water, but not hesitating, brought him so much touch.

"It seems that what I have cultivated in my life is not complete..."

"The way of money is not only the way of making money, but also the way of raising money, it should also include the way of dispersing wealth..."

"I make money with a tenth heart, raise money with a twelfth heart, and I am too stingy in the matter of dispersing money, looking forward and looking forward..."

"People should be frugal, but as a **** of wealth, they are not born to accumulate money, let alone have too much obsession with money itself..."

"Make money and then raise, raise money and then disperse, disperse and return to usefulness and then resurrect, like this... yes, yes, it should be!"

Day by day passed.

Ning Fan's number of failures has accumulated to nineteen times.

Patriarch Chunyang actually gained great insight from Ning Fan's repeated failures.

Within the body, the cultivation base enclosed by the Bitian Coffin, once again...flowing!

"My stagnant mana has actually grown again with my sentiment! This..." Patriarch Chunyang was surprised.

Normal people can't continue to improve their cultivation level after being sealed by the coffin for many years.

In the past, the ancestor of Chunyang could only use the special title of God of Wealth to absorb the power of heavenly gold and silver to continue to increase mana.

Now, on the basis of his own insights, he has truly gained his cultivation level!

It seems that the title of God of Wealth is too special, and even the Coffin of Avoiding Heaven cannot completely seal the matter; or, because he is the inventor of the Coffin of Avoiding Heaven, he can do this.

"My cultivation base has been stagnated for too long, too long... for countless years of sedimentation, the stagnant water gathers into a glacier, once it melts and resumes flow, it can never be just a stream, but... a torrent!"

The sentiment of the Patriarch Chunyang continues to deepen!

There is also... the cultivation base that should have stalled!

In the following days, his mana began to skyrocket, and that skyrocketing, even the power of avoiding the sky coffin could not be suppressed!

It was actually approaching the second-order quasi-sage at an astonishing speed!

It's a pity that when the juncture of breaking through the second-order quasi-sage was approaching, the feeling of torrential surge slowed down, and it was more random, and there was a cut-off.

Can't you break through the second-order barrier in one breath... Isn't the perception enough?

"Disperse wealth! Disperse wealth! I must understand more ways to disperse wealth in order to break through to a deeper level!"

The ancestor of Chunyang decided to break through the second-order quasi-sage in one effort!

This is Ning Fan's 26th failed repair!

As usual, Ning Fan walked out of Shiguan with a gray head and face.

Patriarch Chunyang, as always, waited outside Shiguan.

Chunyang: "Brother Ning has failed again?"

Ning Fan: "Yes, but after this failure, I have more clues..."

Chunyang: "Do you really plan to give up?"

Ning Fan: "Why give up?"

Chunyang: "Sure enough, I still want to continue. Brother Ning is a determined man, which is admirable! Or, Brother Ning actually deliberately pointed out this matter to me? Let me understand the true meaning of dispersing wealth? If so, it would be true. Brother Ning bothered."

Some Ning Fan who doesn't understand well: "???"

I always feel that the recent Patriarch Chunyang is a bit weird, something is wrong, and there is something wrong with it, and some can't tell.

"This thing, didn't Brother Ning want to do it in the past? Give it to Brother Ning." While speaking, the ancestor Chunyang gave Ning Fan some jade slips.

Back then, in order to improve the purity of mana, Ning Fan bought a formula called "Lian Chun Jue" from Master Chun Yang.

But I didn't buy all of them. Ning Fan only bought these formulas.

What the Patriarch Chunyang gave to Ning Fan this time was all the remaining formulas.

"Give it to me? This is too expensive." Ning Fan didn't want to take this for nothing.

He still remembered the price that the ancestor Chunyang gave Lian Chunjue back then.

The purity formula of the Immortal King's five calamities, five hundred gold; six calamities, one thousand gold; seven calamities, one thousand five hundred gold; eight calamities, two thousand gold; nine calamities, two thousand five hundred gold; the first-order quasi-sage formula, three thousand gold ; Second-tier, three thousand gold; third-tier, three thousand gold...

This follow-up formula given by the ancestor of pure sun is worth 15,000 days of gold.

How could Ning Fan take it for nothing? Not to mention that he had received the help of Master Chunyang some time ago.

He shouldn't take the gift of Chunyang Patriarch for nothing.

On the contrary, he should give thanks to the ancestor Chunyang.

"Brother Ning looked hesitant. Isn't it because he wants to give me money?" Seeing Ning Fan's delay in accepting gifts, Grandmaster Chunyang joked.

"Naturally not..." Ning Fan sighed secretly, after thanking Grand Master Chunyang, he accepted the gift.

He lied.

This thing is too expensive. He just hesitated, but actually planned to pay.

But in the end, he didn't do it.

It is not that he is reluctant to pay fifteen thousand gold, but he is unwilling to take the mere gold and silver to measure the will of the Patriarch Chunyang.

However, considering that gold and silver are of great significance to the patriarch of Chunyang, Ning Fan would remember this in his heart.

In the future, there will be other returns, but they will not be mentioned at this moment.

Patriarch Chunyang seemed to see through Ning Fan's thoughts, and smiled, "Brother Ning really doesn't have to be so dismissive! Before the battle of life and death, Lv Mou risked his death, where righteousness lies, fate and can give up, what a gold and silver! , Its for you, dont care!"

"Thanks a lot." Ning Fan was serious and thanked with his fists.

Patriarch Chunyang just waved his hand indifferently, and then said in embarrassment, "Moreover...this pure formula is actually not worth much. It's not a secret, this formula was actually made up casually when I was extremely bored before. In terms of cost, it only took me half an hour of time and some empty jade slips. For such a cheap thing, I actually offered tens of thousands of gold to Brother Ning back then, and deceived Brother Ning thousands of gold. Ashamed. , Ashamed! In the past, I cherished gold as fate and didn't feel that there was anything wrong with this matter. Whenever I think about it, I only feel complacent. Now that my Taoism is even further, I feel that this is true but yesterday is wrong, and I think about it again. Im so ashamed that I cant say it, Im ashamed, I cant say...what kind of treasure can be sold for ten thousand days of Daojin? As a **** of wealth, he has no fear of money. I only know that he is asking for money and sitting on the ground. what!"

Ning Fan: "???"

Ning Fan: "!!!"

Ning Fan: "..."

Grand Master Chunyang: "Brother Ning's expression seems to be a little mixed?"

Ning Fan: "I just didn't expect that such a delicate formula was actually made up by Brother Lu casually..."

Grand Master Chunyang: "Neither did I expect that someone would actually ask for a price back then..."

"..." Ning Fan was offended.

The implication is that I was actually an...idiot in your eyes?

"Uh, I'm sorry for a moment," Grand Master Chun Yang said embarrassedly.

"It's okay. Back then, you and I had never known each other. It was normal to calculate and slander each other. No matter how amazing the Daoists are, I have realized it today." Ning Fan sincerely praised.

Immediately invented the heaven-defying coffins.

When I had nothing to do, I wrote such magic formulas as "Lian Chun Jue".

To say that the ancestor Chunyang is amazing is not a false statement!

These characters are trapped in the realm of fantasy, and their luck is not good, so they are only first-order quasi-sages; if they live in the real world, they will worship a sage as a teacher, and I dont know what their future will be.

Ning Fan was convinced that Patriarch Chunyang had the qualifications to be holy.

"Speaking of which, Brother Lu's mana has improved a lot in recent days. I'm afraid it will not be long before he will break through the second-order quasi-sage?" Ning Fan asked after collecting the pure jade slips.

"Uh, you can see that my cultivation base is diligent?" Grandmaster Chunyang was taken aback.

He used the power of the title of God of Wealth to cover up his breath. It was an ancient major repair, and he shouldn't have seen his cultivation level and diligence.

Why was Ning Fan seen through!

This kid's perception is simply monster-level meticulous!


"When did you see it through? It takes some time to see through this kind of thing? It should be because I was about to break through the second-order quasi-sage in the past few days, and you did not see through the breath, right?" Chun Yang Patriarch was hit hard and asked.

"..." Ning Fan didn't know how to answer.

Do you want to say that I saw the clues from the first day of your cultivation? I just haven't found a chance to ask?

"You kid, what a monster." The ancestor Chunyang saw through Ning Fan's thoughts and was even more shocked.

"I heard that when the quasi-sage broke through the second stage, he would often call friends and ask for help. When Brother Lu is fully prepared and decides to break through, don't forget to inform." Ning Fan.

"Hehe, if its the day to break through to Tier 2, it is natural to ask Brother Ning for help. It is said that a friend of birth, a friend of death, I have lived too long, but there are no more friends of my time. There are a few people. Except for Brother Ning, I really don't know who to invite..." Grandmaster Chunyang sighed for a while, only feeling the vicissitudes of life. In the vicissitudes of life, those who can't return are really... lonely.

"The day when the Daoists break through is bound to come."

"Hehe, no need. If there is something important then, it doesn't matter if Brother Ning doesn't come." Having said that, Patriarch Chunyang knew that since the person in front of him said that he must come, there is a sea of swords and fire ahead, and he will definitely do it. Come.

It's great, in this lonely world of comprehension, you can still find true Daoists.

"Okay, okay, keep busy, I should go find Yu Jizi!" Grandmaster Chunyang said goodbye.

Yujizi is the real name of the fish owner.

"...In that case, I will go with you." Ning Fan said.

"Don't! I'm going to find old man Yu to disperse money, what are you doing with me? And old man seems to be angry, he may not want to see you! You should concentrate on researching your artifact repair!"

The fish owner is indeed angry with Ning Fan.

But in fact, it was only when I first learned of the whereabouts of Jiu Xiaojiu, I got angry.

After clarifying the cause and effect, he would not regenerate Ning Fan's anger, but felt a little sorry for Ning Fan.

Yes, the fish master already knew that the wine demon, who he regarded as a granddaughter, was missing because it was captured by Ning Fan.

How did the fish master know this?

This starts with Ning Fan's invitation to the fish master to heal his injuries in the Arctic Palace.

Time returned to that day, and the fish master bid farewell to Ning Fan, Chunyang, and Lei Ze.

Ning Fan: "This place is the Immortal Emperor's Cave Mansion, which is most suitable for healing. Brother Yu might as well stay here to heal his injuries. Why rush to leave?"

Fish Master: "I have an urgent matter, so I cannot stay for long."

Chun Yang: "If you have any difficulties, let's talk about it, maybe we can help some."

Fish owner: "Hey, that's it. I know a little guy who I watched grow up, just like my granddaughter. This little guy has never left me for too long, but recently, she Nowhere."

Reze: "Missing? There are clues."

Fish Master: "No. I planted a mark on her body, but now I can't sense it at all. I don't know if she is trapped in some ancient ruins, or is involved in some danger... Or, she actually hates me Always steal her drink? So angry and deliberately hid? And help me analyze, which is the most likely?"

Ning Fan: "Do you have her life card?"

Fish owner: "Yes. The life card is not broken."

Ning Fan: "She has your quasi-sage mark on her body, and it is unlikely that ordinary people will attack her; but if your enemy seeks revenge... As for the possibility of being trapped in the ancient ruins, we cannot say that there is no..."

Fish Master: "In the fantasy world, I should have no enemies."

Ning Fan: "So sure?"

Fish Master: "The enemies with cause and effect are all killed."

Ning Fan: "..."

Fish Master: "It is quite possible to be trapped in a special space such as the ancient ruins. This girl, she always has a temperament and loves to drill into the ancient ruins..."

Lei Ze: "That's a bit dangerous. Although Beitian has laws and regulations to uphold the law, there are also many demon figures. These demon cultivators love to build caves in ancient relics. Dont your granddaughter explore the relics. At that time, he was taken away by some lustful demon, shut in the cauldron space and raised."

Fish Master: "Hateful! I will go to the Northern Sky Ruins to look for one by one, and I will save the wine!"

Chunyang: "Don't go! Old man Lei just said casually, do you really believe it? Those magic repairs are for catching the cauldron, and they dare not catch people related to the quasi-sage. This is not what Ning brother said before. Huh?"

Lei Ze: "Old man Lu, what you said is wrong! How can an anxious person look forward and backwards, if there is really any hungry ghost in the face, he is not afraid of death? Look at the majestic appearance of Brother Yu, his granddaughter must also be closed Shame..."

Chunyang: "They are not grandparents..."

Lei Ze: "In short, the granddaughter of the old man Yu Yuexuehua is right."

Chunyang: "But you haven't seen it before, how can you assert this?"

Lei Ze: "Intuition! The old man acts in his life, after life and death, every time a disaster is approaching, he relies on his instinct to turn the bad."

Fish Master: "Hehe, I really made Old Man Lei right. My granddaughter is indeed very handsome. My granddaughter, Brother Lei and Brother Lu may not have seen it, but Brother Ning should have seen it at that time. Ah, this girl is spying in secret and wants to attack Brother Ning. I said a few words to her, she should have listened..."

While talking, the fish owner took out the portrait of wine and wine for everyone to see.

After that...

Time goes back to now.

"Grandpa Fish Master! You don't know how hateful Ning Fan is! After he caught me, he was locked up with his cauldrons! Do you know how many cauldrons he raised? One hundred thousand, no, maybe one Millions, ten million...I didn't count them, because I couldn't count them! His lustful level shocked me! I was really scared and silly at the time!" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Brother Ning's bone age is still young, he is young and strong, and he has a one hundred and eighty thousand tripod furnace, but it is normal." The fish owner disapproved.

"This...Is this normal?" Jiu Xiaojiu was startled.

"Do you know how many fish eggs our fish family lay at one time? It is the commonly seen grass carp, which can produce 400,000 at a time. If it is some special fish, it will have hundreds of millions of eggs at a time..." the fish owner.

"This is clearly two different things!" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Then let's just talk about the matter. You are the first to deal with people. Although they have imprisoned you, they have not hurt your life or touched you. It is benevolence and righteousness. If it is me, there will be people who are not long-sighted and come to cause trouble. , You will kill with a single sword, how can there be so much truth to say. So, be content, with this lesson, don't cause trouble in the future." Fish Lord.

"But..." Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Find an opportunity, go and apologize to Brother Ning." The fish master.

"What! He took me, I have to apologize to him?" Jiu Xiaojiu.

"Hehe, if you don't go, he will catch you next time, and I won't bother about it anymore." The fish master.

"Uh, then I'd better find a chance to apologize to him... There are a lot of adults, and they will definitely not remember me as a villain." Jiu Xiaojiu said.

While talking, Patriarch Chunyang came to the door.

As soon as we met, we gave gifts to the fish master.

This is what the ancestor Chunyang calls to disperse wealth. In his opinion, as long as he disperses a lot of wealth and understands the way to disperse wealth, he will definitely be able to break through the second-order quasi-sage realm.

After giving away the fish master, the ancestor Chunyang went to Lei Ze again, and also gave a big gift.

This really scared the ancestor Lei Ze.

Mysterious! This is so mysterious!

On weekdays, the ancestor of Pure Sun, who is unremarkable, came to the door to give gifts for an unprecedented time, and the gifts were still valuable things, which was terrifying at all.

Jiu Xiaojiu decided to apologize to Ning Fan.

I don't know if I really know the wrong and can correct it, it's mainly her, counsel. This time she was taken away by Ning Fan. She was really scared. If she was backed by Grandpa Fish Master, she would still have three points of confidence not to be afraid of Ning Fan, but now...

In order not to be retaliated against by Ning Fan, she had to go out in person to settle the cause and effect.

Moreover, Ning Fan seemed to have something that Grandpa Fish Master was looking for, she wanted it.

As a sign of sincerity, of course, this apology cannot be left empty-handed.

"Excuse me, where can I find high-quality brewing materials?" Jiu Xiaojiu asked an Arctic Palace demon, holding it.

"Go go, go, grandpa will patrol the mountain, there is no time to talk to you!" The little demon said impatiently.

"Hey, hey, before I say you are arrogant, let's see if the difference between you and my cultivation is good. I'm a great power to cross the real world, and you are a golden pill demon, OK!" Jiu Xiaojiu said silently.

"Crossing the real world? Just you?" The little demon looked at Jiu Xiaojiu with mentally retarded eyes.

No matter how you look at it, you don't think the second-hand girl in front of you looks like a great power.

"If you don't believe it, I will put some pressure on it, so that you can see and see the terrible power of crossing the real world." In order to prove his identity of crossing the realm, Jiu Xiaojiu decided to release some pressure to show him.

However, she just wanted to release her coercion, and she had an invisible star power that spread her coercion across the world.

It didn't even fall on the little demon's head.

Can't fall!

Because... Ziwei Arctic Palace is not allowed!

This is the former Immortal Emperor Cave Mansion, and the true monks from outside the area do not even have the qualifications to release the pressure here!

"How about it, I'm scared!" Jiu Xiaojiu's coercion was only put on for a moment and then stopped, mainly because he was afraid that too much and too long would directly kill the little demon. She thought she had already shocked the other party, and did not notice the fact that her coercion was dispelled. The main reason was that the moment the coercion was dispelled was too fast.

"It turns out it's really great for crossing the real world. Oh, it really scares me to death... Okay, don't you look for brewing materials? Go, go over there, and ask us what we want. Poor, what a nice girl, No matter how young it is, it hurts my mind." In the end, the little demon gave Jiu Xiaojiu the way.

I'm probably sympathizing with the girl's bad brain.

Jiu Xiaojiu didn't mind the little demon's criticism.

The main reason was that she didn't hear the little demon saying that her brain was not working well.

After she left.

The little demon looked up at the sky, looked at the illusory dome of Ziwei's Arctic Palace, and muttered.

"At that moment, how could I feel like being sheltered by the heavens and the earth? That feeling is like the [Guardian of Ziwei Doushu] described in the book. It was so warm, it made people feel comfortable and sleepy. It should be just an illusion. "

"The old one has passed away, and the new one hasn't arrived, it's impossible for the guardian of Ziwei to reappear."

"I really want to see the owner of the Ziwei Arctic Palace."

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